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Saturday Sales and Markdowns

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New markdowns and price-matching added yesterday! Click on read more to shop the product round up! Happy Saturday y’all! Follow along via Instagram this weekend – I’m in New Orleans for a (yes, another!) wedding :) (a super fun one, too!)

Girl in the White Dress: White on Easter Sunday

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There’s just something about a stark white dress that brings chic to a whole new level. I love white: white jeans, dresses and nail polish ALL year round (winter white is one of my faves!). But aside from beautiful white coats in December, I LOVE a classic white dress and I always end up acquiring a few despite the fact that (well, depending on how fancy it is), there are only a few occasions I can wear it. Continue after the jump to shop the looks….




Summer Blanket Scarf Round 2

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I mentioned a week or so ago that I have a love affair with scarves. And now we’re back with Round 2 – aka another ‘summer’ blanket scarf ;) This black and white one is the most recent addition to my ever-so-growing collection. It’s got a linen-ish look to it so it’s perfect for summer and it’s super light weight! Also, I love that it’s black and white ;) #classic

Shop Similar Open Toe Booties


summer 2015 swimsuits

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I have been trying to rally the troops to get people to go on a beach trip for weeks now…and it’s just super hard to get people on the same page when it comes to getting out of town (especially since most of my friends have already budgeted most of their extra spending money for wedding and bachelorette travels!)

But even though I don’t have a trip actually planned YET (fingers crossed!), I’ve still been keeping my eyes on the swimsuit options for Spring and Summer….naturally ;) I’m happy to be teaming up with Nordstrom today to share some of my favorite picks from their vast collection! Click Read More to see my picks and shop!


Easter Sunday Dress Options 2015

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I hope to have my dress up on the blog by Friday (fingers crossed!), but since Easter is only 2 weeks away, I wanted to ahead and put together a little round up of fun and easy (and appropriate) options for YOU if you haven’t thought about it yet….

Click on ‘Read More’ to shop my Easter Sunday dress options! [and NOTE that there are TWO new posts on BTD today!]


Transitional Combo: Comfy Sweater + Sandals

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Only a southern resident would understand the intensity of the humidity on this day….it was at an all time max (note the hair….eeek!). But anyway, I want to tell you about this top…it’s another MUST have. I LOVE the fit and the curved hem and it’s SUPER soft. Just trust me on this one…it’s good. In fact, I just ordered the other color it comes in ;) It’s also super cute with white jeans and cognac-colored shoes (like these that I always wear!)


Blush Blouse

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Blush is DEFINITELY a theme this Spring – well, at least in my book. I’ve noticed myself bookmarking (aka adding-to-my-shopping-carts-slash-never-ending-wish-list) pretty much every blush-colored item I’ve come across online recently. And I’ve pulled the trigger on quite a few blush items. I hope I don’t regret this later (…doubt it though).



Saturday Sales

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Revolve Clothing is having a major sale that you don’t want to miss out on….all the good sizes sell out SO FAST!

To name a few things I saw worth noting: this purple silk romper is cute (but only XS left!), this Milly floral print dress, this Splendid (comfy) black jumpsuit and shop the collage above after the jump…