Fitness - July 24, 2020

What I’m Doing To Stay On My Workout Game

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OK, I feel like I have to kind of say something before diving into this post. I am NOT any kind of personal trainer/fitness influencer LOL. I started sharing my workouts on IG a while ago (even before COVID) because I thought it would be helpful to anyone else who struggles to workout even though they know they should (AKA me!). Then, when COVID did hit, I started making videos like this from home hoping to help any of y’all trying to adjust from being able to go to the gym to now being at home.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I STRUGGLE with working out. It does not come naturally to me, which I talk more about in this post. But what has worked for me is trying to find different ways to stay on top of it. TBH, I feel like I have to trick myself into working out most days or turn it into some kind of game since I do have a bit of a competitive streak in me. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing lately that I think has worked well for me!

PS – Wherever you’re at right now on your fitness journey or with working out, you’re killing it! I mean, we’re all just doing the best we can right now. I don’t want anyone to feel like if they’re not doing the same things I am that they’re doing something wrong. These are just things that have helped me so I want to share! :)

Finding accountability

Speaking of the workout videos I’ve been sharing, they’ve actually been holding me accountable to get my workout in! When you guys respond really well to the videos and share on stories or comment on my post how much you liked it or how hard it was, that pushes me to not only continue sharing them but to get my butt off the couch and workout! So if accountability is a big piece of the puzzle for you and you currently don’t have anyone to lean on, find someone! It will make the difference and then you can also do it for them!

Feeling comfortable working out at home AND the gym

I feel like a lot of people have strong opinions on working out at home vs going to a gym. Usually, it seems like you either love one and hate the other. I used to HATE going to gyms. It felt like a waste of money and I was very intimidated by the other people there working out. But as I got older it started to become an accountability thing for me. Knowing I made an appointment with a trainer forced me to actually show up.

However, when COVID hit and most gyms closed down, I had to go back to finding ways to keep working out without going to the gym. It was an adjustment, and TBH it was a lot easier to bail on the workout I told myself I was going to do, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten used to both! Also, I just got a stationary bike at home and it’s been GREAT (stay tuned for more on that!). So I think the answer is to find the kind of workouts you prefer to do at a gym and the kind you don’t mind doing at home. This mindset will also keep you flexible so when the gym isn’t an option (like when you travel), you still know what you need to do to workout at home.

Getting back into cooking again

If you follow on IG, then you know I’ve been hot and cold with cooking lately. Some nights it feels relaxing, others it feels like the most daunting and time-consuming task. BUT, I totally feel like, for me at least, that cooking and staying in a good workout routine go hand-in-hand. Not that every meal I cook is perfectly healthy, but I think it’s more about being in a routine. Like when I’m in a routine of cooking, working out, going to bed at a good time, etc., I just make better choices all around.

Keeping the walking going strong

Y’all know I love my walks, and to be completely transparent, walks are making up the majority of my current workout routine. I did just get the stationary bike like I said, which I’m loving, but walking is always my go-to. It just feels like the most doable thing whenever I really, REALLY don’t want to do anything. Plus you can go with a friend or listen to music or a podcast and before you know it you’ve walked more than your daily goal! Basically what I’m saying is, when in doubt, go for a walk!

Challenging myself to new things

I mentioned above that I sometimes have to trick myself or turn things into a game in order to get workouts in, and that’s what I did in June to motivate myself to run more. I challenged me and Duncan (mostly myself) to run one mile and then walk 1 mile every day (or like 5-6 times/wk) throughout the month of June. I actually did pretty good at keeping up with it too! It was just a fun way to keep my workout routine interesting. Plus I think it’s good to mix things up and try different workouts otherwise I get bored, and when I’m bored, all bets are off LOL.

I hope this info is helpful to you guys if you’re looking for ways to keep up with working out! And if you have any of your own tips to share, please do in the comments!