Self - April 8, 2020

Easy At-Home Self-Care Ideas

Hey friends! Today’s post is all about YOU! I think now more than ever we all need a little bit of self-care and things that bring us relaxation and joy so I want to encourage everyone to take some time and dedicate it to doing something nice for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something small that’s meaningful to you and brings you all the good feels.

Of course we’re all staying home right now  (if we’re lucky enough to be home!) so all my ideas are easy to do right from your house! Whether you’re trying to balance homeschooling your kids and working or just trying to wrap your mind around everything that’s happening right now, I hope these self-care ideas give you a minute to escape reality and just have a little bit of a feel-good moment. Enjoy!

Try a skin fast

Have you ever heard of skin fasting? I came across a blog post about it recently and it’s basically exactly what it sounds like. You give your skin a complete break from everything for at least 7 days! No makeup, skincare, masks – nothing! Just let it breathe for a while. It’s definitely the perfect time to do something like this so I say why not! You can journal about how your skin is doing throughout and then at the end of the week take some time to do an assessment of sorts.

At-home mani/pedi

I won’t lie, seeing everyone online share the current state of their nails and toes does make me laugh. And I’m right there in that boat as well. Funny the things we kinda took for granted like just being able to go get our nails done. Anyway, doing it yourself is a fun way to probably have a good laugh (because let’s be honest, I do not have a steady hand) and also to just make you feel refreshed. Fresh nails and toes always make me happy so I’m going to make myself an appointment at the BTD nail salon LOL.

Also, I found this light and nail kit on Amazon (has really good reviews!) for at-home gel manicures but I know shipping times aren’t great right now. Could definitely be worth a try though!

Massages with your significant other

Duncan and I have been doing this and it’s amazing. I really appreciate a good massage and he’s a good sport for indulging me. Of course he gets one out of it too, so it’s a win-win. It’s also just a great way to unwind. I suggest turning on some of your favorite music and just letting yourself relax.


I have to say, I think all the dancing I’ve been doing has kept me sane these last few weeks. It’s entertaining, it’s a good workout and it’s FUN! I totally get dancing isn’t everyone’s thing, but that’s kinda the point. Push yourself outside of the box a bit and give it a try. And you don’t have to do it on TikTok either! You can just get on YouTube and type in TikTok dances and tons of options will come up with tutorials on how to do the dances. Like this one is a great video how-to for the renegade dance!

Cook something healthy

Y’all know I’m VERY new to the cooking game but it’s been so fun to get in the kitchen with D and try new recipes. Not everything we make is *healthy* necessarily, but I think whipping up something delicious and nutritious would be a fun way to show both myself and Duncan some love. Maybe some homemade granola bars or energy balls? This is like a whole new category of cooking for me so I’m excited to try!

Stretch for 30 mins before bed (or any time!)

I mentioned last week that Duncan and I have been stretching before (mostly me helping Duncan stretch) and I got tons of questions on what stretches we do so I recorded some Stories and saved them to my highlights (it’s just called “stretching”). We like to turn on our favorite TV show while doing it but a good podcast or maybe an audiobook also sounds nice – especially if you’re doing it by yourself.

Do you feel more relaxed already? I truly, truly hope all these ideas and content are serving you guys. I also wrote this post recently with some productive ideas on how to spend this time as well if that’s more your vibe right now! I sort of feel like I’m playing darts in the dark right now with content so if I’m missing the mark, please let me know!

Alright, have a great rest of your week and don’t forget to find some time for self-care!