Fall OUTFITS Trending

This Seasons Must Have: The Plaid Blazer

plaid blazer fall trend outfit with suede skirt and black booties

If you follow a single blogger on Instagram, you’ve likely seen the plaid blazer that is EVERYWHERE, right? I swear, when I scroll down, I see at least one person wearing it every single time – which means one thing, people are loving it. Including me! If you follow me on instagram stories, then you might remember be attempting to style one I bought (last minute) before packing for NYFW and making a reference to ‘Marcia Clark’. Please tell me…


How To Pull Off The Victorian Trend

Victorian high-neck trend fall 2017 - brighton keller wearing milk braid at NYFW and Frame blouse, Dior sunglasses, leather pencil skirt, gucci bag and prada patent leather he

Hi y’all! If it’s OK with you, I’m going to keep sharing fashion content – whether from New York Fashion Week or what I’ve shot in Dallas. I’m feeling re-inspired after New York and am super excited about everything we’re seeing this fall. So, I’m just in a fashion state of mind slash am freaking EXCITED about what we’re seeing this fall? Hopefully other people love fall fashion as much as I do, and are interested to see how I’m…


Adulting OUTFITS self-improvement

Self Awareness & Why You Should Pay More Attention To Yourself

brighton keller wearing pink v-neck sweater with white jeans and chanel cross body // how to be self aware

At its core, self-awareness means understanding your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, and beliefs – and how they impact YOU, your world, and those around you. Sounds great, right? But also a little elusive too. So like, HOW does one become self-aware? And why should you invest in doing so? Well, let’s talk about it. The Importance of Self-Awareness: How do I become more self aware though? Have you ever heard that phrase – come as you are? I feel like…


BTD Weekly

NYFW September 2017 Recap

views from world trade center club monaco presentation nyfw 2017

September and March are my favorite months out of the year when it comes to Fashion. All the brand new arrivals are hitting the racks and everyone is excited about the changing of seasons – all the newness is exciting! This is the time when you’re pretty much over the season that’s been lagging on and you can’t wait until the weather cooperates so you can actually switch out your closet. You know what I’m talking about. Last week I…


Fall OUTFITS Trending

How to Pull Off The Mom Jean

embroidery trend // rose embroidered jeans with lace sleepless blouse and gucci velvet bag

Let’s talk about “mom” jeans. I feel like this has been a hot topic for quite some time. Either you love them and find them so flattering and casual or you feel like your butt has disappeared and your legs are twice their normal size. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with them for awhile. I usually find a pair that are undeniably cute around my waist, but then look funky in the thigh area. I found these that didn’t look…


Fall OUTFITS work attire

When you find a dress that’s flattering, versatile, and on trend

black and white plaid dolman dress with black booties

I love it when I find a good, solid dress I know I can wear to all sorts of things – and that’s not only flattering but also versatile and CUTE too. I knew this dress was a winner when I came across it online, but the game totally changed into a total GREEN LIGHT when I tried it on. It looks good, fits well and the length and neckline (and sleeves!) are perfection. You can easily wear it from…