Reflections - January 8, 2021

What Y’all Loved Most in 2020 & My Favorites

2020 Review

Wow, what a year 2020 was!! So much to reflect back on and think about, too much TBH, ha. BUT, one of my favorite things to do at the start of every year is to share what products y’all loved most from the previous year. Not only is this data super helpful to me for content purposes but I just find it fascinating!! It’s like getting a small peek inside everyone’s brain, which is the kind of thing I could spend hours and hours obsessing over. I decided to share the top 15 best-selling items – a few were surprising but most of them I was like, ah, yep, I love that too so I get it. LOL.

I also included a quick list of my personal favorite items I discovered/bought/used in 2020 as well as highlighted a few of my favorite moments from the blog throughout the year! Like I said, there’s a lot to reflect back on and I had a hard time knowing when to stop with this one because mixed in with all the craziness and uncertainty this year was a lot of good! So taking a minute to reshare those moments because what’s a better way to kick off 2021 than that?!

Alright, friends let’s dive into it!

What y’all loved most in 2020

My favorite purchases

As for the random purchases I made that still stand out to me now and I still use constantly, this is what came to me off the top of my head!

Acrylic Folding TV Trays – We still LOVE and use these so much! Never would have thought a TV tray table would be one of my most memorable/favorite purchases, but here we are!

Lululemon Perfectly Oversized Crew Sweatshirt – I have stocked up on this sweatshirt because it’s that good. There aren’t as many colors/sizes available right now but still worth checking out if you’re in search of a good crewneck sweatshirt. I linked a bunch of other Lulu favorites in this post too!

Hydroflask with Straw Attachment – I’ve linked to this water bottle at least 800 times in the past year and for good reason! I always carry it with me throughout the day and the straw attachment helps me drink more water than I would with a screw cap I think. Other wellness favorites from this year found here (it’s my well gift guide post, but I love everything in that post)!

Boll & Branch Medium Down-Alternative Pillows – These are the kinds of purchases that mean the most once you hit your 30s LOL. But seriously a good pillow can be hard to find and we’re soooo happy to have found these!

Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses + My Blue Light Blocking Pair – I never had prescription sunglasses before because it just felt like a pain, but WOW they’re life-changing for us blind people. And the blue light pair is great whether you need a prescription or not – if you look at screens 24/7, definitely get yourself a pair.

Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanicals Serum – I have a lot of skincare favorites but this serum has really stood out to me this year! It’s an investment but it WORKS!

Favorite blog posts/moments of 2020

It was a strange year to be a blogger/influencer but the BTD community means so much to me and sharing my life and style with you gives me so much joy. There are a few obvious standout moments from the blog throughout 2020, ha, but here are some highlights!

Of course y’all loved all the wedding content (so did I!). Some of my most popular posts included Our Wedding Recap, my bachelorette recap, our wedding invitations, and my post all about designing a dress for my rehearsal dinner. I also finally shared how Duncan and I met in a blog post which was also popular since I hadn’t shared the story yet.

And then during quarantine, I didn’t focus as much on my blog and focused more on creating content on Instagram. Since normal content (like fashion/sales/shopping) didn’t quite feel right, I dabbled with sharing workouts and even did a few dances for you guys during the Tik Tok explosion. If you follow along on instagram, then you know what I’m talking about. That was fun!

As Fall came around, I was almost done with my first trimester and announced that we were pregnant with you all, sharing our story and my experience with my first trimester (another super popular post – not surprised!). I then shared my favorite pregnancy products thus far, which has been slowly climbing up to be one of my most popular posts of the year as well!

You guys also loved all the updates I shared on decorating our Denver home:

I decided that 2020 was the year I wanted to get more confident in the kitchen and set a goal to start cooking more. I know some people found it shocking that I didn’t know more about cooking, but it just has never been a priority for me. We didn’t cook a lot growing up and then during my single years, I got takeout a lot and went out to dinner with friends quite a bit. Also my roomies were really good cooks and loved cooking for others (yes I know, I was lucky!). But this year I tried a bunch of new recipes and share a few of my favorites over the months. Y’all loved the Maple Soy Salmon, my family’s breakfast casserole and the simplest and yummiest crock pot chili!

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Feel-Good Sports Movies We’ve Been Watching (Love that we did this and the time spent together during quarantine!)

What Duncan’s Reading, Listening To, & Learning During Quarantine – So many of you enjoyed hearing from Duncan and I was so thankful he was willing to share some of his reflections. And I know many of y’all really enjoyed Duncan’s playlists that we shared with you all throughout the year!

And that’s a wrap on another year for BTD! Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it, seriously. I appreciate y’all so much for all the love and support this year – I couldn’t do what I do without YOU!! Cheers to everything that’s to come in 2021!!