What I’ve Been Wearing to the Gym Lately

How’s everyone been doing with your fitness goals (if you have any) so far in 2020? I’ve been trying my hardest to keep myself in a routine – especially with the wedding happening in like a minute! Speaking of that, are y’all liking the workout videos I’ve been sharing on Instagram? I feel kinda awkward recording them, but I get lots of questions about what I’m doing so thought they’d…

The [Decor] Vibe I Want For My Wedding

I meant to write this post months ago, but I just never got around to it. I thought it might be fun to sort of spell out what I *hope* my reception to feel and look like! And I seriously cannot wait to walk into the room and see it all come together. I know I’ll be happy no matter what it looks like, but I thought it might be…

Real-life inspiration on what to wear per season or occasion, or how to style an outfit based on what’s already in your closet.

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Bachelorette Recap

So excited to be sitting down to put together this blog post recapping this past weekend! I had pretty high hopes for my bachelorette weekend and I have to say, it was exactly what I wanted! I’ve never really been a big party-er, so I knew I wanted something extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I’ve always LOVED Cabo and knew it would be the perfect January getaway to escape the cold…

Product Highlight

Hi, I’m Brighton

Welcome to BTD! Here you’ll find a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’ll share fashion, productivity, and organization tips that I love, and I think you will too. I hope you’ll find something that ‘Brightons’ your day!

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Top Sales Items Of The Week

Hi y’all and happy Sunday!! I hope this Sunday is productive yet restful for everyone. I am on my way back to Denver to wrap up all things wedding (I CAN’T believe it’s in less than two weeks). This year I’m going to show you the top selling items I’ve shared each week. I love sharing my life and the items I LOVE. But, I think it will be great…

StyleWeekly Outfit Ideas

First 2020 IG Round-Up

Hi all! We are almost two weeks into the new year and it’s been a whirlwind. I spent the first few days of the year in Aspen with my family. That following weekend, I went to Dallas for a dress fitting – it’s absolutely amazing and I CAN’T wait to share!! Then, I had a few days in Denver before heading to Mexico for my bachelorette. Mexico has been AMAZING…


Everything You Need When Moving to the Snow

Outfit Details: Boots (fits true to size) // Black Jeans (wearing size 25) // Black Sweater (wearing size xs) // Brown Coat (wearing size xs) Hey friends! Today’s post is for all you girls out there moving from somewhere warm to somewhere not so warm! I know I’ve shared a lot of the items I’ve bought since moving to Dever, but it didn’t occur to me until a friend asked…


Everyday Sweaters That are All Under $100

The post-holiday vibe I’m going for right now is cozy, and what goes better with cozy than alllll the sweaters! Not only do I actually need tons of sweaters in my wardrobe since I live in Denver now, but I actually love them and am excited to have more of a reason to wear them. Who knew I’d like living in a place with such cold winters so much, ha!…


How to Make Journaling a Habit + My Favorite Ones

Hey, friends! Today’s post is all about one of my favorite things – journaling! I mention it A LOT on Instagram and here on BTD, but I realized recently that I’ve never really shared with y’all how to make it a habit. I want to walk through this because journaling is honestly so therapeutic for me. If you’re just getting started, I don’t want it to feel like a “chore”…

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