Beauty - April 22, 2020

How to Do a Spa Night With Your Guy

Duncan and Brighton Butler, couples stay at home spa night

OK friends, I’ve been working on this post for the last week or so and I am so excited to finally share it with y’all! It’s all about how to have a spa night with your guy at home! I mentioned a little while ago on Stories that Duncan and I have been doing some masks together in the evening and y’all were so curious about it! Duncan has been SUCH a good sport when it comes to getting creative with me and finding new ways to spend this time together. And I have to say, I don’t want these spa nights to end after quarantine is over because they’re kinda my new favorite thing of ours!

But what have we been doing? I’ve broken down some steps below that are super easy to follow, along with links to all D and I’s favorite products from Nordstrom that we’ve been using so far. I tried not to make things too girly, but if you’re husband/boyfriend is nervous about it, just tell them the only thing they have to lose is the opportunity for some serious R&R!

Take a shower + exfoliate

First things first, you’ll both want to take a shower and exfoliate. Duncan wasn’t even 100% sure what exfoliation was LOL, so if your guy is clueless too, explain to him that it helps remove all the dead skin and dirt on the surface of your skin. I feel like exfoliation is something guys think is just for girls, but it’s definitely not and they could seriously benefit from it!

The Body Wash

I’ve been loving this body wash for almost a year now! I love how it feels and knowing that it has facial-grade ingredients in it but for my body!

I love a really good body scrub to help with this. It’s like you’re left with a whole new, fresh layer of skin when you’re done and it’s amazing!! Not to mention your skin is SO soft! And don’t forget to wash your body after the scrub. This is my absolute favorite body wash if you need a recommendation. It’s fragrance-free too, so perfect for both guys and girls.

Couples stay at home spa night

Get comfortable

Once you’re out of the shower, you’ll want to get comfortable and kind of set the “vibe” for your spa night. Grab a candle – I love this one from Nordstrom – light it and get into your comfies.

If your guy doesn’t have a robe, Duncan loves this cozy option (currently 70% OFF!). We like to set up everything in front of our fireplace (no surprise there) so we’ll grab a bunch of pillows from the couch and make a cozy little area on the floor with the fire going. You obviously don’t have to have a fireplace, but just find a spot in your home that feels relaxing to you!

Mask + Skincare

This is my favorite part, mainly because I just got this steamer that I’m SO OBSESSED with and now I feel like masks work even better! Plus I just feel fancy ;) Nordstrom has a solid variety of masks, but I went for two of my current favorites for Duncan and I’s spa night – this sheet mask and this resurfacing mask.

Dr. Dennis Gross

Skincare Pro Facial Steamer

I’ve been wanting one of these for SO long and I finally pulled the trigger! This is an investment but I’ve read everywhere it’s the nicest at home facial steamer on the market! I am loving it and it makes me feel so fancy!


Pure Silk 5-Pack Midi Hair Ties

You’ve probably heard of Slip’s luxury silk pillowcases, but did you know they make hair ties too? They’re definitely a splurge but I love using them because they’re super gentle and don’t crease or damage my hair at all!


Génifique Hydrogel Sheet Mask

One of my favorite hydrating masks! Infused with Bifidus extract, this mask is like an instant burst of moisture leaving my skin feeling plump, hydrated and fresh. 

Sheet masks are typically great for a burst of hydration but this Lancôme one takes it to the next level! It’s gel-based and plumps up any fines lines, which I feel like are popping up hourly these days, ha! Duncan thinks sheet masks look funny, so not only did his skin get some attention, but it was pretty entertaining as well. I used the GlamGlow clearing treatment mask on myself and eventually convinced Duncan to do it. I love how it makes me feel during and after – this has been one of my favorite masks for years!


Supermud Treatment Mask

I’ve gotten into a routine of using this mask at least once a week and love what it does for my skin. Plus, it feels like a nice reset too and my skin feels so smooth after using it!

TaTA Harper

Resurfacing Mask

This mask is AMAZING! It leaves my skin baby soft in less than 15 minutes. It’s definitely a must-try!

After I did our facials, I put one of my FAVORITE serums on both of us: the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. Thus stuff is amazing and full of antioxidants and good stuff for your skin! I always love putting it on a freshly cleansed face!


C E Ferulic Serum

This has got to be one of the most raved about products on the internet! But it really is *that* amazing! I’m a huge fan of Skinceuticals and love this product! I can always tell when I’m using it because it gives my skin extra glow! I use it every single morning.


This one might take some convincing, but walk your guy through what manis and pedis actually are. They’re not just about painting your nails, after all. And you don’t have to do anything fancy to have nice looking feet and hands, but explain to them how good it’ll feel to clean their situation up a bit. For their hands, you could show them how to use clippers to get the dirt out from under the nail and then also introduce them to a good hand lotion. For feet, show them how to buff out their heels (because calluses are the worst, aren’t they?!) and then maybe do a nice foot mask! I think most guys will be pleasantly surprised at how refreshing mani/pedis are after this experience!


I saved the best for last! After Duncan and I’s spa night, I realized how much I want to book a professional massage ASAP after quarantining is over. Massages are so relaxing and something you both can easily enjoy! And the only thing you really need to do it at home is a nice body lotion. D and I did about 10-15 minutes each and then switched. I suggest going second because you won’t want to massage your partner after they do you – you’ll be too relaxed, ha!


The Body Lotion

I’ve been a big fan of necessaire for years. This body lotion is no exception. Duncan and I both use it daily to keep our skin moisturized in this dry Denver climate.

Does this sound like a fun night at home to you guys? I hope it does! Duncan has been great about trying new and unique things like this to really connect with each other and feel good during this time. He actually enjoyed it too, which of course makes me happy. It’s also a much-needed break from all the TV binge-watching we’ve been doing lately. So give it a try and I bet you’ll have as much fun as we did!


A Few Loungewear Favorites

And then it doesn’t really have to do with the blog post, but I wanted to include some of my go-to loungewear items form Nordstrom I’ve been wearing around the house lately!

stay at home cozy outfit, waffle shorts a hooded cardigan
stay at home cozy outfit, waffle shorts a hooded cardigan

Outfit Details: waffle knit hooded cardigan // waffle knit shorts // white tank (size up)

I recently picked up this little set  from Nordstrom and love it for lounging around the house!

Cozy loungewear outfit brighton keller matching hoodie and sweat shorts

A fun little matching set I recently purchased. I had to size up in the shorts FYI!

Outfit Details: Waffle knit top // Joggers // Slippers

okay and then lastly I love this sweatshirt so much I now have it in 3 colors!! It’s so cozy!

Thanks so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.