4 Benefits of Waking Up Slowly and How to Actually Do It

I’m not sure if it’s all the travel I’ve been doing this summer or maybe I’ve been trying to do too much in general, but I’ve been waking up so darn tired lately. It’s like I’ll go to bed and get a full eight hours of sleep (or more!) and still wake up wanting to hit snooze three times. Anyone else ever find themselves in this kind of a funk?…


5 Things I’m OK Learning to Be OK With As an Adult

If I’ve learned anything these last few years of my 20s (yes, I’m turning 30 soon!), it’s that we are all truly on our own journey and life is going to look different for everyone. And you know what? THAT’S OK! It sounds like an easy thing to wrap your mind around, but for me, it’s taken me well into my 20s to learn to feel OK about certain things.…

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How to Detox Your Life: Scheduling + Routine

Hey friends! Today’s How to Detox Your Life installment is the fourth and final one and is all about detoxing your schedule and routine. I’ve written a lot about priorities and building a routine on BTD, so you probably already know this is a topic I’m really passionate about. I guess I saved the best for last (at least for me LOL). If you missed the first three you can…

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6 Dresses Under $40 On Amazon

We had a rainy Wednesday here in Dallas and it put me in the biggest fall-weather mood. I wanted to run around lighting all the candles, throw on a cardigan and snuggle up with a blanket on the couch (which I normally do on summer days, too LOL). Anyone else just itching for fall to arrive? I got inspired by the cooler weather (even if it was only one day…

3 Things I’ve Learned About Working Out Lately

Since college, I’ve had an ‘all or nothing’ relationship with working out. Growing up I was super active (like most of us are) and I even cheered throughout college so movement was easy – something I just did. But as an adult, I feel like there’s this huge lack of motivation that comes with working out. And maybe it’s because of the pressure we start putting on it. It becomes…


One Thing Making My Life Easier Right Now

If you’ve been following along for a while, you probably know this about me: I’m a lazy driven person. I don’t even know if LAZY is the right word – it’s probably not – but I like life to feel EASY. And I’m not someone who enjoys being on the go 24/7. Does that make sense? Like I will kill myself to make a project perfect, but I also know…

StyleWeekly Outfit Ideas

Weekly Outfit Ideas: How To Style A White Tee

Y’all know I love a staple item that can be styled many ways, ie. jean shorts, midi skirt, denim jacket, light wash jeans…the list goes on. This week I styled a white tee 5 ways. I love a basic white tee because they are just so easy to throw on and go. You can also really change up your look depending on the fit of your white tee – from…


10 Best Tie Dye Items On Amazon

Hi friends! I shared a few weeks ago this crewneck sweatshirt that I’ve been wearing nonstop in the tie dye colorway and y’all went crazy for it – so I had the idea to do a little round up of my favorite tie dye items from Amazon! I love that this tie dye trend has come back and in so many different color styles – I think it’s a fun…

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