Amazon - September 12, 2023

How I Organize My Sunglasses

brighton butler sunglasses storage

If you’re like me, you’ve probably grown quite the collection of sunglasses over the years. I will typically spend a bit more on my sunglasses so they’ll last me awhile.

Because of this, my sunglasses have accumulated and were constantly ending up in the most random of places. When I decided to find a good storage solution, nothing I saw online really worked for what I needed.

Then I saw someone post that they used a nail polish rack (literally the kind you see in a nail salon). A few years ago, I gave it a try to see if it might work for my sunglass collection and voila. I haven’t gone back since.

The rack I use is a few years old but I’ve linked a similar version below.


Acrylic Sunglasses Holder

Who knew that a nail polish organizer would be the perfect sunglasses holder too?! This normally holds around 18 pairs of sunglasses for me — and they’re perfectly accessible when I need to grab and go!

I love that it keeps all of my sunglasses within few and easily accessible. The way they’re laid out also keeps them from getting scratched, which was an issue I was facing a lot before.

Mine sits on the wall inside of my closet so I can grab whatever pair I need and throw them in my bag as I’m getting dressed. I hope you find this helpful and it solves your sunglasses organizing issues!