Motherhood - November 9, 2020

Things I’ve Used During Pregnancy So Far

pregnancy favorite products so far, brighton butler pregnancy favorites

I’ve been putting this post off for weeks because I kept thinking I needed more time to truly figure out what my favorite things were and what I used the most. But then I realized I was putting too much pressure on myself to have the “perfect” or most researched answers. When the truth is, I bought a bunch of stuff and then gravitated towards using a handful of things.

During my first trimester, I absolutely LOVED reading about products that other people loved (or didn’t like!), so I wanted to put together a blog post with my experience. I’m sure there are a few things I’m forgetting, but these are the items that first came to mind when I brainstormed my favorite products so far in my pregnancy.

For reference, I’m currently 23 weeks.

pregnancy favorites 23 weeks black sweater dress with fuzzy cropped jacket and white sneakers 3

Outfit Details: sweater dress (wearing size 2) // Fuzzy Jacket (wearing size US2) // White sneakers (also seen here 18+ ways!) 

Things I’ve Used During Pregnancy So Far

I’m sure this list will grow as my pregnancy continues, but this is a great start of the products helping me get through this season! And I’d love to hear any that you loved or are loving.

Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses have become a *major* closet staple for me throughout this pregnancy. Obviously, depending on when and during what season(s) your pregnancy takes place, your wardrobe go-to’s will vary. My 2nd trimester started in September and my third will start in December – so that’s lots of warm and cozy outfits for me!

I’ve felt pretty limited with what I can actually wear and feel comfortable in, but sweater dresses (or dresses in general) have been such an easy answer for me most days. I actually wrote a blog post a few weeks ago sharing a few outfit combos that have been getting me through my second trimester if you need more ideas.

My favorite places to find sweater dresses are:

  • Abercrombie – I’ve loved their selection of sweater dresses and have purchased more than a few! Typically, I wear petite in their clothing but since being pregnant I’ve gotten my usual size but just in regular instead of petite. This has been working well for me so far. I’m currently 23 weeks, so keep in mind that I’m not HUGE just yet. I might have to size up more as I grow? If you’re reading this in Fall of 2020, here are the exact ones I got if you want to see what they look like on: this one, this one, and this one.
  • Amazon – I’ve found one or two dresses I’ve liked. They’re not my favorite but they work. I ordered this one and this one.
  • Nordstrom – They always have a great selection of sweaters and sweater dresses – I’ve found some great non-maternity options on their site!
  • Everlane – They don’t have a huge selection but I got this turtleneck cashmere dress a few weeks ago and love it! I know I’ll also be able to wear it when not pregnant, so that makes me happy :) Here is what it looks like on!

ASOS Maternity

Sweater Dresses

It’s hard to choose just one, but I’ve been relying on comfy sweater dresses all of my pregnancy! I got size 2 in this and it’s tight but not too tight. I’m 5′ 4″ for reference.


All throughout pregnancy, I’ve really missed my Equilibria CBD. I started taking CBD over a year ago to help with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and falling asleep. I’m not taking it during pregnancy because there’s not enough research and my doctor recommended I stop, but I miss it.

So enter Magnesium. I started taking it after a friend recommended it to help relax my muscles and wind down at night. I’ve heard rave reviews from many of you about how much you love it and that it’s a game-changer. And although I *think* it helps, it’s one of those things I do at night because it makes me feel better to do SOMETHING. But I don’t necessarily notice a huge difference. But I will say, on nights when I have a hard time falling asleep, I’ll get up and drink a little cup of water with the powder in it (maybe it’s mental? Either way, it has been a pregnancy staple).

*NOTE: Ask your doctor before taking more magnesium.

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Natural Vitality

Magnesium Citrate Supplement

I’d encourage you to do your own research, but I started taking this to help with a number of things. I take it at night to help relax my muscles, calm me down (if I’m feeling anxious) and help me unwind for a good night’s sleep.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

There are so many oils and product recommendations out there for what to put on your belly, I was a bit overwhelmed. But I got this one early on and it has worked for me. My skin has gotten really itchy as it continues to stretch and putting this on my belly and back each night has really helped!

Maternity Support Shorts

I have a few different pairs and brands of maternity support shorts and they have been one of my favorite items during pregnancy. Regardless of which brand you get, just make sure you get some because they’re awesome. I love that they go over my belly and make me feel secure. I prefer the longer ones because the shorter-length ones tend to bunch up on my thighs and can get uncomfortable for a long period of time. I wear them under dresses, skirts and then sometimes just around the house with an oversized sweatshirt or sweater.

Over The Bump Leggings

I’m still on the hunt for a good pair of workout leggings, but when it comes to everyday leggings, I have LOVED these by Blanqui. They’re tight but not suffocating. They’re a great length and the fabric is thick but not too thick. I also like that they don’t have a front seam (or any seam on the front for that matter) so I get a nice smooth bump when wearing a tighter-fitting shirt over them.


High-Waisted Leggings

I know everyone has a million opinions on which maternity everyday leggings are the best, but I always come back to these! They’re great for everyday outfits and are so comfortable!

Lake Pajamas Maternity Weekend Set

Gosh, I love these so much and can’t recommend them enough! They fit me a little big, but I prefer that and it’s comfortable. The band goes beneath my belly, but it’s not too tight (which I like). I’m thinking about getting another set from them or asking for some for Christmas because they’re just SO good. I also have this robe and love it!

Lake Pajamas

Maternity PJ Set

I got a pair of these at the beginning of my pregnancy (in size small) and I literally look forward to the nights when they’re clean and I get to wear them.

Heating Pad

I use a heating pad all the time and sometimes it’s the only thing that helps me find relief from my back pain. I also use it on my neck and shoulders too, as I’ve found that I’ve been more tense there throughout pregnancy.

