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My Review of Sea Island, Georgia

Last month, my entire family made our way up to Sea Island, Georgia, for an incredible family vacation. We’ve been several times before, but this time was especially fun because all of the cousins got to hang out and spend some quality time together. Plus, Four is finally old enough to appreciate trips like this.

Even though they say that traveling with toddlers is a trip, not a vacation, I thought it was such a refreshing experience. Yes, it was a lot of work. But at the end of the day, these are the times they’ll remember forever.

All of the kids woke up super early every morning (Blake and Four were both in my room), so we were at the pool by 7:30 am most days. Thankfully, they also crashed hard after spending so much energy in the pool and at the beach.

I put together a blog post of the things I’d highly recommend for kids at the beach. Honestly, this was our first time taking the kids to the ocean, but I learned a ton. Like if you don’t have this sand-proof mat, you need to add it to your cart now!

I kept getting DMs about our trip so I gathered everything I could and answered it all below. Hopefully this helps give you a good idea of what to expect at Sea Island!

brighton butler sea island georgia

My Review of Sea Island, Georgia

Where Did You Stay?

There are a lot of different options when it comes to accommodations on Sea Island. If you prefer to stay at a resort,  The Lodge or The Cloister are amazing. You can also choose to rent a house, which is what we did this time.

This is the condo where we stayed this time. We’ve been several times to the Sea Island property and I’ve actually stayed at all the spots. With kids, my favorite option is to rent a home.

Since we came with a big group, it was so nice to have the extra space. Our condo had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a washer and dryer, and a fully functional kitchen. Seriously clutch with little kids.

How Long Was Your Trip?

We did 6 nights and it was perfect. I felt like we got to relax (as much as you can with young kids on a trip) and enjoy the beach and activities in Sea Island without ever getting bored. Any longer, though, and we may have gotten a bit restless.

brighton butler sea island georgia

Could You Walk to the Beach?

Yes! Our house was less than a mile from the beach club, which was nice because we could walk there every day. The beach couch is where the pool is and it gives you easy access to the beach + food/etc. We rented a wagon through Baby Quip to make it easier to lug all of our stuff and the kiddos

What Is the Sea Island Spa Like?

I didn’t go this time, but I’ve been before. This spa and the one at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC, are my absolute favorite. We sent our nanny, Laura, for a spa day this time, and she *still* talks about it! They offer a ton of different services.

Sea Island vs. Palmetto Bluff?

I personally prefer Sea Island because there’s more to do IMO. The pool is bigger and nicer at Sea Island, and there’s access to the beach (Palmetto Bluff doesn’t have a beach).

brighton butler sea island georgia

Where Did You Eat?

We cooked a lot, which was really nice with the kiddos! One night, we catered the BBQ place that’s nearby and it was so perfect for our large group.

What Kinds of Kid-Friendly Activities Did They Have?

• Pool with lots of activities

• Beach obviously

• Playground

We didn’t do many of the activities because my babies are too young, but you name it and Sea Island has it! They have SO MUCH to do for kids.

brighton butler sea island georgia

What Was the Experience Like Renting from BabyQuip?

Amazing! They picked up and dropped off our stuff right to our condo. The process was seamless. I did have to pay a $70 fee for this convenience, but it was well worth it in my opinion. I rented cribs, slumber pods, the wagon, and a play station situation for Blake.

Was There Anything You Don’t Like About Sea Island?

I loved everything about it! My biggest complaint is that it’s a little hard to get to since you have to fly into either Savannah or Jacksonville, rent a car, and then drive 1.5-ish hours to get there. We rented a car and car seats this time.

Other random thoughts — the wagon was a MUST for kiddos. And staying close to the beach club was really great so we could walk to there and have things to do.

Tips for Booking?

For Sea Island, you want to book at least 6 months in advance! People go every single year, so the houses get booked out VERY far in advance. We booked ours in December for a July trip.

brighton butler sea island georgia
brighton butler sea island georgia