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How to Style Bookshelves

Tips for how to style your bookshelves

If you’ve been reading BTD for a while now, you know that I purchased my first home a little over a year ago. I’ve shared some home decor slash organization posts over the past year, but I’m hoping to do even more in 2018. Y’all seem to really like it! And if you’re following along on Insta, you might remember that I was styling my bookshelves on an Insta Live over Christmas. It was so fun to bring y’all along…

Beauty Skincare

How To Get Radiant Skin

How to Get Radiant Skin, skincare tips

I feel like my skincare routine is one of those things that’s always evolving. I’m constantly trying new products and making little (or big) changes to my routine, and lately, I’ve become a tad bit obsessed with all things skincare. At the end of the day, I still have a TON to learn and I’m excited to bring y’all along as I do some deep dives into skincare. Slash what actually works/doesn’t. But for now, I wanted to share a…


10 Can’t-Miss Items From Nordstrom’s Winter Sale

nordstrom winter sale

Hi Friends! I just wanted to pop in real quick and let y’all know about a few items that have been marked down from the season. I wanted to narrow it down as much as possible, so I only chose the BEST of the best. Happy shopping and hope you’ve had a great weekend! Do you have tomorrow off of work? I didn’t even realize it was a holiday weekend until a few days ago! 10 Can’t-Miss Items From Nordstrom’s Winter…


The First Non-toxic Beauty Product That I’ve Loved

brighton keller Kopari natural deodorant

As a somewhat beauty blogger, I’m actually pretty #embarrassed to say that I haven’t dabbled much in clean, non-toxic beauty products. It’s something that’s been on my radar for personal reasons, yet it’s taken me YEARS to really start learning about the dangers in our beauty products. I’m not trying to get all Teacher Brighton on y’all, but our standards in the beauty world haven’t actually been regulated for DECADES, and turns out, a lot of the ingredients in our…


SELF Self-Care

15 Self-love Solutions For However You’re Feeling

brighton keller drinking coffee in cozy turtleneck sweater

I want to talk more about self-love on BTD because I think it’s SO important, but I also don’t want to make every single post heavy or super lengthy. To start off, I thought it’d be fun to share some mindset shifts or SOLUTIONS in the form of self-love to address however you may be feeling. Just a quick, short read to give you something you may need, without needing to get incredibly deep. I had fun creating the list below…


Best Small Group Bible Studies

best small group bible studies

One of my MOST frequently asked questions is what the best small group bible studies are or whether or not I recommend any. And after getting this question time and time again, I decided it was time I dedicate an entire resource page on my blog to answering this question. I intend to keep this updated as I learn more and discover additional studies. When I polled Team BTD on their favorite (group) Bible studies, I got A LOT of…