Motherhood - June 14, 2022

Summer Water Toys for Kids

brighton butler summer water toys

If you’ve followed me on Instagram over the past few months, you’ve probably seen that Duncan and I have made some upgrades to our backyard. Nothing super crazy, but our goal was to make it a more enjoyable place to spend time together as a family.

Now that we have a backyard we love, it’s been so much fun watching Four play in the space with some of the water toys we bought him for the summer. Since we don’t have a neighborhood pool or a pool of our own, this is the best way to help him stay cool during the heat of summer.

This little water play table has been a HUGE hit at our house. It definitely took some effort to put together, but that’s probably because I tried to do it myself! This little splash pad has also been a great purchase. It’s just the right size for Four at one-year-old (plus a few months).

I’ve collected a few other water toys that would be great for young kids. I’ll also totally admit that I’ve stood on Four’s splash pad to cool off myself on the really hot days. ;)