11 Ways to Single Task + Why It’s Important

“The power of multitasking is a myth. Human beings are, essentially, single-core processors. We can’t effectively check our email, listen to someone asking up for feedback on a project, and take notes simultaneously. We can do it, sure, but everything suffers.”


What My Fall Morning Routine Looks Like (+ Ideas for Yours!)

Morning routines seem to be one of those things that EVERYONE likes to talk about – including me. Y’all responded really well to this post on morning routines (which I’m still pretty proud of TBH, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do). And it’s a topic that I see everywhere – from talking with people in my life to articles I read, etc. Everyone is so interested in…


8 Things You Can Do Every Day to Be More Confident

One of the things I’m most thankful for in life is that my parents worked to raise us as confident people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still something I struggle with EVERY SINGLE DAY, but it’s always been instilled in me. That I’m good enough. That I’m loved. And even though I know that in the back of my head, it doesn’t mean I don’t question decisions and feel like…


How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important

So many successful people talk about the importance of prioritizing and how it’s such a necessary skill in being able to get things done. But I’m over here, nodding my head, like yes yes yes. Okay totally. I agree, but the question is: HOW? How do I actually prioritize when literally everything feels (and seems) important? I clearly can’t do it all at once. Even though I still struggle with this, I’ve learned a lot along the way. So here is exactly what I do when I need to figure out how to prioritize my overwhelming list of things to do, step-by-step.


How to Improve Your Personal Idea of Wealth

If y’all have been following along for a while, especially on Stories, then you know that one of my goals for 2018 was to get better at finances. Honestly, as someone in my late twenties, I’m somewhat embarrassed that it’s taken me this long. On the flip side, though, it’s made me realize I’m not alone. Which is why I’m super excited to work with Charles Schwab to bring you…


How To Be Better At Making Decisions

Over the years of BTD, it is a pretty well-documented fact that making decisions is NOT my strong suit. I don’t know if it’s the fear of missing out or playing too many ‘what if’ scenarios in my head, but whatever the case may be, when it comes to “efficient” decision-making: I cringe. The net result of this cringe-induced paralysis? I don’t make a decision at all. Instead, I end…


How To Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Y’all might be thinking it’s a weird time for me to be writing about how to set goals – especially since I just told you I’ve been pretty much failing to do it! But you also know I just like sharing what I learn and I’ve never pretended to be an expert with everything over here. Since I’ve been feeling pretty aimless I decided I’d research how to set goals…


Getting The Right Things Done: Important vs. Urgent

Prioritizing your to-do list (and life) is obviously a personal process, but that doesn’t mean you should start from scratch. There’s a lot to learn from smart people who did great things and got a lot of *ish* done. I basically stalk successful people. Just kidding, but what I mean is that I love learning how they think and how they get things done. It helps me to see the world differently, improve my own processes, and think outside the box.


How To Overcome The Pressure To Be Perfect

Y’all already know I’m a Type A perfectionist so writing a blog post about how to deal with perfectionism and the pressure to be perfect is kinda ironic. But then again, I’ve had to learn A LOT so that I can still get stuff done and keep moving forward even though I sometimes feel like things aren’t good enough. So I guess I do actually have a lot to share.…


15 Signs You Feel Pressure to Be Perfect

Do you feel pressure to be perfect? I feel like there are those who immediately say YES and then there are those who are like…hmm I’m not sure. Well, the thing is, I think the perfectionism complex is actually holding a lot of us back without us even realizing it. I’ve been totally into this topic lately as I’ve been battling some of these things on my own – figuring out ways to overcome it. In today’s post, I’m sharing 15 signs that identify whether or not the pressure to be perfect is maybe holding you back (or playing mind games with you!).


Why Time Management Is So Important For Success

I’m not going to pretend I’m a pro at managing my time or anything like that… and if you follow me on Insta Story this is probably obvious, but I tend to perform a heck of a lot better when I know the WHY behind things I’m doing. Some intention ya know? So what I share in this post is really going to help you get a handle on why managing your time effectively is important and what you stand to gain from it — at least that’s what learning the WHY has done for me.



How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume

What I’m writing about today actually has me fired up and I’ve been SUPER excited to share this post. Does that make me a #nerd? Anyways, it’s something I think about often – how much I consume information and don’t necessarily let it sink it. Sure, I’ll learn some stuff, but am I really utilizing that information I just consumed as much as possible? Usually not. Unless I journal hardcore…


8 Things That Kill Your Productivity

It seems like the more I try to tackle my days, the busier they get. Why is that? Honestly, productivity is something I struggle with. Not because I don’t love my work or am not passionate about the things I share with y’all, but because #BrightonBrain. The point is, there are TONS of distractions out there and I want to find a way for us all to conquer them! I mean really though, who wouldn’t love to get more done in a day? So. Let’s DO THIS! The sooner we talk about all of these things, the sooner we can start getting stuff done!


4 Things Successful People Don’t Waste Their Time On

One of my goals for the new year is to focus more on how successful people became so successful – and how I can learn from them (and hopefully become more like them). I’ve been reading a lot about how some of my idols like Oprah and Tim Ferriss got successful, and one thing I’m most curious about is how these people get everything done! I’m sure I can’t be…


Let’s Talk Morning Routines

A few weeks ago, I was really good about sharing pockets of my morning routine on IG Stories. I’ve since stopped because I found that even bringing my phone out during my routine was hindering it, but I did want to write a post and dive into the topic. We’ve all heard how amazing morning routines can be, and I’ve even touched on them on BTD before – but not…


Mental Toughness: Mind Over Matter

Y’all have probably noticed, but when I get excited or inspired by something, I go all in. I’m an extremist – just like my dad. And lately, I’ve been in full black-hole Brighton mode over here y’all. My latest black-hole scavenger hunt has been my fascination with sports psychology. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about the strategy and ways in which coaches motivate and lead their players to success, and…


9 Tips for Using Your Time Wisely

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but in all honestly, I simply haven’t felt ready. Time management has always been a weakness or a struggle point for me, but it’s something I’ve REALLY put effort into improving. On any given day, I feel like I have a million tasks in a million directions – and rarely did I feel like I was using…


Why We Don’t Do the Things We Know We Need To

For the most part, we know what we should be doing in life. We know we should be eating more vegetables, exercising more, and chipping away at projects slowly versus procrastinating. Doesn’t it seem odd that we know what we need to do to prevent ourselves from getting sick and becoming overly stressed, but we don’t always do them? It’s like the answers are literally in front of us (or…