Mighty Bliss

Heating Pad

When stretching or the foam roller don’t work to ease the aches or pain in my back, I resort to my heating pad. I also use on my shoulders and neck when I feel tense and it really helps!

Foam Roller 

I haven’t heard many people talk about using a foam roller during pregnancy but YOU GUYS, it has been a MUST for me. I’ve had all kinds of back issues all throughout the pregnancy – honestly since the very beginning. But one of the most uncomfortable aches or pains I get is that I often feel like I have air bubbles in my back. Or I feel like I *need* someone to crack my back because it’s so uncomfortable.

During those moments, my foam roller has come in major handy. I keep it under my bed and find myself using it at least 2x a day! One of my favorite things to do on it is to put it on the middle (or lower-ish) part of my back and sort of rock back and forth in a u-shaped motion. When I do that, I get a ton of little cracks and it feels SO good.

Amazon Basics

Foam Roller

I use this at least 2x a day these days to help with some of the aches and pains in my back! Sometimes I just need to add pressure to massage certain areas and this has been a life-saver!

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

After doing my my research and looking at several options on the market, I ultimately decided to go with Ritual prenatal vitamins for a number of reasons. Read more about why I chose and love Ritual Prenatal vitamins here.


Prenatal Vitamins

Use code BRIGHTONB10 for a discount!

Comfy Bras 

I’ve shared this with y’all a few times on stories and mentioned it in my Pregnancy Q&A post, but my boobs have been one of the biggest changes my body has experienced throughout pregnancy. I hear it happens for many women but not all. But for some reason, with me, it happened QUICK and in a very BIG way. I honestly hardly recognize myself these days – it’s actually been that way since around week 5 of pregnancy (even before I knew/found out I was pregnant – I thought it was some new kind of PMS symptom at first). From the very beginning, I was uncomfortable in my usual bras or they just straight up did NOT fit. At first I went up a size in my regular bras but then eventually was so uncomfortable, I decided to try some without any cups or wires.

Since then, I’ve purchased a few different styles and find myself swapping between all of them. I don’t really have a favorite, so I figured I’d just include them all for you and share my thoughts on each.

Calvin Klein Invisible Comfort Seamless V-Neck Bra ($31) – I went up a size. I like this one because it’s v-neck so it pairs well with anything that’s not super high-necked. It’s not the nicest or cutest looking thing, but I do think it gets the job done and isn’t terribly uncomfortable. It does give me a lot of cleavage though, which I don’t really like. But honestly, I’m not sure that’s something I can avoid right now (LOL).

True Body V-Neck Bralette ($44) – I think this is the more expensive version of the Calvin Klein one? I don’t think I can really tell much of a difference except this one does seem to be better quality. Regardless, I have and use both and love how comfortable they are! I needed lots of options so I got them all. :)

True & Co.

V-Neck Bralette

I’ve tried several different ones but this one seems to be my favorite and most comfortable. I went a size up for extra comfort.

True Body Scoop Neck Bralette // thick straps ($44) – Really comfortable and fits well, but I wish the straps weren’t so thick because it limits what I can wear it under. I will say, it’s great for under sweaters, sweatshirts or t-shirts that are high-necked.

True Body Scoop Neck Bralette // thinner straps ($44) – This one is great in theory and if you have a smaller chest, it’ll be PERFECT. I often feel like I’m busting out of it though unfortunately. Even still, I own it and wear it. It’s comfortable, it just doesn’t have much vertical surface area coverage if that makes sense? Like the scoop is too low for me.

Spanx Maternity Leggings

As I’ve gotten bigger (I’m currently 23 weeks), my options for ‘bottoms’ have gotten slimmer and slimmer. I’m either wearing  a sweater dress, leggings or maternity jeans. And when I want to wear leggings but still look a little bit nicer, these Spanx leggings have been GREAT. They have a full band so it goes up and over your belly. I was able to start wearing them comfortably at around 16 weeks I think? Regardless, I think they are a must-have, especially if you’re pregnant during the colder months.


Maternity Faux Leather Leggings

I got my usual non maternity size for these and they’re GREAT!

Maternity Jeans

Although I don’t really feel ready to share which are my favorite yet, I have tried a few and have some thoughts. I have the Madewell ones and like them, but sometimes they itch me or fall down. It could be because I’m still in my second trimester though?

I tried the 7FAM and Paige maternity jeans and the ankles were too wide for me. I hate wide ankles – it’s so hard to pair a bootie with a skinny jean that has a wide ankle. Plus, it looks silly rolled up, which is how I have to end up wearing most of my jeans anyway since I’m short.

Then I tried these by 1822 and I think they’re my favorite so far. My advice is to NOT size up when getting maternity denim. Even though my legs and butt have grown a little, I still prefer my usual size.

Oh, I also have the demi-panel ones from Gap. They’re fine and have worked for me so far for when I want a below the belly option.

1822 Denim

Maternity Jeans

Love that these are a little cropped and that the over-the-belly waist band is tight and comfortable.

pregnancy favorites

Things I haven’t tried yet but might at some point:

  • Sleep pillow – I feel like this is on every guide to pregnancy there is on the internet. I’m not sure if it’s the size of it or just how many options there are, but I just haven’t ordered it yet. I’m actually not sure it will make a huge difference? I’ve been sleeping with a pillow between my legs and that has really helped.
  • Belly band – Maybe it’s because I’m not big enough yet, but I have not felt the need for one of these. Am I missing out?
  • Exercise ball – Haven’t bit the bullet on this one, but I bet as I get bigger, I might really want one.
  • Compression socks – I don’t think I’ve needed these yet?
  • Special or maternity underwear – I haven’t had to get any yet. I’m still wearing my hanky panky low rise and they work just fine!