Self - December 3, 2019

30 Things I’ve Learned By 30

Well, I am officially 30!! I want to say it’s hard to believe but TBH, it’s really not. I feel like I’m ready to enter this new decade and kind of use this birthday as the true mark of starting a new chapter in my life. One that will include getting married (ahhhh!!), finally getting to share a home with Duncan and just starting the next phase of my life that I’m SO excited for!

I like milestones like this in life because it offers up an opportunity to reflect and think back on lessons learned – and there has been A LOT of them! Thought I’d do some of that reflecting in a quick post on 30 things I’ve learned by 30! Some are fun and some are more serious, but the point is I’m starting this new decade a little bit wiser! ;)

  • To give myself grace – I AM NOT PERFECT. After YEARS of struggling with perfectionism, I feel like I finally know it’s OK to not be perfect and to just be a little kinder to myself.
  • Have patience – God has a plan and trying to rush it will most likely not end in your favor – trust me!
  • Instagram doesn’t define me – I would have never thought this could be a life lesson, but this day in age, it really is something we all have to learn.
  • Listen to your gut – You know yourself better than anyone else, so never doubt your gut!
  • Having savings is SO important – Head to this post for more on this topic!
  • Expensive candles are totally worth it (who agrees?!).
  • Always make drinking enough water a priority – Hydration is the key to health – I’m convinced!
  • Don’t take feedback/criticism too personally – Most of the time people aren’t trying to be rude, so don’t assume the worst and just roll with it.
  • There is no better candy than Hot Tamales. LOL.
  • Wisdom really is a thing – When we’re younger we think we know everything slash can handle anything so when our parents or mentor or someone older tries to offer advice we say, “I know” but the truth is, we don’t know it all because we haven’t lived as much life as the person trying to help us. Which brings me to…
  • Listen – I think I’ve always been a decent listener but I’ve learned lately there is so much more value in actually hearing people than just sitting there thinking about what I want to say next.
  • To live in the moment more – We all have jobs and a life to tend to but living in the moment is good for the soul and we should all work on doing it more.
  • Eat nutritious food – This really started to catch up with me in the last few years and I’ve learned how important it is to be sure I’m giving my body nutrients!
  • To take care of my skin – The world of skincare is still really overwhelming to me, but I have a feeling being in my 30s will only encourage me to keep exploring it.
  • Time off with friends and family is just as important as any work obligation and should be a priority.
  • Embracing minimalism – OK so I’m definitely not a minimalist but I’m working really hard on having less and disclaiming what I do for a living by saying that I don’t want to encourage you to buy things you don’t need, I just want to help those that are looking for something. :)
  • To value my health.
  • Be thankful for my parents – I’ve always been thankful for them but the older I get, the more it grows.
  • How to deal with my emotions – Something I’m really proud of is how self-aware I’ve become, which means I better know how to deal with my own emotions.
  • Independence  – I was single for a long time and even though I’m SO ready to marry Duncan, I really value the time I had for myself.
  • Learning to cook – LOL, I definitely don’t really know how to cook, but I’ve made more of an effort in the last few years and want to keep it going in my 30s and beyond.
  • The value in asking for help – We can’t do everything on our own. Hire help, ask for help – do what you need to do for your sanity!
  • To assume good intent.
  • Knowing that balance is kind of a unicorn word – More thoughts on that here.
  • Automation is the best thing ever (for work, bills – everything!!).
  • To appreciate the journey – Not to get too deep, but it really is true that life is more about the journey (that’s where all the learning happens!) than the destination.
  • To have gratitude and to express it – Saying thank you and showing your appreciation is SO important.
  • Not to take time for granted – It’s safe to say life is FLYING by and I’m trying harder and harder to savor every moment.
  • To be spontaneous – Along with my perfectionism has come the need to always have a plan – learning to let this go and I love it.
  • Getting older isn’t something to dread – So much wisdom comes with getting older, plus it truly is a privilege!

OK, there they are! 3o things I’ve learned in the last 30 years! Who else is 30 that can add something to this list?!


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