4 Things I Consider When Shopping for Luxury Handbags

I’ll be honest with y’all… I love luxury handbags. They’re one of my weaknesses for sure (along with shoes!)  when it comes to shopping. But because of the hefty price tag that comes with making luxury handbag purchases, I have a little checklist I like to refer to whenever I get the idea that I need a new one stuck in my head. Plus, I’ve also gotten quite a few…


7 Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy

I’ve honestly been itching to put this post together because it’s kind of something I’ve really been working on personally (one of many…). I feel like I spend so much time and energy every day on things that, ultimately, are a complete waste of time and energy. From tasky type of things to more emotional reactions and feelings. Some days I’m able to see when I’m doing these energy sucking…

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7 Trends I’m Trying This Season

Have y’all noticed the crazy amount of new trends so far this spring? I mean, I usually have a few that I’m excited to try, but there’s seriously SO many new things right now. If you’ve been around here a while, then you know I’m a pretty classic girl rather than super trendy, but when things are as good as they are this year, you have to give it go,…

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Welcome to BTD! Here you’ll find a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’ll share fashion, productivity, and organization tips that I love, and I think you will too. I hope you’ll find something that ‘Brightons’ your day!

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3 Tips for Wearing White on White This Spring and Summer

  Today’s post is all about my best tips for helping y’all pull off white on white. I thought it would be good info to put out there because I know that for me, before I really got into blogging and trying as many looks as I do, I was always a little nervous to go for a white on white look. Why can it feel so intimidating?! On a…

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6 Ways To Style a White Button Up for Spring

I first shared this classic, short-sleeved white button up as part of my BTD Spring Capsule Wardrobe back in March. I absolutely love this short and think it’s incredibly versatile! I wear mine at least once a week and the quality is AMAZING. So today I thought it’d be fun to style it a few different ways for you to give you some outfit ideas. For reference, I got size…


10+ Cute Dresses for Easter Sunday

I can’t believe Easter is in LESS than TWO weeks?! SO crazy, but with it being just around the corner I wanted to share some Easter Sunday dress options for those of you who are still looking. I think you have just the right mount of time for shipping and what not if you still want to order! I know Easter dresses can be tough to decide on because there…


3 Ways to Dress Up Your Athleisure Look

Hi friends! Y’all know I love dressing up and feeling fancy, but just as much as I love a good luncheon look, I equally love wearing athleisure. Probably more if I’m being honest – especially since I work from home! Give me a good pair of sneakers and some workout pants and a basic tee and I’m good to go! However, sometimes I want the comfort of activewear, but I…


Weekly Outfit Ideas: Outfits With Sneakers

If you’ve been following along on Instagram then you already know we’ve been doing Weekly Outfit Ideas for a few months now. And I have to admit, it’s probably one of my absolute FAVORITE things I’ve implemented and actually stuck with. I have so much fun putting these looks together for y’all each week and I KNOW (based on your DMs and emails) that y’all have found it to be…

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