Summer Maxi + Dallas Farmer’s Market

dallas farmer's market outfit summer maxi dress

I’m not your typical farmer’s market kinda gal – I’ve of course heard and seen them before, but for some reason the thought of actually going never crossed my mind until recently. A friend of mine told me about a market right here in Dallas, and since I’m doing my best to be healthy Brighton, I thought it’d be a fun way to explore a new adventure and to pick up some seasonal, nutritious food. Plus, I heard the flower…


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Living Room Update:: The Sectional Is Here!

brighton keller new house living room oriental hand painted triptyich

So excited to FINALLY be sitting down to write this post and give y'all another living room update for y'all! The last time we talked about my living room progress, we were dealing with a space-shuttle-UFO-looking light fixture thing, but we've moved on from that and are back to having zero light fixture. BUT I have good news. If you haven't already seen from peeking at the photos, I FINALLY GOT MY NEW COUCH. Cue major, epic happy dance. I've…


The Perfect Girly Dress for a Summer Wedding

brighton keller styling modcloth fit and flare dress for guest of a wedding outfit ideas, summer wedding dress

Don't get me wrong, I totally love weddings - celebrating love with people they love, the food, the dancing, the decor, the dress! - but has anyone else noticed that they fully take over your (spring and) summer plans? It's a ton of fun, but I'm more so shocked that your twenties (and probably thirties?) are filled with all sorts of wedding-related events. I guess it's just not something I really thought about until the invites started taking over our…

Food Lifestyle

10 Vegetarian Recipes for Your Busy Life

A couple of cooks vegetarian recipe ideas

  I’ve never really entertained the idea of having guest posts here on BTD until recently. After I started branching out into new and different content verticals such as food, home, and fitness, it seemed fitting to at least get input from other people who are more “expert” in said category. I love sharing MY life here with y’all on the blog and MY experiences with certain things, but I also feel like there’s a wealth of knowledge that I could share…

BTD Weekly

Recently on Instagram

white ruffle hem top with jeans and floral shoes

WOW y'all. It really has been AGES since I've done one of these BTD Weekly posts - mostly because I've been traveling so much and go-go-go that I haven't sat down to put it together! So I feel like we've got A LOT of ground to cover with this round up and LOTS of outfits too! So let's get right into it, shall we?! …



6 Habits of Women With Good Hair

habits of women with good hair, brighton keller hair care tips

I get asked about (slash to do more) hair content a lot, so I thought it'd be fun to do a post on the habits that help me maintain mine today. To be honest, I have pretty easy hair - it's wavy-slash-curly-somtimes-t00 for the most part, is simple enough to style, and I can get volume if I try hard enough. But with that being said, I also do pay attention to treating it right so that it stays manageable…