Motherhood - August 15, 2023

10 Things We Love for Blake at 10 Months

brighton butler daughter blake butler

I honestly can’t believe it, but Blake is already 10 (and a half) months old. She will be one year old in September. This past year has flown by, and I love every stage she’s been through even more than the one before. It’s wild that we’re already starting to plan her first birthday!

She’s getting so much personality but she’s truly the most chill baby. I think maybe it’s a second child thing? But she really just comes along for the ride with big brother. It’s the sweetest thing.

I’ve shared a few of the items she loves recently on Instagram but I thought it might be helpful to round everything up in one post. And to be honest, she loves playing with whatever Four is playing with too, so she doesn’t really have a *ton* of her own toys (again, second child problems).

But here is a list of some of the things she’s into right now at 10 months — and a few things I couldn’t live without for her. If you want to see more of the items I buy for both kids, be sure to check out the kids storefront on my Amazon page!

Walking crab tummy time toy

This is hands down her favorite toy right now. I literally scoots around the floor like a crab. It’s the cutest thing ever, and she thinks it’s hilarious.

Fisher-Price baby playmat

If you have had a baby in the past 10 years, there’s a good chance you own this. And the songs this thing plays are constantly stuck in my head. But it’s super entertaining for Blake.

Baby Einstein musical toy

This is another staple for any baby in my opinion. Both Four and Blake have loved this toy. It is the best $10 you can spend with a little one, I promise.

Kitchen sink water toy

I saw several of my friends post about this kitchen sink and decided to get it this summer for our backyard. Both kids love it, but Blake has really enjoyed it since she can’t play with some of Four’s other water toys.

Joovy Spoon baby walker

This walker is basically the only way I get anything done. Blake isn’t walking yet, so I couldn’t just set her down while I cook, clean, etc. However, I can put her in this and she’ll scoot around the room while I do things around the house. We have all hardwoods so I’m not sure how this would work on carpet.

Inglesina table chair

I know I’ve shared this table chair before with y’all, but it’s a lifesaver. I keep it hooked to our kitchen table, but it’s also super easy to travel with so you don’t have to stress about having a high chair if you’re not at home.

Bumbo soft chair

Blake is *almost* too big for this now, but we used it a ton when she was smaller. It’s a great place for her to sit and eat snacks or play with a toy.

Sippy cups

This cup is so good I wrote an entire blog post about it. It’s the only cup I use for both kids because it truly does not spill at all. I’ve convinced so many people to buy this and hear nothing but rave reviews!

Baby plate

Now that Blake is starting to eat more solids, she needed her own plate. I highly recommend a plate with suction on the bottom so they can’t throw it as easily (IYKYK). We love this bamboo plate that comes with it’s own little matching spoon.

Skip Hop baby bath rinse cup

This is the rinse cup I use every night when Blake gets her bath. She is not a fan of getting water in her face so it’s great because it keeps water out of her eyes. It also holds a lot of water at one time.