Here are a few of my favorite things–the topics that really make me tick. I love to focus aspects of life that are already good and find ways to make them even better. You’ll find content here that I hope will add value to your everyday. We’ll discuss faith, travel, home, organization, fitness, podcasts, and more topics that will cheer you on to live your best, most abundant life.


2019 Planner Round Up Review

Last year around this time, I did an impromptu planner review on my IG stories. covering the differences and specifics of a few different planners. I was blown away by how much y’all loved it and so I wanted to bring it back this year but bring in a few more planner. Last year I only review 3 of them, but this year I’ll be talking about 7 different planners.…


A Guide to Christmas Tablescapes

Christmas in Color And cue…”It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..” Ok y’all, were finally here, if you’re anything like me.. (don’t sue me those of you who disagree)… I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas and turning on my spotify Christmas playlist! But… IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE! And I am all here for it now! Thanks to those of you who voted in…


How to Make Holiday Travel More Enjoyable

Living away from my family means one thing: I’m always traveling for the holidays. I think it’s pretty normal and something a lot of us suffer through together ha! The holidays always have such a bad stigma for traveling, and between delays, the crowds, and the weather, it can honestly be a nightmare. BUT! This year, I’m trying really really hard to go into in a more positive mindset. It’s…


3 Things I’m Saying “No” to This Holiday Season

I’m so happy y’all responded well to the article I put up the other day about funks during the holidays! It seems like SO many of us are similar there, and funks aren’t all that uncommon during the holidays. It also got me thinking about the reason so many of us suffer from funks this time of year. What I kept coming back to (along with a couple other things)…


If You’re in a Funk for the Holiday, Try These 4 Things

Can I be honest about something? I kinda hate how everyone hypes this up as the most wonderful time of the year. Heck, I’ve probably even done it on this blog! And the thing is – it is a great time of year – but it doesn’t mean every day feels like it. I’ve had my fair share of funks during the holidays, and I think it’s one of the hardest times to go through one. It’s like we’re not supposed to feel anything but cheery and totally awesome from November-December. But that’s not realistic. People have funks all the time, no matter the month, and a lot of the time it’s out of our control.


I haven’t worked out in 6 weeks; Here’s how I’m getting back on the wagon

Ugh,  it’s true. I’ve totally and completely fallen off of the workout wagon. Man, I was doing SO dang good too! But then came a few weekends of travel back to back and busy work schedules and life. You know how it goes. Even though we KNOW something feels great and that it’s making our life better, it falls off eventually. At least for me. I’ve really come to realize…


10 Small Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Somehow it’s already freaking November and the holidays are going to be here before we know it. I like this time of year (like everyone), but it’s also overwhelming! Between the gifts and the parties and the gift guides and all the things, it’s a lot! So I’m trying to go at this holiday season in a more simple way – doing little by little and starting early. Let’s hope…


5 Things You Can Do Before Bed to Make the Next Day Easier

I’ve been working on doing life better. I know that sounds so cliche and blah and whatever, but like, it’s true. I’m 29 years old (well, almost) and I need to get some structure in my life. Because between working from home (for myself, might I add!) and trying to maintain a somewhat of a balanced life, I’ve realized that routines and consistency are what I’ve been missing all my…


5 Things To Help You Financially Prepare for November

Do you guys remember my post, “8 Things To Do at the Beginning of Every Month”? I talked about certain things that I like to do at the start of each month, and I want to encourage y’all to have a “beginning of month” checklist as well. It has been so helpful (and motivating) for me! One thing that I have on my “monthly checklist” is to do a quick…


Tips for Making an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards…love to have them, but making them is an undertaking. Thinking about what the vibe of the board will be plus finding all the images THEN printing them off, taping or tacking them up — can take more time than expected and leaves me with NO inspiration, lol.


A Fall-Themed Dinner Party

Hey y’all, Katie here! With my first ever blog post, so cut me a little slack if it’s not the best thing you’ve ever read, I’m not as slick with the words like Brighton! But if you got a chance to learn about me here, you know I am passionate about any and all things creative. So why not start my first post with how to host the perfect, fall…


20 Quick Ways to be Healthier in Less Than 10 Minutes

To keep on with this whole health kick that I seem to be on, I thought it’d be fun to write out some ways to be healthier in 10 minutes or less. Because I know a big reason people (me included) fall off the health wagon is because of time. I’ve been trying some of the items off this list and of course being healthier in my spare time, and…


I Went Off Social Media for a Weekend & Here’s What Happened

Y’all might remember that a month or so ago, I went to Austin with #mysteryboy and went off social media for an ENTIRE weekend. I already shared a little about the experience here, but basically, I forgot about social media – it wasn’t necessarily intentional. We were just really busy and having so much freaking fun that social media and my phone in general weren’t a priority. It helped that…


Meet Katie!

Hey y’all! Katie, here! I think most of you know me by now if you have followed Brighton for the past year and a half. But if you haven’t caught any of her stories with me in them, then Hi, nice to meet you! Here, I am wearing one of my favorite, favorite, favorite pieces from Mi Golondrina. Each piece is one of a kind (which really is so special),…


What My Fall Morning Routine Looks Like (+ Ideas for Yours!)

Morning routines seem to be one of those things that EVERYONE likes to talk about – including me. Y’all responded really well to this post on morning routines (which I’m still pretty proud of TBH, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do). And it’s a topic that I see everywhere – from talking with people in my life to articles I read, etc. Everyone is so interested in…


Cozy Fall Movies + Cute Loungewear Picks

One of my favorite things about fall is all the FEELS. More so than any other season, this time of year comes with so many things that feel like the season (OK maybe Christmas too but I’d argue that fall is even more intense, in a good way). From the first feel of a colder night, to the leaves falling, to candles, to pumpkin everything and boots, it feels so…


Denver Guide

Spur of the moment trips are what weekends are made for & my trip with #mysteryboy to Denver last weekend is just what I needed – a break from the Texas heat/humidity and a real taste of fall. I love Denver because it has so many quirky places to explore & the fact that it’s surrounded by mountains is a MAJOR plus. The short flight from Dallas is pretty great…


What I Packed For A Weekend Trip To Denver

I thought it might be fun to quickly throw together a post on what I packed for Denver this past weekend. It was a super spontaneous trip – we booked it on Thursday! But it was one of the most fun weekend trips I’ve ever been on! I’m obsessed with Denver and can’t wait to go back! I’m also very proud to say that I packed everything in a carry-on.…