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Easy Salad Prep for a Week of Meals

brighton butler easy salad prep, quinoa chicpea salad

Y’all loved the salad prep that Lele and I shared on IG last summer, so I had to bring it to the blog. My sister Lele has been doing this salad prep forever, and when she introduced it to me, I became an instant fan.

We both love eating healthy when we can, and this is an easy way to have meals ready to go so you’re not grabbing an unhealthy option out of convenience. A lot of you said it’s similar to the Jennifer Aniston salad, which I’m also dying to try.

Before diving into the post, here’s a link to pretty much all my “fridge prep” supplies to make this salad and prep my groceries for the week. Let me know if I’m missing anything – but this should be most of it!

I’ve played around with different ways of making this. For instance, I’ve bought a rotisserie chicken at the store before and added it whenever it’s time to eat.

Pro tip: don’t add your dressing until you’re ready to eat or you’ll end up with a soggy salad. Trust me, I’ve made this mistake before. I also usually wait to add the avocado until I’m ready to eat to keep it from going brown.


Glass Storage Containers Set

I use these for all sorts of food prep. I love that they’re all the same size, so they stack well in the fridge.

I laughed when I was putting this graphic together because there really are no instructions for this recipe. It’s as easy as you’d think. You literally add the ingredients into a container of your choice. I prefer a mason jar because it’s cute lol but you could totally use Tupperware too — just make sure whatever you use can be shut airtight.

Whenever I’m prepping these salads, I truly just eyeball the measurements. There’s no right or wrong amount to add. It’s really just how much you want to eat.

Same goes for the dressing! I always make my dressing in a bowl and then divide it up into tiny Tupperware containers that I can open when I’m ready to eat.


Veggie Chopper

I know it may seem like just another thing to have to wash, but I absolutely love using this when I’m doing a lot of extra chopping. It helps the process go by much quicker!

Although I don’t go into an office anymore (I miss my CPA days sometimes!), this would be perfect if you bring your lunch to work every day. I enjoy keeping it in my fridge so I have something easy to grab while I’m prepping the kids’ meals.

Typically, I’ll make these on Sunday night so I have them to eat throughout the week. Alright, that’s all I’ve got. I hope you love this salad as much as we do!

Lele’s Easy Salad Prep

brighton butler easy salad prep
brighton butler easy salad prep