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We Organized My Pantry!

how to organize your pantry - pantry organization tips

My pantry is one of the areas in my house that I have yet to address because ugh. In other words, it has been a complete disaster since moving in. I haven’t gotten to it yet because I haven’t had the time to figure it out, but also because I’ve had the interesting challenge of living with 3 other girls that also have groceries and want to keep things separate. You know? For the longest time, we just each had our own…


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‘Bout That Bodysuit

all black outfit bodysuit hermes belt leather jacket

  Bodysuits. They are freaking everywhere, have you noticed?! I’m pretty sure models like Kendall Jenner started wearing them a couple years ago, then after that, they’ve made their way into every store and onto (just about)  everyone and their sister. And after a couple years of not being into the look at all (some look like legit bathing suits + I just couldn’t get on board with a full bodysuit bc reminded me of childhood gymnastics), I’ve recently given them a…



Behind The Business With Form Salon

American Express Dallas Small Business Stories_0315

One of my favorite things about Dallas is the new people I've met - either through church, out shopping, or just doing life in general. Over the past five years, as I've settled into Dallas and made it my own, I've gotten to know people from all walks of life and specializing in all sorts of different trades. As a small business owner myself, I've appreciated getting to learn more about some of the amazing small businesses here in Dallas.…


4 Qualities That Make Up a Girl Boss

brighton keller wearing gingham pants with white button down and black pointy toe pumps

The term “girl boss” has become somewhat of a buzzword, but behind all the fuss, I’m all about what it stands for. There are so many great women out there killing it every day in whatever it is they’re pursuing and its really inspiring and motivating. I love to surround myself with ladies like this and hope their vibe will rub off on me – keeping me focused and willing to work hard for what I want. My mom has…


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How To Be The MVP Employee

flared white pants with gingham wrap top, red heels and red bag, workwear

When it comes to work, there are two types of people. Those who meet expectations and those who exceed them. The former - those who simply get it done - are great, reliable, hard workers. They meet expectations and complete tasks in a timely manner. All good things obviously. But then there are the latter; those who take things to another level. Who not only get the job done, but go above and beyond. These are the employees that advance…


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4 Signs It’s Time To Slow Your Roll

how to know when you need to slowdown pacsun

I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s been way too easy to get overwhelmed these days. I think it was a month-long funk mixed with just feeling pretty blah about work (and life to be honest) for much of June and July. I know that sounds negative (I don’t mean to be – just being honest), but I also think that sometimes when we run ourselves too hard, we start to be a little irrational at times too.…