At its core, self-care is any action we take or choice we make to fulfill one of our physical, spiritual or emotional needs. It’s all the little ways we take care of ourselves to make sure we don’t have a legit breakdown in one of these three areas. As I’ve been working on ways to self-improve, I’ve come to realize that taking actual care of all of my needs is critical in experiencing any kind of personal growth or development. Self-care is one of those things in life that’s easy to push until later, but it truly does impact everything. If we don’t learn how to prioritize self-care, we’re setting ourselves up for failure! This is why I have become so passionate about it in the past year and hope to expand this area of BTD to help you understand it’s importance too!


How to Do Self Care in the Winter

Outfit Details: Top (wearing size xs) // Pants (wearing size xs) Hey friends! I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I’ve adjusted to Denver not only because moving across the country is a big deal, but because I moved into a whole new climate that has a full-on winter (go here for what to buy when moving to the snow). The answer is I’ve definitely had to…


How to Make Journaling a Habit + My Favorite Ones

Hey, friends! Today’s post is all about one of my favorite things – journaling! I mention it A LOT on Instagram and here on BTD, but I realized recently that I’ve never really shared with y’all how to make it a habit. I want to walk through this because journaling is honestly so therapeutic for me. If you’re just getting started, I don’t want it to feel like a “chore”…


30 Things I’ve Learned By 30

Well, I am officially 30!! I want to say it’s hard to believe but TBH, it’s really not. I feel like I’m ready to enter this new decade and kind of use this birthday as the true mark of starting a new chapter in my life. One that will include getting married (ahhhh!!), finally getting to share a home with Duncan and just starting the next phase of my life that…


What I’m Grateful For + A Cooking Playlist

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! I’m feeling all the good feels right now as I think about being with family and people I love over the Thanksgiving holiday. I try my best to walk through life every day with a grateful heart, but that’s why I love Thanksgiving so much – to remind us all to stop and take a minute to really think about what we have in life and…


6 Adulting Habits I Want to Form for My 30s

You read that right – as of this month I am officially joining the 30s club! And ya know what? I’m actually really excited about it! I feel like with the move and the wedding it’s the perfect time to just start a new decade fresh. I’m entering this whole new chapter in my life and turning 30 seems like the perfect way to get it started. And with this…


CBD Q&A: What I Know So Far, the Brand I’m Using and Answers for Your Questions

I’m so excited to write this post and share with you what I’ve learned so far about CBD and Equilibria – the brand I’ve been using on this journey. Even though I felt VERY nervous to initially talk about this topic, y’all seem just as curious as me and want to know more, which makes me happy! To make this information easy to read and skimmable (like if you just…


Here’s How to Make Your October a Good Month

Happy fall, y’all! Is that cheesy to say? LOL. But for real, happy fall! I think I’m so excited for the change in season because I’m moving to a place that actually has all four seasons. I mean I love Dallas and always will but let’s be honest, it’s pretty toasty year-round. Anyway, my excitement for fall got me thinking about how we can all start October off on a…


4 Things I’m Trying to Have More Energy

Hey friends! I hope today’s post doesn’t come across as me complaining or anything, but I feel like I have to share it with y’all in case anyone has any good tips. See, I’ve been SO run down lately. Like even back before the engagement and I wasn’t running around quite as much as I am now. You might remember me talking about it on Stories? I thought maybe it…


4 Benefits of Waking Up Slowly and How to Actually Do It

I’m not sure if it’s all the travel I’ve been doing this summer or maybe I’ve been trying to do too much in general, but I’ve been waking up so darn tired lately. It’s like I’ll go to bed and get a full eight hours of sleep (or more!) and still wake up wanting to hit snooze three times. Anyone else ever find themselves in this kind of a funk?…


How to Detox Your Life: Scheduling + Routine

Hey friends! Today’s How to Detox Your Life installment is the fourth and final one and is all about detoxing your schedule and routine. I’ve written a lot about priorities and building a routine on BTD, so you probably already know this is a topic I’m really passionate about. I guess I saved the best for last (at least for me LOL). If you missed the first three you can…


How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Hi friends! I’m back today with thoughts on people pleasing and how to go about breaking the pattern of always wanting to bend over backward for everyone. As a fellow people pleaser, I know this is much easier said than done, which is why I wanted to write a post about it. Here’s the thing, being a people pleaser isn’t a bad thing, in fact, I think it means you…


How to Detox Your Life: Work

Time for installment number three of four in my How to Detox Your Life mini-series. Have the other posts on home and self-care been helpful for y’all? I really hope so! They’ve honestly been helpful to me just writing them out and visualizing what I need to do to clean up my own life a bit. But anyway, today is all about work. I’ve talked about finding work/life balance on the…


How to Detox Your Life: Home

I hope y’all are loving my new mini-series “How to Detox Your Life”! In the first post, I covered everything self-care and called out all the skincare products I’m loving right now. But for today, we’re switching gears and I’m diving into detoxing your home! When I came home from Portugal (I know I keep mentioning that in these posts, but it’s when I realized I needed to detox my…


How to Detox Your Life Series: Self-Care

After getting back from my Portugal trip (which was SO amazing BTW), I desperately felt like my whole life needed a detox. Like suddenly my mind was just filled with all the things I wanted to clean out, organize and get rid of. And I don’t just mean my closet and rooms in my house – I wanted to detox my entire life. Which is why today I’m sharing the…


What My Fall Morning Routine Looks Like (+ Ideas for Yours!)

Morning routines seem to be one of those things that EVERYONE likes to talk about – including me. Y’all responded really well to this post on morning routines (which I’m still pretty proud of TBH, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do). And it’s a topic that I see everywhere – from talking with people in my life to articles I read, etc. Everyone is so interested in…


7 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox

Something I’ve been toying with lately is a social media detox. I’ve actually been doing them on accident on the weekends pretty often, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say it’s been life-changing. It started with taking a trip with #mysteryboy and naturally I was off my phone because we were running around Austin and enjoyin’ life. It didn’t even occur to me until Sunday evening that I hadn’t…


How to Get Rid of Sunday Night Anxiety

If you’ve never experienced Sunday night anxiety, or The Sunday Scaries as my friends and I call them, you’re lucky. This post probably isn’t for you. But for the rest of us, the struggle is real, right? Three p.m. sets in on a Sunday afternoon and all of a sudden, the relaxing vibes of the weekend disappear almost instantly. You start thinking about the week, all the things you have…


10 Tips To Make Going To Sleep Easier

In an attempt to #adult more, I’ve been testing out practices in the evening to make myself go to sleep easier. I wouldn’t call it a nighttime routine yet – and I kinda change it up daily – but I find these things help SO much in terms of getting in the bedtime mindset. Plus, a successful morning routine actually stems from getting your life together at night slash setting yourself up for success. Whether you’re a night owl looking to get to bed earlier or want more of a chance for a morning routine, I think you’ll like this post! Here are 10 ways to make yourself go to sleep earlier (without medicine or anything like that included).