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My Primary Bathroom Wallpaper

brighton butler bathroom1 wallpaper install

It’s been a minute since I’ve done home content but I had to share my primary bathroom wallpaper update. When we first bought this home, it was under construction. The move back from Denver happened right before Four was born, so it was just a super chaotic time in general.

You might remember that my primary bathroom was a work in progress for a LONG time. We didn’t officially finish it until October (we moved in January) of 2021. I’ve loved everything we did in this bathroom (you can see the full primary bathroom update here), but I have always felt like the bathroom needed some color. There was just a lot of white happening as you can see below.

Brighton Butler Dallas Master Bathroom

I had always envisioned doing some sort of wallpaper in this bathroom, but I could never find the right one. Nothing seemed to elevate the space the way I wanted. However, when I found Lisa Henderson Interiors, I absolutely fell in love with this print.

Lisa Henderson Interiors

Primary Bathroom Wallpaper

The quality of this wallpaper is just *different* than others I was looking at. It’s made from 50% linen and 50% cotton so it just has an elevated feel in general. Plus, the fabric is hand-printed, which gives it a super unique feel for your space.

Lisa just launched her textile line, and the wallpaper I got is a hand-printed fabric from one of her textiles. The prints are inspired by Lisa’s travel experiences and have fun architectural detail and heirloom patterns that create a fresh look.

Y’all, this wallpaper is absolutely STUNNING in real life. It’s super unique, and the quality is *chef’s kiss.* It adds the perfect amount of dimension to the space and makes it feel like a boutique hotel IMO.

Lisa has created so many custom prints, so you could truly find a pattern for any room in your home. How fun would this print be for a kid’s bathroom!?

Highly recommend checking out Lisa’s textiles if you’re looking for a way to add some color to your home! You can see some more of Lisa’s work on Instagram. The patterns are all designed and hand screen-printed in the US and can be purchased directly from Lisa!

brighton butler bathroom with wallpaper update black tub Weezie monogrammed towels
brighton butler bathroom with wallpaper update
brighton butler bathroom1 wallpaper install