Wedding - January 14, 2020

Bachelorette Recap

brighton keller bachelorette weekend

So excited to be sitting down to put together this blog post recapping this past weekend! I had pretty high hopes for my bachelorette weekend and I have to say, it was exactly what I wanted! I’ve never really been a big party-er, so I knew I wanted something extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I’ve always LOVED Cabo and knew it would be the perfect January getaway to escape the cold and relax with my girls before the wedding!

brighton keller bachelorette weekend photo on beach with Margaret Rebecca and Kat

Where We Stayed

We stayed at a villa at the Esperanza hotel in Cabo! I have a friend who’s a travel agent and she helped me find a place that would accommodate all of us and with a pool! The service was incredible and honestly everything was exceptional. 

Brighton keller bachelortte weekend itinerary sweet Caroline designs
Bachelorette weekend party cups with acrylic straw

These stirrers are by Acrylic Sticks – aren’t they so cute?!

brighton keller bachelorette invitations cookies and itinerary
My old room mate’s sister (Caroline of Sweet Caroline Designs) made these adorable itineraries + goodies  for us! She also made the invitations and the cute cookies you saw on instagram!

What We Did

Like I mentioned above, I wanted my bachelorette weekend to be relaxing and very chill. So we did a lot of laying by the pool, eating and just hanging out. We went out to eat both nights and had a chef come to the house on Saturday to cook Fajitas – SO FUN. 

We did a lingerie shower on Friday night and then we also played fun card games both nights after dinner. We thought about going out on Friday, but I’m lame and didn’t feel like it (which I knew was going to happen – and I think everyone else was glad too lol.)

My Favorite Part of The Weekend

Well, I have a lot of favorite parts. I love being around my friends and getting to spend quality time hanging out by the pool.

But I really really loved this little game (not sure what to call it honestly) we did Saturday night after dinner. I’m not sure if this is a southern thing or a Texas thing or what, but my friends organized this “game” (ish) for me that was THE BEST. So basically, they sent Duncan questions to answer and had him video his response.

Duncan was on his bachelor trip at the time, so he and the guys answered questions (via video) throughout the day and sent them to my friends. Then Saturday night after dinner (when they had all the videos ready), we went through the questions. They’d ask me the same question Duncan answered and had me guess how he’d answer it. And then they’d show me his response.  It was SO sweet and such a perfect little detail – I’ve already rewatched the videos several times! I would highly suggest doing this if you’re planning any bachelorette trips in the future for any of your fiends! 

Itinerary + Outfits Round Up

bachelorette weekend white dress outfit

Thursday Night

I flew into Mexico Thursday afternoon and spent the afternoon with my sister and a few friends.  I wore this dress from Aritzia and my favorite pair of wedges (50% off right now!) to dinner that night.


Friday, the rest of the girls flew in and we started my final fiesta by hanging at the pool with a Marg in hand. I bought this swimsuit top and bottom from Shopbop right before we left and I’m in LOVE. It is so flattering and fits true to size. The tote was a great option to carry my sunnies and headband when I hopped in the pool, plus it’s a great size to hold a few magazines and towel.

Esperanza villa bachelorette weekend pool
bachelorette weekend beach outfit

Outfit Details: Gingham swimsuit (I got size medium top, small bottoms) // Clare V. Bag // Pearl Headband // Sunglasses

brighton keller bachelorette weekend
brighton keller bachelorette weekend

Outfit Details: White off the shoulder crop top // high-waisted black pants (also similar here) // Wedges (on sale!)

brighton keller bachelorette weekend the office dinner Cabo

Friday night we went to The Office for dinner – it was so fun!

bachelorette weekend matching pajamas

After dinner, we went back to the house for some games and fun. We all wore these fun Yumi Kim pajamas and did the lingerie shower!

brighton keller bachelorette weekend matching blue and white pajamas


Our last full day, I wore this great swimsuit (top, bottom) and summersault coverup that I’ve shared before. The coverup was perfect for Mexico! So fun and festive!

brighton keller bachelorette weekend with sister

Outfit Details: White swim suit (wearing size small) // Clare V bag // Colorful long coverup // Pearl headband // LeLe’s swimsuit

brighton keller bachelorette weekend in Cabo
brighton keller bachelorette weekend white swimsuit
brighton keller bachelorette weekend

That afternoon, we had an impromptu photoshoot with flytographer, which was such a fun detail for me and my girls. They brought this cute (and kinda silly but also kinda fun) ring headband that I wore in a few of the photos. It would be such a fun idea to bring to the next bachelorette you attend!

brighton keller bachelorette weekend
brighton keller bachelorette weekend
dinner at Las Ventanas Cabo bachelorette weekend

After the photoshoot, we headed out to dinner at one of the restaurants at Las Ventanas, Arbol. It was so pretty! I wore this ruffle dress with my favorite wedges and jean jacket to keep me warm.

Outfit Details: Ruffle dress for daytime

bachelorette daytime outfit

Outfit Details: Black and white floral romper // Clare V tote // Valentino sandals

Bachelorette Weekend Packing List

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what to pack for a bachelorette weekend, so I thought I’d dedicate a little section of this post to a general packing list to help those of you planning your own. Mine was at the beach, so obviously what I packed reflected the location but I think in general it’s most important to just pick outfits that you LOVE. I don’t think you *have* to wear white either although it is pretty fun to play the part.

Here’s a generalized list of things I had on mine:

  • 2 easy lounge outfits to wear to breakfast or mid-afternoon for any random things we decided to do. I didn’t worry about these being white but just something I like and that was easy to throw on
  • 3 night time outfits. I brought 3 dresses and a fun top that I paired with some old black pants
  • 2 sets of workout clothes and sneakers in case I wanted to go on a walk or workout while there. I always bring workout clothes when I travel! Plus, I could wear this to hang out or for breakfast or anything like that.
  • 2 sets of travel clothes (obviously wearing one there)
  • 3 swimsuits (since mine was at the beach so these were my day outfits!
  • 1-2 cute earrings that I could pair with anything. I rarely ever plan my jewelry with my outfits ahead of time.
  • Portable speaker – Duncan got me this one right before I left as part of my “bachelorette survival kit” lol
  • Backup charger – I love this one by Ankler that I got on Amazon
  • And then things that your bridesmaids or MOH will hopefully bring: fun bachelorette paraphernalia to add a little touch to the place, maybe some fun games to play together – (we played What Do You Meme and New Phone Who Dis), bridal accessories (like a sash or the ring headband like I had.)

Do you have anything to add? This list worked perfectly for me!