Gift Guides - November 8, 2020

BTD Gift Guide 2020: Wellness

wellness gift guide Patagonia puffer vest and nike sneakers

Happy day three of 2020 gift guides, friends! Today is all about wellness. Y’all know I have a love-hate relationship with wellness – one minute I’m really into it and LOVE it and the next minute I’m exhausted of it and just want to lay down and eat pasta and French fries. I wish I could blame that mindset on pregnancy, but that’s pretty much how I’ve always been with it.

Anyway, I do love a good wellness gift! This year I’m especially into giving the Aria diffuser as a gift, which I have in our kitchen and love so much! I have several diffusers throughout our home and have loved incorporating them into our lifestyle this year as I’ve gotten into essential oils. I also included Equilibria because I’m obsessed (so bummed I can’t use while pregnant!) and some other favorites like this Patagonia puffer vest the Cross Rope I’ve been using lately!

wellness gift guide

1. Equilibria Balance Box – I started taking Equilibria over a year ago and it has been become such a staple in my lifestyle. It helps me with anxiety, stress, hormones, falling asleep and staying asleep. Honestly, just in general, I felt more even and balanced while taking it. Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m not taking it since I’m pregnant and I can 100% tell – I miss it *so* much! (I’m not taking it because there’s just not enough research on pregnant women and CBD). I think it would make such a great gift and they’ve got some amazing specials going on for the Holidays! I highly recommend doing a subscription (get the balance box!), though, as CBD works best when taken daily like a vitamin. Don’t worry, you can easily cancel at any time if you change your mind. But my advice would be to give it at least 2 months of trial and take advantage of the free one-on-one dosage call you get by signing up (that helped me A LOT in figuring out what worked best for me and meeting my goals). PS: my discount code is BRIGHTON15 for 15% OFF!

2. Aria Diffuser + Starter Kit – I haven’t talked much about it on my blog (I need to do some posts!), but I’ve recently gotten into essential oils this year and have loved experimenting with them. I think a diffuser and a little starter kit of some of the most popular oils would be a GREAT gift this holiday season! I recommend the Premium Starter Kit – let me know if you have any questions!

3. Foam Roller – I got a foam roller a little over a year ago and now I can’t imagine my life without one. They’re so great for working through sore muscles and this one from Lulu is also super cute (I love the colors!).

4. Cross Rope Get Lean Set – Use code BRIGHTON20 for a discount! I started using these a few months ago and have loved them! If you get the Get Lean set, you also get access to the workouts available on the Cross Rope app, which has been a great (and easy) way for me to get in a quick cardio workout when I don’t have much time. They have full body workouts that you can complete in under 30 minutes that incorporate the weighted rope with some bodyweight exercises mixed in like burpees and high knees. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone tell you what to do, you know?

5. Patagonia Puffer Vest

6. Nike Sneakers

7. Hydro Flask – I use mine every single day! It was actually a gift from a friend I got back in March and am so thankful for it!

8. Apple Watch – this would definitely be a special gift, but if you’re looking for something to really make his/her day (and they don’t already have one), I absolutely love my Apple Watch. I actually only really use it to track my workouts – I have my texts and emails turned off so it doesn’t distract me. I love seeing how high my heart rate is and tracking my progress over time – it helps hold me accountable!

9. Bala Bangles – I feel like these are always sold out lately as they’ve been all the rage. They’re such a great addition to your at home workout setup and I just found this super chic color that would make a great gift!

10. Lululemon Training Hat

11. Align Leggings – I have been singing the praises of these leggings for YEARS because they are my absolute FAVORITE. I think I have 8 pairs (shh don’t tell) and I wear them pretty much every single day. They’re so comfortable and even though they’re not meant for intense workouts, I still wear mine for weight training or the little cardio that I do do. They’re just awesome and any woman would love!

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