Self - May 15, 2020

7 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox

Something I’ve been toying with lately is a social media detox. I’ve actually been doing them on accident on the weekends pretty often, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say it’s been life-changing. It started with taking a trip with #mysteryboy and naturally I was off my phone because we were running around Austin and enjoyin’ life. It didn’t even occur to me until Sunday evening that I hadn’t storied or posted anything…and I wasn’t even stressed about it. Sure, it makes Mondays a little more Monday-feeling, but to me, it’s been SO worth it.

Social media is a huge part of my job so stepping away feels like finally stepping away from work, but I think there’s a message in this for everyone. Pretty much everyone I know is addicted to their phones aka social media. Even if it’s not for work, it’s a habit that consumes a lot of us – and usually in an unhealthy way. It can leave us feeling “on” all the time, take us away from friends and family, and consumed by comparison – among SO many more things! All things that are BLAH.

So with my own social media detoxes that have been happening, I wanted to chat more about them here. But before saying “here’s how to take a social media detox,” I think it’s important to know if you actually need one. Just because I did/do doesn’t mean you do – but I have a feeling you might. See if you find yourself nodding along to any of these 7 signs…

Your thumbs hurt

This might sound silly, but it’s a legit problem in my life. I call it the “scroll thumb” and my thumb will literally cramp up when I’m on Instagram for too long. My entire hand feels weird but I can definitely notice my thumbs. I figure this cannot be healthy and just like we’d lay down if our legs were sore, it makes sense to give our hands a break from all the tech – specifically scrolling.

You’re comparing yourself 24/7

Argh, I definitely fall into the comparison trap and have been trying hard to recognize it. It usually happens when I’ve been on social media for too long and not spending time with friends, family, and on myself. It’ll creep up with work, with what people on Instagram are sharing vs. what I’m doing that day (aka laying on the couch in my sweats looking like a hot mess), with relationships, and so on. If you find yourself constantly thinking about other people or out of your own brain, it’s probably time for a break. I can’t tell y’all how refreshing it is if you’re in this trap!

You “don’t have time” for anything

There have been so many times when I think I’m too busy to workout or to meet a friend for dinner or to prioritize self care – yet when I looked back at my day, I spent random patches of time on Instagram throughout the day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes here and there, that time adds up! It’s time consuming! So if you’re not prioritizing things that make you feel good or that are important in your life – but find time to scroll Insta – think about reversing that.

Your brain feels foggy

I usually start with a brain dump when my brain feels like this, which always helps, but I’ve noticed that going off social helps just as much. Like after weekends that I skip social, I feel SO refreshed, clear headed, and kinda my best. If you think about it, social media is such a fast consumption –  we’re giving our brains soooo much info in a short amount of time. We’re cramming in more information for our brain to process and to think about, when most of the times are brains are already really full. When you can’t think clear or are feeling especially foggy up top, try it!

You can’t remember the last time you took a break

When’s the last time you went a whole day without your phone or checking social media? If you can’t remember, it’s time for a break. After all, our minds need breaks from the noise of social – so give it one!

You’re thinking of what to post instead of enjoying the moment

This one is REALLY hard for me, but it’s something I notice in my non-BTD life (like if I’m just hanging with my family or at church or something). It’s a little different for me since social media is my job, but I still find it hard to log off and enjoy regular moments instead of thinking about how to story it. For me, I notice that I need a break if I’m always thinking about what to pose for, post, or take a story for. Instead of thinking about what sounds good on a menu, I’m thinking about what will photograph well or whatever. Which sometimes I need to do when I’m in work mode, but when I’m not, I don’t need to!

If your job isn’t social media and you’re finding yourself thinking about the gram more than the moment, it might be time to take a break! My family is always quick to call me out on this, so you can ask your friends or family to hold you accountable.

You think of life in captions

The struggle here is REAL y’all. I will literally start to think of things I’m witnessing in captions. Whether it’s an outfit I’m wearing or a cute cup of coffee – whatever. I’ve started to tell myself if I’m thinking of my life in captions, I need a freaking break. Might be a good tip for y’all too?

K so how do y’all feel after reading the list? Are you falling into signs that you need a break?