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The Viral Packing Hack You Need to Try

brighton butler viral packing hack

Last week, I traveled with the kids to Sea Island, Georgia for a fun family vacation. I don’t care where you go, getting to spend quality time with your family and seeing your kids make memories together is actual heaven on earth — although Sea Island was pretty great too. ;) I’m planning to put together a quick recap of our trip for the blog… but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is solely dedicated to the PACKING HACK I decided to try for this trip. All I can say is wow. I don’t know where this trick has been my whole life, but it is a game changer.

I first found this hack on TikTok and immediately knew I wanted to give it a shot. I mean, the original video has more than 2 million views, so I knew it must be good.

The gist of this hack is that you use hanging organizers to pack all of your outfits. I initially planned to just do this for the kiddos, but after I did it for them, I used the second organizer (it comes in a pack of two) for myself!


Large Hanging Organizers

All you need for this viral packing hack is a hanging organizer. Not only does it make the packing process easier and more efficient, but everything is ready to go when you arrive!

My Thoughts On the Viral Packing Hack

Here are my thoughts on this hack and a good alternative if you’re planning to only do carry-on:

• I really liked that it forced me to think through every outfit we would wear on the trip so I didn’t overpack or end up bringing one-off items that took up space.

• It was so easy to take out when we got to our house. I just hung the organizer up on the door and could easily grab an entire outfit for myself or the kids without scrambling through drawers to find what would work.

• I didn’t have enough room for all of my outfits since my clothes are bigger so I packed my daytime outfits, workout clothes, swimsuits and coverups, and pajamas in the organizer, and then shoes, socks, undergarments, and night outfits went in other small travel bags I have.

• Because I’m a bit short, I did struggle to get the organizer hung up on the top of the door, but I don’t think this would be a problem for most people. ;)

• I got some questions about whether or not this hanging organizer would fit in a carry-on, and I don’t think it would to be honest (I don’t ever do carry-on). But someone DM’d me this version that’s smaller than the one I bought. They said it fits in an Away carry-on easily!

I’ve linked some of my other favorite travel items from Amazon here, including the pouches I use to organize everything in my carry-on luggage and the portable charger I refuse to travel without. If you try this hack, be sure to let me know how it works for you. I seriously don’t think I’ll travel without doing this again! It’s that helpful.

brighton butler viral packing hack
brighton butler viral packing hack