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What I Wore To Our Rehearsal Dinner & Welcome Party

Ahhh hello!! I cannot believe TODAY is the day! I’m actually writing this the week before, though, and scheduling it to go live the DAY of the wedding! But even still, I cannot believe it’s so close! I thought it would be fun to let y’all in on the planning process behind my rehearsal dinner dress that I wore last night – it was such a fun process! I hadn’t…


How Duncan and I Met

I’ve been meaning to write this post for months but I kept putting it off. I think because honestly, it’s a hard story to tell from just my perspective. It’s better when we are both there to tell it and chime in with our own individual experiences. But regardless, I think it’s time I tell you my version of the story in a blog post – and what a better…


Our Wedding Invitations

When it came to planning my wedding, I’ll admit that all the “paper” involved was not something I’d really thought much about before. If you’ve ever been married you know there’s a crazy amount of paper goods involved, which TBH kind of overwhelmed me pretty quickly. I wanted to keep things classic and easy, which is why I went to the Bell’Invito showroom. Once I was there I’m happy to…


The [Decor] Vibe I Want For My Wedding

I meant to write this post months ago, but I just never got around to it. I thought it might be fun to sort of spell out what I *hope* my reception to feel and look like! And I seriously cannot wait to walk into the room and see it all come together. I know I’ll be happy no matter what it looks like, but I thought it might be…


Bachelorette Recap

So excited to be sitting down to put together this blog post recapping this past weekend! I had pretty high hopes for my bachelorette weekend and I have to say, it was exactly what I wanted! I’ve never really been a big party-er, so I knew I wanted something extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I’ve always LOVED Cabo and knew it would be the perfect January getaway to escape the cold…


The 10 Best Selling Items of 2019

Y’all, I can’t believe there are TWO more days in this decade! CRAZY right?! As I look back on 2019, mainly talking business stuff, I thought it’d be fun to look back at what Y’ALL loved the most. I know I had my favorite sweaters I bought and things like that, but I think it’s so interesting to see what the community responds to and what y’all bought the most…


My Best Tips for Making Travel Easier During the Holidays

Outfit Details: Animal Print Sweater (wearing size xs) // Double Pocket Drop Jeans (wearing size 25) //Superstar Low Top Sneaker (fits true to size) // 22-Inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On Raise your hand if you’re traveling this holiday season?! Seems like all I ever do anymore is head to the airport, get on a plane, spend a little time somewhere and then do it all over again LOL! Not complaining, it can…


The Aesthetic I Want in Our Denver Home

I’ve been wanting to update y’all on my plans for decorating the house for weeks now, and I’m so glad I’m finally sitting down to gather my thoughts and write this post. If you’ve been following along, then you already know that I moved from Dallas to Denver in the middle of October. I left a house that I absolutely ADORED and spent the last 3 years decorating and getting…


What to Wear for Engagement Photos

If you followed along on Stories last weekend then you saw Duncan and I got our engagement photos taken!! Ahh, I’m SO excited to see how they turned out!! We went down to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods Park, which is absolutely stunning and I highly recommend it for engagement photos or just to visit! Such a cool Colorado sight! But anyway, let’s focus on the task at…


All About My Dallas Home

Hi guys! I’ve been compiling this post for a few weeks now and I gotta tell you, looking through all the photos certainly feels a bit nostalgic. But at the same time, this chapter of my life truly does feel over. Like, if I was offered the opportunity to switch everything back to how things were (back in my Dallas bubble living in this home with Duncan of course!), I…


2 Athleisure Outfits When the Mornings Start Getting Chilly

Hey friends! OK, so just in case you haven’t seen my Stories recently, the Denver weather has hit me HARD. I know that sounds really dramatic LOL, but it’s been a big eye-opener. It’s like I knew it would be different than Dallas, but actually starting to experience it is crazy. Also, I don’t hate it? It’ll take some time to adjust for sure, but I really don’t mind because…


How I Asked My Bridesmaids

Doing something sweet and personalized for my bridesmaids was one of the little things I was really looking forward to when it came to wedding planning! I might not have ever thought about what kind of dress or wedding I wanted, but I DID dream about what little gifts I would get my friends! I think it’s such a fun little personalized touch and way to thank your friends for…


Best of Fall Decor For All Budgets

I showed y’all some of my fall decor a couple of weeks ago on Instagram, but between the move and all the things, it’s pretty much as far as I got. Oh! And I did put some pumpkins on my porch :) While I’m not going full out for fall decor, it’s one of my favorite times to decorate and add little pops of Autumn to the house. Since we’re moving right in the middle of the season, I didn’t think it was smart to buy too much, but if I were…here’s what I’d be buying! I do actually have a few of these items that I’ve used year after year and still LOVE!


Making the most of your single Season

If you’ve hung around my blog or instagram lately, you know some pretty exciting things have been happening around here! I am ENGAGED and I’m MOVING to Denver! While it has been a whirlwind of excitement, it has also sent me into reflection mode. Maybe you’ve been following me since before I met Duncan and remember that I briefly touched on singleness. When I got engaged, one of you guys…


What I’ve Gotten Done So Far + When and Where We’re Getting Married!

Hey y’all! Hope you’ve been enjoying the wedding content so far – I honestly have been DEEP in planning and between that and the move, life feels all kinds of crazy and exciting at the same time. My goal is to bring y’all along for a lot of the planning because it’s just so fun and I know there are a lot of y’all planning weddings right now too, so…


Wedding Dress Shopping at Stanley Korshak Bridal

I’m so excited to finally share my experience of finding my wedding dress! It was SUCH a fun process and honestly, it still feels surreal! Obviously, it’s a HUGE moment and one of those things you loosely think about and then when it’s here, you don’t even know where to start! Before beginning my hunt, I asked around and began looking for reviews online – I knew I wanted to…


Maine Trip Recap

I’m so excited to finally be sitting down to write this blog post. I mean it when I saw that our most recent trip to Maine over Labor Day weekend was probably one of my top 5 favorite trips I’ve ever taken! I went back and forth on how to structure this blog post, but I think the best way is to summarize everything that we did, covering our favorites…