Reflections - July 9, 2024

My Worship Playlist

From time to time, I’ll share a song from my worship playlist on Instagram. Whenever I do, I always get requests to share the full playlist. So, here it is!

I’ve curated this playlist over several years. These are songs that either hold some significance to me or just truly bring me joy. This playlist has gotten me through some of the hardest (and best) times of my life.

brighton butler worship playlist

Obviously, I listen to other music, but I find myself coming back to this quite a bit. It’s so uplifting and perfect to have playing during my quiet time or when I’m making dinner in the kitchen with the kids. In fact, my kids have gotten to the point where they’ll request specific songs from here because they’ve heard them so many times.

The playlist is about 10 hours long at this point (!), so you could totally put it on all day while you work if you wanted. ;) I hope this playlist brings you as much joy as it has me!

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My Worship Playlist