30 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

Last week I took a week off of work (and just everything really) and it’s reminded me about the importance of nourishment. And I’m not talking about only healthy food or things like that – I’m talking about deep nourishment that cleanses you. That might sound dramatic, but it’s how I feel! It’s SO important and something that we can skip on when we’re in the chaos of daily life.…


Best of Spotify Holiday Stations

I’m not someone who listens to Christmas music in October or anything, but by the time December rolls around, I’m usually ready for some holiday spirit. I’m such a music fan and always have some going whether in my house or car so I like to switch it up, too! Here are 4 really good holiday music stations on Spotify. They range from classic to fun and cover everything in…

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How to Do Holiday Cards in Your Twenties

Gosh, I’ve actually been meaning to tackle this subject for years, and season after season, I think about it when holiday cards start rolling in. First of all, I LOVE them! They’re one of my favorite traditions and I fill up my fridge and mantle with them. But I’ve never known what to do about them personally! Because here’s the thing – I’m not married and I don’t have kids,…

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5 December Expenses I’m Budgeting For

Does anyone else think that November flew by? Like somehow it should still be October in my mind? But here we are, December! Did you guys enjoy the blast post at the beginning of last month talking about budgeting in November? Based on the analytics on my end, it seemed like you did! So I decided to bring it back for December and share my thoughts on how we can prepare…


Girl Boss Gift Guide

The hustle never stops for ladies who launch…ha! If you have a lady in your life who is rockin’ it as a girl boss, these gifts will make her life THAT much more successful! Coffee Mug – This mug just makes me giggle, cause coffee IS life. Under $30! Watch – I have never seen a cuter fitness tracker! This little gem tracks all things fitness AND shows your notifications from your…


The Best Underrated Gifts EVER

We all know there are some gifts that we get (and give) year after year. Things like pajamas, sweaters, a calendar, and other items that are kind of basic. And while those are great and things I enjoy giving/gifting, I also LOVE thinking of underrated gifts. You know – the ones that are soooo good to get and you wouldn’t expect it? I like throwing a few of those into…


5 Winter Staples I Found on Amazon

Winter travel is in full swing and sure – looking cute is a priority BUT staying warm is really my main concern, HA! I scoured Amazon for some cute winter-wear options and put together two outfits! Of course these items wouldn’t be worn all together, but I’ve designed it so you can choose which jacket, bag and boots to wear depending on the occasion/location. Details on each item below… Boots…


4 Secrets to a Successful Social Media Detox

Hi friends! Today I’m back to talk more about social media detoxes, because well, I just can’t get enough. You might notice I’ve been going kinda silent on social more and more lately and it feels dang good. It also seems like y’all love this topic based on this post and this one, too. So I want to keep talking about it! I’ve already covered when you know you need…

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