Lifestyle - December 7, 2020

Duncan’s 2020 Playlists

Duncan playlist

A few weeks ago, I teased that Duncan had been working on a third playlist to finish out 2020. If you missed them, he shared the first playlist in this blog post he wrote during quarantine. He shared what he had been reading, listening to, and learning through that season (such a good post!).

And then he put together another playlist later in the year called “I Love You 3,000.” I LOVE this playlist and listen to it all the time. It’s super happy and upbeat :)

Anyway, I realized that I didn’t have a permanent spot for all his playlists and that they needed a spot for reference!

His third playlist is called “Phase Three.” I’ve been listening to it over the past 3 weeks and love love love it as well.

Quick Links to Duncan’s Playlists:

All three playlists are on Spotify, so hopefully you’re able to enjoy them. We don’t play on transferring them to another platform – sorry!

  1. Quarantine
  2. I Love You 3,000
  3. Phase Three