Self - February 4, 2020

How to Do Self Care in the Winter

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Hey friends! I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I’ve adjusted to Denver not only because moving across the country is a big deal, but because I moved into a whole new climate that has a full-on winter (go here for what to buy when moving to the snow). The answer is I’ve definitely had to learn a few new self-care habits. Denver is cold, dark and VERY dry in the winter, so here are a few things I’ve been doing to take care of myself both mentally and physically that I’d recommend to everyone – no matter where you live!

*Trying* to eat healthy

The older I get, the more I learn that what I eat has a MAJOR impact on how I feel. And I’ve found that during winter, a time when I naturally kind of feel more “down”, it’s even more important to try to eat a few more green things, know what I mean? This way even if I’m having a tough mental day, at least physically I feel pretty good. Speaking of feeling good physically…

Working out regularly

If you follow on Insta, you know I’ve been working with a personal trainer and really focusing in on my fitness. I have to admit, a lot of my motivation for this was because of the wedding. HOWEVER, I think moving your body is *key* for taking care of yourself – especially in the winter! It’s funny that what makes us feel our best, is also what feels like the hardest thing to do (and on a daily basis no less) and winter temps and darkness just make it feel even harder. But I do think it’s important, so let’s just all promise each other we’re gonna stay on top it, k?

Also, I’ve saved a lot of my workouts with my trainer to the highlights on my Stories if you want more on that!

Embracing the darkness

I feel like this title sounds very dramatic LOL. What I mean, though, is the sun goes down really early here in the winter. And instead of sitting around being annoyed that it’s already dark, I try to just embrace it. I think all the darkness and short days in the winter get to everyone, but my best advice is to eat something warm that makes you feel good, grab a super cozy blanket and enjoy it. If you need to still be productive after it gets dark, this handy dandy little light can work wonders. Approaching things this way has made a big difference in my mentality and kept me from resenting Denver, which I definitely do not want! Plus I know I have AMAZING summer weather and activities to look forward to LOL.

Taking skincare/moisturizing pretty seriously

I’m not overly into skincare, but I know how important it is the older I get. Also, did I mention Colorado is like the dryest place ever except for maybe the desert?! The dry air is like a daily reminder to me to moisturize my entire body and face. For my body, y’all know I’m completely obsessed with The Body Lotion from Nécessaire and for my face, I’m loving this moisturizer and this brightening and hydrating mask from Tula.

Drinking tons of water

Turns out hydrating the inside of your body is just as important as hydrating the outside – if not more important TBH! The more water I drink throughout the day, the less flaky and tight my skin feels after a shower and when I wake up in the morning. The biggest game-changer in helping me drink more water has been to carry a water bottle with me everywhere. Make it a cute one if that motivates you more. ;) I love this one.

Reading the bible

This falls more into spirituality self-care and isn’t specific to the winter, but I’m attempting to read the entire Bible this year and have found it extremely restorative so wanted to share it here too. Reading the Bible is a daunting task (probably why I’ve never attempted it before), so I’m using The Bible Recap podcast and app and it has been so helpful! I have a highlight on Stories if you want more info!

I feel like this list was kinda all over the place and not your “typical self-care” post all about taking baths and whatnot, but these are the things that have worked for me so far this winter. Hopefully you got some value out of it and it inspires you to take care of YOU this winter!