Denver Dining Room & Kitchen Photo Tour

I just posted this photo on instagram saying that we’re packing up our kitchen today and realized that I’d never actually shared these images of our Denver kitchen and dining room on the blog! I’ve had this sitting in drafts for months! So I wanted to get the blog post up before we officially move to Dallas at the end of this week – gah crazy times right now! Denver…


Winter Activewear I’m Loving

Hey friends! Continuing my theme of cute winter finds this week with some great activewear from Nordstrom. Activewear is basically all that fits me right now, so I’m leaning into this vibe very hard LOL. Nordstrom has lots of great picks per usual like this fleece jacket that works with my bump now but will also fit great after baby boy gets here too. This is KEY for me right now. I’m trying to buy fewer maternity items because in less than two months I won’t be able to really wear them anymore.

Real-life inspiration on what to wear per season or occasion, or how to style an outfit based on what’s already in your closet.

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The Vibe I’m Going for With the Nursery

I’ve been meaning to put all my thoughts together in a blog post to document my process with getting the nursery ready.  I didn’t get started until pretty in my pregnancy because we weren’t sure where we were going to live. Up until late November, we had so many things were up in the air, so it was hard to make plans.  But now that we know we’ll be in…

What I’m Saying No to This Year

When I was brainstorming New Year’s content, this topic is something that came to mind and I was intrigued by it but didn’t know if I wanted to write it. Sometimes putting this kind of stuff out there is cathartic but also can add pressure because what if I do something I said I didn’t want to on IG Stories for all of y’all to see?? This mindset definitely goes back to me being a perfectionist but I thought, ya know what? Maybe putting it out there will help hold me accountable! And I already know I’m not perfect LOL, so I guess there won’t be any real letdowns there.


Cute Winter Stuff Under $100

As much as I wish I could say winter is almost over or that we’re in the home stretch of cold temperatures, that would be a lie LOL. Duncan and I have absolutely loved the snow, but sunny and 75 sounds pretty dang good right about now. Anyway, it’s winter (and will be for a while) so I thought I might as well share some cute winter finds under $100!

How I’ve Been Working Out Through My Pregnancy

One of my most frequently asked questions during my pregnancy has definitely been how I’ve been working out throughout. And I totally get why! Working out during pregnancy is something that many people feel differently about – there are so many opinions and lots of guidance on the subject that it can be difficult to navigate.

What Y’all Loved Most in 2020 & My Favorites

Wow, what a year 2020 was!! So much to reflect back on and think about, too much TBH, ha. BUT, one of my favorite things to do at the start of every year is to share what products y’all loved most from the previous year. Not only is this data super helpful to me for content purposes but I just find it fascinating!! It’s like getting a small peek inside…

25 Winter Outfit Ideas + 5 Pieces I can’t Stop Wearing

Winter can easily feel like the trickiest month to get dressed for if you ask me. Between it being freezing outside, shorter days/darker nights, layering, and trying to look cute without looking bulky or frumpy, I thought y’all might like some inspo that I pulled from over the years of winter outfits – both dressy and more casual!

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