Here are a few of my favorite things–the topics that really make me tick. I love to focus aspects of life that are already good and find ways to make them even better. You’ll find content here that I hope will add value to your everyday. We’ll discuss faith, travel, home, organization, fitness, podcasts, and more topics that will cheer you on to live your best, most abundant life.


My Summer Bucketlist

Not sure where my motivation has been lately, but I have just not been feelin’ it. But I posted my Summer bucket list on my Instagram Monday night and something about putting that together got me all excited. So I wanted to compile it into a blog post! Plus, I wanted to share the details from the picnic that Katie and I had last week. It was so much fun…


The BTD Guide to 30A Florida

I actually can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a guide to 30A, as I’ve literally been coming here for decades. Pretty sure I’ve been here 30 times – I’m not even exaggerating! Even before all the tourists took note and it became the hot spot for the South, my family and I have been vacationing here – so yeah, it’s about time I did a BTD guide!


5 Clear Signs You Need a Vacation

Y’all might have noticed that my recent trip to Florida was last-minute, which is very Brighton but it’s not how I usually travel. Whether work or personal, I usually have trips planned out at least a few months in advance, but this trip was different. It seems like it’s a natural thing – waves of motivation – and lately, I had been in somewhat of a slump. I don’t even…


How to Create a Pampering Mother’s Day Box

Even though I’m personally nowhere near kids in my own life, a lot of my good friends have started families in the last year or two. Which is so exciting because I love kids and someday want a lot of them of my own! So as Mother’s Day rolls around, it’s not only a day to celebrate my own mama, but those new mamas around me as well. My friends…


The BTD Guidelines to Buying Jewelry for Others

Mother’s Day is coming up, which is usually the time that I try to find my mom a piece of jewelry (or help my dad too), and always always struggle with whether she’ll like it. I mean, jewelry can be SO personal, but it’s also one of my favorite things in the world – so I can’t help but to try and gift it. This year, instead of kinda choosing…


BTD Q2 Playlist

Wanted to pop in to quickly share the BTD Q2 Playlist with y’all! I get a lot of questions about what I’m listening to while working or on my long Brighton walks, so this list is more catered to that. I’ll try to get better about sharing the songs I’m listening to daily on Insta Stories (or BTD DAILY), but for now, hope you love this playlist! If y’all have…


Journeying Through The Old Testament

I’ve always wanted to read the entire Bible – from cover-to-cover. Emphasis on the *always wanted.* If I’m being honest though, it’s not something I ever thought I could actually, realistically accomplish. You know how that is, right? I sort of halfway committed a few times. I got through Genesis each time – easily. But when I would get toward the end of Exodus and into books like Numbers and…


Top 10 Dallas Brunch Spots

Dallas is a big city and with that comes a million and one restaurants. And Brunch in Dallas is quite the event. Honestly, it seems like people eat here for sport. What can I say, we’re pretty into it! But because there are so many options, it can be hard to decide on where to go. Right? And I feel like this is one of my most frequently asked questions too. So Today I wanted to finally share my favorite spots for Dallas brunch. find the places worthy of trying. Don’t worry I’m here to help with my recommendations!


What Are Your God-Given Gifts?

In the book of 1 Corinthians, Paul talks a lot about giftedness in chapter 12.  He explains that our gifts need to be different because all together, we make up the body of Christ. For a body to work, you need one head, two ears, one nose, two arms… you get the picture. If a body has no arms, six noses, and one ear, something’s not right. The same thing goes for the body of believers in Christ—there have to be different parts in order to make it function correctly.


How to Spring Clean Your Entire Life

Since I’ve been feeling pretty naturally motivated lately, I’m taking advantage of that energy while looking at multiple aspects of my life when it comes to tidying things up. Sure, my pantry needs love, as does my closet, but what about the other parts of my life? Like relationships, work, family, etc. There’s definitely more I’ve been itching to clean up or dive into other than physically cleaning


Thoughts on Good Friday

For a lot of us, the coming of Easter means all good things. Warmer weather, spring clothes, pastels, sunshine, bunnies, and egg hunts are the things that we think of most if we’re really being honest. And we know what Easter is really all about: Jesus. It’s the day that Jesus arose from the dead and redeemed us all from our sins. And YES, Easter is a really, really happy day.


How Should We Pray?

At some point or another, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all wondering how to pray – if we’re doing it right or wrong or even where to begin? Sometimes thinking about praying to an invisible God that we can’t *actually* talk to feels a little weird and we get a bit insecure. Or at least I know I do – and I consider myself a seasoned “prayer…


10 Tips For Surviving Wedding Season Solo

Ok y’all, let’s just address the elephant in the room and get it all on the table. WEDDING SEASON. It’s almost here and my fridge is filling up with invites. First, I just want to say that weddings are SO much fun and I absolutely love celebrating with my friends and family, or whoever it is that’s tying the knot. BUT. For us single folks, it can feel a touch…


Welcome To The New BTD!

I can’t believe this day is finally here! I have been dreaming up this moment since late 2015. At that time, the idea for this new website was just that: an idea. But it grew into so much more as I continued to think through some of these ideas. Specifically, back in July of 2016, I did a post on Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale where I picked my favorite six pieces and…


How God Wants Me To Prioritize My Time

While I was praying this morning, I spent some time giving some really hard, intense thought about how I’m spending my time. What IS the most important thing I can be doing? How DO I need to be prioritizing my life? The reason why I get so serious about this stuff is because I seriously want to be living in a way that glorifies God.


How to Organize Your Fridge & Keep it That Way

I actually didn’t realize this until I went to write this post, but I’ve never had my own fridge. Whether living with my family or roommates, I’ve always been in a situation where fridge space was tight. And since most of us share our fridge with at least one person, we all know the struggle of keeping a fridge organized. Heck! Even living solo probably means a disorganized fridge at…


How to Style Bookshelves

If you’ve been reading BTD for a while now, you know that I purchased my first home a little over a year ago. I’ve shared some home decor slash organization posts over the past year, but I’m hoping to do even more in 2018. Y’all seem to really like it! And if you’re following along on Insta, you might remember that I was styling my bookshelves on an Insta Live…


Best Small Group Bible Studies

One of my MOST frequently asked questions is what the best small group bible studies are or whether or not I recommend any. And after getting this question time and time again, I decided it was time I dedicate an entire resource page on my blog to answering this question. I intend to keep this updated as I learn more and discover additional studies.