Dreaming of Sunshine & Warmer Temps: Vacation Picks

swim 2018

Okay, I know it's been freezing the past couple of weeks, but is anyone else shopping for swimwear?! There have been so many cute swim suits popping up on Nordstrom I couldn't help but round them up for y'all. I'm definitely loving the one piece styles this season. Whether you're going somewhere tropical for spring break or just working on getting your beach bod ready for summer, these should be waiting for you in your closet!…



How I Round Brush (Blow Dry) My Hair

How I round brush my hair dry brighton keller round brush

After publishing my video last month about how I use dry shampoo to get volume in my hair, I got several requests to publish another tutorial on how I round brush my hair (just in general). I’ve shown y’all a few tricks here and there on Instagram stories, but I wanted a place on the blog where we could talk ALL THINGS round-brushing techniques. And just to have everything all in one place! This post is part of my ‘hair…


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Let’s Talk Morning Routines

morning routine

A few weeks ago, I was really good about sharing pockets of my morning routine on IG Stories. I’ve since stopped because I found that even bringing my phone out during my routine was hindering it, but I did want to write a post and dive into the topic. We’ve all heard how amazing morning routines can be, and I’ve even touched on them on BTD before – but not until recently did I truly develop a routine. I actually…

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Seeking Contentment: Embracing The Struggle

cozy photo quiet time devotional expecting struggle and pain

I was spending a ridiculously long time on aisle 8, trying to track down a particular kind of jelly for my appetizer dish. And there was this woman with her two babies seemingly doing the same – except she was torn between picking the right kind of honey (I think), responding to her 5-year old’s endless questions all the while keeping her toddler entertained. I couldn’t help but notice her. She was not only strikingly beautiful, but she was dressed…


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5 Books to Motivate You in 2018

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Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a good day! With such a positive response to my post about Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week earlier this week, it’s obvious that we have some (book) readers on #TeamBTD! YAY. I seriously love reading and it’s my favorite way to learn and relax. So it makes me happy that y’all do too. I like all kinds of books, but I really find connection with ones that motivate me. There’s nothing better than a weekend…



Mental Toughness: Mind Over Matter (Motivation Station!)

mental toughness, checkered dress, otk boots, and black gucci belt

Y’all have probably noticed, but when I get excited or inspired by something, I go all in. I’m an extremist – just like my dad. And lately, I’ve been in full black-hole Brighton mode over here y’all. My latest black-hole scavenger hunt has been my fascination with sports psychology. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about the strategy and ways in which coaches motivate and lead their players to success, and how certain athletes essentially make it to the top (even…