Wedding - January 21, 2020

Our Wedding Invitations

When it came to planning my wedding, I’ll admit that all the “paper” involved was not something I’d really thought much about before. If you’ve ever been married you know there’s a crazy amount of paper goods involved, which TBH kind of overwhelmed me pretty quickly.

I wanted to keep things classic and easy, which is why I went to the Bell’Invito showroom. Once I was there I’m happy to report I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had picking everything out, so just wanted to share this amazing company with y’all really quick.

brighton and duncan wedding invitations 3

Working with Bell’Invito

I was really fortunate to work with Bell’Invito to design our invitations, save the dates, monogram, and thank you notes. I learned SO much about the process and all the attention to detail that goes into making the beautiful invitations that showed up in our guests’ mailbox.

First things first, I LOVED that Bell’Invito had a wedding etiquette guide that covered questions like how to fill out the reply card (anyone else ever been confused by that?!). They also were super helpful when it came to designing our monogram which I really appreciated because let’s be real, I’m no graphic designer.

Second, the craftsmanship that goes into their invitations (and all paper goods) is unreal. “Bell’Invito” means “beautiful invitation” and it’s so true! Everything is inspired by Italy and the “artisanal quality of the stationary there” (quoted from Goop about Bell’Invito).

You can do everything online if you prefer or if you want their couture line you have to go in-store. I personally loved going into the showroom because it’s a totally different experience getting to see and feel what your paper will look like compared to online. That said, their website is amazing and makes everything so simple and easy as well!

As you can see, I could go on and on about Bell’Invito. A few more notable facts if you’re looking for an amazing company to handle the paper for your wedding:

  • All their paper is made of 100% cotton from Italy
  • Stationary is made on a printing press dating back to the 1800s
  • Everything is done in-house and by hand
  • Your order is shipped within 10 days of proof approval (but three months lead time is recommended)

Save The Dates

Now to talk a little bit about what Duncan and I ended up going with! I wanted the Save The Dates to mirror the overall vibe of the wedding and also complement the invitations. After seeing the classic slanted cursive text on one of the samples they had at the Bell’Invito showroom, I knew immediately that’s what I wanted! I LOVED how it looked!

What I Wanted for Wedding Invitations

For the wedding invitations, I wanted something classic and traditional that would match the vibe I was going for but I also wanted to add a little flair. I looked at all different kinds of options and decided on doing a timeless script but in a fun color – I LOVE how they turned out! To give you an idea of what I mean by “fun color”, think a purple periwinkle. :) And I love the accent of the colored inner envelope with the monogram on the inside!

Ahh, sharing all these details is getting me EVEN MORE excited if that’s even possible! Bottom line though, if you’re looking for the best in wedding stationery, you have to go with Bell’Invtito!! Their product and customer service is second to none!

Cheers to wedding week, friends!

These are our thank you notes! I love how simplistic they are – and the slanted edge makes me so so happy!

I love love the inside of the wedding invitation envelope, how it has our monogram in gold. THIS little detail makes me SO happy!

I also love the detailing on the edges – makes me so happy!

What do you think?

HUGE thanks to John Cain Photography for taking these beautiful photos for me!