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The Vuori Joggers I Can’t Stop Wearing

Where do I even begin with the Vuori Performance Joggers?! They’re the PERFECT jogger in every way. From comfort to style to function, they literally check all the boxes! You guys seem to love them as much as I do because they were actually a 2020 best seller for me so I thought I’d give them a moment of their own on the blog. Why do I love them so…


7 Practical Truths to Reach for When Mom Guilt Hits Hard

Y’all, I am SO excited about today’s blog post. I’ve been following She Works His Way for years now and became a member so I could be surrounded by amazing women who are trying to figure out this whole work-hard, love-Jesus, have-a-family thing like me. Now that I’m a mom juggling my business and trying to take care of an 8-month-old while being a good wife and pouring into my…

Gift Guides

2021 Gift Guides: The New Mom

Alright, time to shop for the new mom(s) in your life! As someone who joined the mom club this year, I really enjoyed putting this together and tried to think about not only the products that served me really well during that newborn timeframe like my favorite pajamas and a temperature-controlled mug but also things that made me feel human again!! Like my this facial steamer or a little fake tan…


3 Tips You Need to Know When Decorating for Fall

It may be in the 90s this weekend in Dallas but fall is officially here. There’s something about this time of year that makes me so excited and eager to update my home decor. I LOVE sprinkling in pieces here and there to give my home a more cozy feel! You might remember I used Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs to help me design my kitchen. I am so happy…


Fall Bedding Update

I love switching up our bedding and playing with different color combos. I’ve updated it a few times since moving in – here’s how it was a few months ago if you missed it. There’s just something so yummy about brand new sheets. Did we need new sheets? Absolutely not. But I wanted to try a different color combo with some not-white sheets and see how it looked with our…


Fall-Inspired Table with Royal Crown Derby China

I have had a surprising amount of fun playing with tables this season! We decided we wanted to have a couple people over for dinner and I got really excited and into making a special moment for the occasion with a fun table setup. I ordered a few things to go with a couple pieces I already owned. I fell in love with these feather placemats I shared a couple…


Black, White & Taupe Fall Table

I’m getting really into all things tables lately. And truthfully, I’ve never really put together a table before this one. My mom has always been really into china and has a massive collection, so I’m surprised it’s just peaking my interest. But whatever the case, I’m excited about it and am marking 2021 as the year I start my “table” collection. Did you catch the blog post last month where…


Fall Inspired Recipes I’m Excited to Try + My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Heading into a new season always inspires me and sparks my creativity to try new recipes. A fun date night for us is staying at home and making a new recipe. We pop on our favorite playlist and cook together. It’s such a sweet way to wind down the day and enjoy each other’s company. There are a few recipes I’m really excited to try! Today, I want to share…


Fall Front Porch Inspiration

Source: The Teacher Diva (Ashley Robertson)  We are exactly 2 weeks until the official start of fall! Wow has the summer passed QUICK. But I am so excited for cooler temps and fall colors. I recently shared a post sharing Inspiration For Your Fall Table and it got me thinking about other parts of my house I want to decorate for fall. I have wanted to update my front porch since…


My Bedding Details

Hi friends! Every time I do a Q&A on Instagram I get flooded with questions about my bed/bedding details. Currently, I have an all-white look broken up with a waffle textured blanket and some tan linen pillows. It’s perfect for spring/summer. During the fall/winter seasons, I replace the white blanket with a tan one and add rust-colored accent pillows to warm things up a bit. There are many ways you…


Inspiration For Your Fall Table

With fall just around the corner (yay for cooler temps!), I got inspired to create a fun and unique tablescape that’s inviting + cozy. My vision this year was inspired by organic and earth-toned looks. I love the idea of incorporating different textures like stone, ceramics, and woods to create visual interest.


Our Year One Stroller & Car Seat Situation

I’ve shared about our stroller and car seat over the last several months here and there, but I wanted to dedicate a spot for it on the blog since this is a question I get all the time. And I totally understand – there are a lot of options. I remember when I first entered the world of trying to figure out which travel system to get and it was…


6 Ways To Style Biker Shorts + My Favorites

Hi friends! Today I thought we’d talk biker shorts! First of all, what do y’all think about biker shorts? Are you into them? Still not sure? Either way, I get it. It’s kinda taken me a while to feel comfortable in them, and to be completely honest I still feel a bit weird styling them and wearing them as an actual outfit like to lunch or errands or something, but…


Dallas Date Night Spots

Since getting out of the newborn fog, Duncan and I have been making an effort to do an (almost) weekly date night. I wrote a post back in 2017 sharing some of my favorite spots for date night in Dallas, but I wanted to do an updated version since it’s been 4+ years! Funny enough, a lot of those spots are *still* top of my list but I have quite a few additions as well!


My 4 Favorite lululemon Shirts

It is absolutely no secret that I have an obsession with lululemon. Their stuff is just honestly THE BEST. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it!! And if you’re looking for an amazing top/shirt, well, you’re in the right place! I’ve been raving about lululemon’s Align leggings for forever, but in the last year or so I’ve also discovered the amazingness that is their shirts. Between the fits, the…


My Favorite Athletic Sneakers

I’m not sure when athletic sneakers became such a huge part of my shoe collection – probably in the last year or two? But looking at my closet these days, there is no doubt I love them and might even have a problem, lol. I always had a couple pairs but walking has become such a big part of my routine, and because of this I am always on the hunt for…


My Everyday Glasses + My Eye Story

Since I’m wearing glasses a lot of the time these days, one of the questions I get often is which ones I wear. I’ve only got a couple pairs right now and they’ve both in the same style. I wear the Percey Medium in color Violet Magnolia with shiny gold Endcaps and absolutely LOVE them! I wanted to dedicate a blog post to them since they’ve become my go-to and so…


Dallas Kitchen Photo Tour

Much like the photos of Four’s nursery, I have had these photos just sitting on my computer for months and have been meaning to sit down and write this post. My recent recommitment to getting consistent blog posts up has been just the inspiration I’ve needed to knock of a lot of the blog posts I’ve been sitting on. You might remember I shared the plans we had for our…