Gift Guides - December 12, 2020

My New Obsession with Belt Bags + A Few Other Gift Ideas from lululemon

brighton butler wearing lululemon puffer jacket, cross body waist bag, beanie, align leggings. Lulu belt bag

Hey friends! First, I just have to say how much I love these photos! It’s always fun for me when Duncan gets involved with a project and this lululemon post was such a good time to shoot together! And we both wear lululemon ALL the time so sharing some of our favorites plus a few last-minute gift ideas with y’all was amazing to do!

So like I said, lululemon is a brand both D and I love. I mean, my passion for the Align leggings (what I’m wearing) is absolutely not a secret. They have so many great items still in stock too that you can order in time for the holidays! And if you want to see lots of those items modeled, Duncan and I snapped these pictures of our lululemon go-to’s!

Align Pant II 25″

I’ve loved these for years! IMO, they are the best leggings out there.

brighton and duncan lululemon December gift ideas, duncan wearing surge jogger and pullover

Right off the bat, I have to tell you guys about this belt bag. I am officially addicted to this thing and actually just ordered it in hot pink too (I think that color will be very cute for summer)! It’s the perfect size to hold my phone, a small wallet, gum and keys! The best part? It’s under $40 and still in stock in SIX colors. Such a great gift idea if you’ve been trying to find something budget-friendly that is practical but still cute!

Everywhere Belt Bag

Addicted to this and wear it all the time! I just got the hot pink too! Such a great gift under $40.

I also grabbed the All Your Small Things pouch for inside my bigger purses. It’s not too big but I feel like it’ll help me stay a bit more organized. It’s the same material as the belt bag too, which I love because it’s easy to wipe clean.

All Your Small Things Pouch Mini 2L

I got this to help keep my purse organized and love the material – it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much space!

For my outfit, I layered the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve tee under the Wunder Puff Crop Jacket and topped it off with the Pom Perfection Beanie. Really loving the long sleeve tee because it’s a great layering piece – I’ve worn it under so many sweatshirts this season! It also is more form-fitting so it’s perfect under an everyday jacket like the Wunder Puff. And the beanie is just so cute I couldn’t resist! Who doesn’t love a good pom beanie??

Another lululemon piece I HAVE to mention that you guys have seen me rave about on Stories is the Perfectly Oversized Crew. If you’ve been looking for a great oversized (as the name says) sweatshirt, this is it! And it would make such a great gift too – I mean if Duncan sees this post and ordered me another one I won’t be upset! ;)


Perfectly Oversized Crew

I got this in size 6 and love the oversized fit. It’s the perfect layering piece and so comfy!

Also have to share this foam roller with y’all because foam rolling has become my life. Seriously, it has been amazing during this pregnancy and I don’t see myself stopping once baby boy is here. This is 31 and pregnant I guess, LOL! Love how portable it is too BTW! So easy to take with you on a weekend away!

Foam Roller

Love how portable this one is and the color makes me so happy! I use it for my back.

Duncan was very excited at the opportunity to share his favorite lululemon joggers with y’all. He is basically guaranteeing that if you have a guy you’re looking to buy a gift for, he will love the Surge Jogger! Which is definitely saying something because Duncan isn’t typically a huge jogger guy. He wears them to work out (they’re great for running!) but they’re also nice enough to wear for errands around town and comfy enough to wear for lounging at home (which we have done A LOT of this year, so it’s tried and true!).

Surge Jogger

Duncan loves these so much we got him a second pair! They’re great for working out, but he also wears them running around town and lounging.

He also layered up the Navigation Stretch Hoodie* over what is probably his second most recommended item for a gift idea – the Surge Warm 1/2 Zip. This pullover is such a great mix of outdoor wear and casual wear. Duncan will wear it with joggers like he did here but also with jeans for a casual dinner or even with shorts in spring and summer. Can’t beat something you can wear all year long!

*(sold out in this color sadly, but he also has and loves this one in black!)

Surge Warm 1/2 Zip

The softest pullover ever! This would make such a great gift that your guy would love no matter what he’s into!

My Outfit Details: Swiftly Tech long sleeve tee 2.0 (wearing size 6) // Align leggings (wearing size 4) // Wunder Puff Cropped Jacket (wearing size 2) // Everywhere Belt Bag in black (SUCH a great GIFT – also under $40!) // Pom Perfection Beanie

Duncan’s Outfit Details: Surge Jogger 29″ in Camp Black (wearing size M, D is about 6’2″ for reference) // Surge warm 1/2 zip (wearing size Medium) // Bring the Brisk Beanie (the maroon color must be sold out!) // Navigation stretch down hoodie (wearing size Medium – his color must have sold out – he also loves this one and has it in black, it’s a little less expensive!)

Surge warm 1/2 zip – we first got him this in the green camo and he loved it so much we went back to get in a more neural color so it’d match more! It’s literally SO soft and such a great layering piece!

Surge Jogger 29″ – these have been a staple for Duncan the past few months. He doesn’t usually love joggers but these have been a major hit. We originally got them for him to run in the cold (and they’re great for that!), but he always wears them for running errands even lounging around since they’re so comfortable.

Lots of great finds from lululemon this season and if you hurry, they’ll show up just in time for Christmas!

This post was brought to you by lululemon, as always all opinions and selects are my own!