The Vibe I’m Going for With the Nursery

I’ve been meaning to put all my thoughts together in a blog post to document my process with getting the nursery ready.  I didn’t get started until pretty in my pregnancy because we weren’t sure where we were going to live. Up until late November, we had so many things were up in the air, so it was hard to make plans.  But now that we know we’ll be in…


How I’ve Been Working Out Through My Pregnancy

One of my most frequently asked questions during my pregnancy has definitely been how I’ve been working out throughout. And I totally get why! Working out during pregnancy is something that many people feel differently about – there are so many opinions and lots of guidance on the subject that it can be difficult to navigate.


Second Trimester Q&A

I’m a little late to writing this post since I’m currently 30.5 weeks pregnant, but I still wanted to close out my second trimester with a few questions and answers. I went through all the questions you guys submitted via Instagram last week and rounded up the top questions. I always love reading about other people’s experiences and love hearing all the little things that make each journey unique. Plus,…


Pregnancy Fashion Favorites

Alright, bringing you guys more pregnancy content today, something that’s been highly requested, so I hope it’s helpful. I’ve been taking my time when sharing this stuff because I really want to make sure I LOVE something before telling other mamas-to-be to go buy it. All we (pregnant women) want is to be comfortable and have clothes that make us feel good about ourselves LOL, so want to be sure…


Things I’ve Used During Pregnancy So Far

I’ve been putting this post off for weeks because I kept thinking I needed more time to truly figure out what my favorite things were and what I used the most. But then I realized I was putting too much pressure on myself to have the “perfect” or most researched answers. When the truth is, I bought a bunch of stuff and then gravitated towards using a handful of things.…


Outfits Getting Me Through 2nd Trimester

As I navigate my way through my second trimester, one of the trickiest things for me has been finding things to wear that I feel good in. Seems like a simple problem, but at this point, my body is just in an unrecognizable place for me and getting dressed has been a stressor. It’s like my bump is definitely visible, but I also feel like I’m that awkward stage where I’m…


We’re Pregnant! + Pregnancy Q&A

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram that you probably already know, but Duncan and I are having a baby! And we are over the moon excited! I’m 16 weeks today (crazy!), so we are really starting to get pumped as we’re almost halfway there! I shared some of our announcement photos on instagram but wanted to have a more permanent home for them on my blog. I went…


The Prenatal Vitamins I’m Taking

Despite all the books I tried to read or was told I needed to read (etc. etc.), I still leaned on the simple, comforting advice that as long as I was taking a good prenatal, I was doing OK. There are so many books about all the things you should or could be doing to have a healthy pregnancy – food to eat, food not to eat, exercise to do…