Recipes - October 24, 2023

My Go-To Morning Green Smoothie

brighton butler green smoothie

A few weeks ago, I posted my morning smoothie on Instagram stories and the response was crazy! This has honestly been my go-to smoothie for years now — I’ll randomly swap out ingredients to try something new. But for the most part, I know I love this flavor, so I stick with this recipe.

I’ll be honest, IMO the secret ingredient is mint. I never even thought about adding it to my smoothie until I saw someone else do it and decided to give it a shot. It makes all the difference. I swear it brings out the flavors of the other ingredients even more or something!?

I’m also a big fan of the Be Well by Kelly vanilla protein powder. She has several different flavors (both vegan and non-vegan), but I’m a vanilla girl (especially for this recipe). I love how clean her protein powder is. Plus, there’s no sugar added, which is a huge plus for me.

brighton butler green smoothie

There’s absolutely no special way I make this smoothie. I literally dump all of the ingredients into my blender and let it go. And each ingredient is just measured with my heart. ;) You can see exactly how I make it in this Instagram post.

Here are the cups I use every day for my smoothie. I’ve been using these for a long time and swear by them! I love that they’re glass. And the size is perfect for the amount of smoothie I want!

Capsule Classic

Wide Mouth Smoothie Cup

These glass mason jars are the perfect size for my morning smoothie. I like that you get 2 cups when you buy these so I always have a clean cup to use. These come with a stainless steel straw and two different lids.

Be sure to tag me in your photos on IG if you make this. Enjoy!!