7 Tips for When You Need Motivation

Y’all seem to really be loving my motivational posts (like this one and this one) so I want to keep that train rolling. Plus it’s the start of the year, so who doesn’t love a good motivational post? The truth is, I actually really like writing posts on this topic because they’re helpful for me, too. Sometimes I need my own advice, know what I mean? I think the tips…


5 Easy Tricks to Keep You Focused While Working

I know we’ve talked about productivity and the like on BTD before – and y’all seem to love the subject as much as me. When I’m truly working on my focus/productivity and am prioritizing it, it’s pretty amazing how better my life can be. From self care, to work, to development, to chores and so on, having a focused mindset really can go far! But today I want to talk…


10 Things To Do at the Beginning of Every Month

I kinda love the idea of having a monthly checklist, and when I started hearing about this idea on the interwebs, I knew I wanted to write my own – and start my own. I sometimes feel like time just blurs together and if you’re not conscious about it, goals and life does, too. So I’m VERY much into the idea of doing certain things at the start of each…


Why You Should Do The Hardest Thing First

Fact of life: Some tasks are just much harder than others. Whether it’s because a task is out of your comfort zone from a technical perspective or because it brings up ALL THE FEARS or because it’s going to require a difficult phone call or something like that, it’s challenging to motivate yourself to do it first up in the morning. I get that y’all – it’s hard for me,…


How To Overcome The Pressure To Be Perfect

Y’all already know I’m a Type A perfectionist so writing a blog post about how to deal with perfectionism and the pressure to be perfect is kinda ironic. But then again, I’ve had to learn A LOT so that I can still get stuff done and keep moving forward even though I sometimes feel like things aren’t good enough. So I guess I do actually have a lot to share.…


8 Things That Kill Your Productivity

It seems like the more I try to tackle my days, the busier they get. Why is that? Honestly, productivity is something I struggle with. Not because I don’t love my work or am not passionate about the things I share with y’all, but because #BrightonBrain. The point is, there are TONS of distractions out there and I want to find a way for us all to conquer them! I mean really though, who wouldn’t love to get more done in a day? So. Let’s DO THIS! The sooner we talk about all of these things, the sooner we can start getting stuff done!


The Do Something Principle

I’m back with my unofficial book club on BTD today. OK, I don’t actually have a book club, but y’all know I love to read and I’m pretty much always reading something and sharing tidbits on Insta Stories. Y’all seemed to like when I shared what lessons I learned from Tim Ferriss’ book in January, so I wanted to do it again this month. But with a different book slash author.…


5 Books to Motivate You in 2018

Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a good day! With such a positive response to my post about Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week earlier this week, it’s obvious that we have some (book) readers on #TeamBTD! YAY. I seriously love reading and it’s my favorite way to learn and relax. So it makes me happy that y’all do too. I like all kinds of books, but I really find connection with…


4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss: Lessons & Takeaways

I love when I’m reading a (usually non-fiction) book and I want to highlight basically every single word. You know that feeling? It’s SO good and you have SO many aha moments that you can’t stop thinking about it. Because you can relate to it SO MUCH. And you actually feel like the author GETS you, so you want to keep reading and learning as much as you can. I…


5 Reasons Why You Procrastinate and How to Beat Each

I feel like – in many ways – my weeks have ebbs and flows. Some weeks I’m super into my workouts (fine, this is rare), others it feels like a total chore. Sometimes, I’m feeling really social and then the next week all I want to do is be inside curled up with a book and my thoughts. Not to be excluded from this equation is my productivity. One week,…


What To Do When You’re Having a Meh Day

Let’s face it, y’all – “MEH” slash OFF days happen to us all. Heck, lately I’ve been having more OFF days than I’ve had ON days if I’m being honest. Everything from bad moods, exhaustion, hormones, or something completely silly can make a normal day go meh, am I right?? I think the biggest culprit for me is not getting enough sleep and then that starts to snowball into other…


How to be awesome

In an effort to brainwash myself into getting my life together (…been on the #hotmess express lately), I decided I needed to make a list – a super list of qualities that I should try and aspire to be (in my dreams or whatever). No but really, if there was an ideal kind of awesomeness, what would it look like? In other words, I wanted to put some serious, uninterrupted…


Perfect vs Good

Todays type Tuesday quote: “Don’t let the perfect be the evil of the good.” – a pretty good one, don’t you think? I’m sure that depending on the day, this could mean a number of things to me. But right now, it brings to mind the ever-so-dreadful experience that is writer’s block. I often have exciting and what-seem-to-maybe-be great ideas that get stuck between my brain and my fingers. In…