The Workwear Look That’s Perfect for Fall

I’m so excited that you guys are loving these workwear posts as much as I am! I’ve seriously loved bringing you guys some looks you can wear into the office or even at home if you like getting dressed up when you WFH. I know for me personally, getting dressed can help my productivity a ton. Okay so let’s dive into this look because it’s seriously so good. It’s no…


The Most Comfortable Workwear Outfit

I’ve really been trying to focus on bringing y’all more workwear outfits so if you’re someone that’s been asking for that, today’s post is for you! And when I say that this is the most comfortable workwear outfit, I am not exaggerating!! These pants I’m about to tell you about are UNREAL! Let’s get into it! So starting with the star of this show – the pants. They are a…


Staples for a Neutral Business Casual Wardrobe

I’m excited to start the week with a bit of normalcy around here and bring y’all a few ideas for a business casual wardrobe. I totally get that most offices are closed right now and people are working from home, but I still want to share some inspiration from one of my favorite business attire brands – White House Black Market. This way when schedules and routines go back to…


My Favorite Trends in Workwear Right Now

Hi friends, happy Saturday! I know it’s ironic that I’m bringing a workwear look to y’all on the weekend but I wanted to be sure to get you something before the wedding and honeymoon. I know I hear from a lot of y’all that winter is the hardest season to dress for workwear because it’s just not…fun. Also, it’s hard to keep warm (which now I totally understand living in…


10 Habits of Confident Women + How to Learn From Them

Y’all know I’m a pretty big self-improvement nerd and am always looking for ways to grow and learn. Well, today that means sharing 10 habits of confident women. Before we dive in, I just want to say that these are not what defines a confident woman, just some of the habits she might practice on a daily basis. And with it being the start of a new year, I thought…


Business Casual Picks from Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

I still can’t believe it’s the last week of the year, but here we are! Something I’m promising to bring y’all more of in 2019 is business casual looks because I know I kind of slacked with that this year. Whether on the blog or at least on Instagram, I’m going to try and share a couple looks a month with y’all. Promise! And since the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is…


5 Holiday Statement Pieces You’ll Wear All Year

I love shopping for statement items throughout the holiday season but it’s hard to pull the trigger on an item when you feel like you will only wear it during one season…anyone feel the same? I talk about budgeting and spending wisely all the time on the blog but if the items I am pushing don’t work year round, they are kind of going to waste in your closet and…

What To Wear

Office Outfit Inspiration #1

Ok, y’all I had the idea the other morning to do a Monday morning outfit inspo round up on stories to help you get dressed for work if you are falling into a rut. I just figured it’d be so helpful and make getting dressed easier in the morning! I’m gonna do a recap here so you can refer back to these specific ideas anytime you want! Idea 1: All…


Where to Shop for Office Outfits This Fall

Is it weird that I sometimes miss dressing for the office or business meetings? It’s been years since I had an office job and “had” to, but I still find myself window shopping cute business casual outfits from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, leggings every day don’t suck, but I kind of love the idea of putting together work outfits. And since I know a lot of y’all…


7 Things I’m Doing To Prep For 2018

OK I’ve said it like a thousand times but I’m gonna say it again…HOW is it the end of 2017?! Another year down in the books, and a new one to prepare for. Crazy! This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who follows the blog on the reg or watches my Insta Stories, but I really really really love this time of year and the idea of a fresh new…


All Navy Everything

I had dinner with some girlfriends last week and they brought up a really good point. It’s something I’ve definitely thought of before, but TBH, I kinda forgot. They can’t wear jeans to work! So even though they love my outfits and are able to shop some of them, they said they wanted more looks for the office too (but that still looked cute slash on trend). SO, it got…


From Office to Out: Holiday Edition

Y’all know I try to throw in some business casual or office outfits here and there – even though I don’t work in a normal office setting (anymore). But I know the struggles of dressing for an office and that lots of you do too! So in today’s installment of business casual, I wanted to make things not only work appropriate, but holiday appropriate, too. Because helloooo, holiday happy hours!…


How To Make Yourself Actually Want to Work

If you’ve been dreading work and putting it off, you’re not alone – promise – because I get that way all the time. Procrastination gets the best of us, y’all. Since procrastination can lead to increased stress and lower performance, it’s best to try and avoid it at all costs. Here are some ways to make yourself actually want to work: Reward yourself Set realistic goals for yourself – and…


5 Steps to Getting the Job You Want

Though I don't do a ton of career posts on the site, I do get a lot of questions about careers in general. So I'm going to do my best to start writing more about career tips, y'all. I promise! And a question I get asked a lot is specifically about how I got into blogging or the job I wanted. I've already written a lot about that on my blogging tips posts, but I wanted to take this subject further - how to get the job you want, like the steps. If you don't know what that job is, I covered that below too. That's honestly half the battle. And after that, I talk about actual steps that you can start - like right this second - to scoring that job. Excited? Ready?! K here we go.


When you find a dress that’s flattering, versatile, and on trend

I love it when I find a good, solid dress I know I can wear to all sorts of things – and that’s not only flattering but also versatile and CUTE too. I knew this dress was a winner when I came across it online, but the game totally changed into a total GREEN LIGHT when I tried it on. It looks good, fits well and the length and neckline…


4 Qualities That Make Up a Girl Boss

The term “girl boss” has become somewhat of a buzzword, but behind all the fuss, I’m all about what it stands for. There are so many great women out there killing it every day in whatever it is they’re pursuing and its really inspiring and motivating. I love to surround myself with ladies like this and hope their vibe will rub off on me – keeping me focused and willing…


How To Be The MVP Employee

When it comes to work, there are two types of people. Those who meet expectations and those who exceed them. The former - those who simply get it done - are great, reliable, hard workers. They meet expectations and complete tasks in a timely manner. All good things obviously. But then there are the latter; those who take things to another level. Who not only get the job done, but go above and beyond. These are the employees that advance in their careers, stick out amongst their peers, and ultimately become almost indispensable.


5 ways To be More Professional

Being professional at work brings all sorts of career benefits. Think raises, promotions, even just respect from co-workers – who doesn’t want these things, am I right!? I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I struggle with ways to make myself appear more professional. I still almost feel like a kid pretending to be an adult, if you know what I mean. Or maybe it’s because my job as a…