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Questions to ask before buying a home

how to organize your finances for home buying process

Like I’ve shared on social media and on the blog a bit, I recently purchased my first home! (Insert ALL the emojies here). I’m still grasping the fact that I’m adult enough to own my own home and that I’m also the landlord of the property. The whole process of buying a home was fun, but also incredibly stressful and long – there’s so much more that goes into it than I initially knew. Since I just went through everything and…


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Lately ON BTD + CABO Trip Recap

lace eyelet trim white tee, distressed jeans, purple fun statement earrings, cabo outfit

Wowza. A (freaking) LOT has happened since my last BTD Weekly Round Up 2 weeks ago. Or at least it feels that way. I’ve spent most of my time working my tail off on the new BTD Meal Plan and getting those recipes and such to you the past 2 weeks, doing random things for the house, and then a last minute trip to Cabo. Recently on BrightonTheDAy Before getting into all the latest instagram photos and outfit details (etc.),…


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Cabo Hotel Review: Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort

As you probably saw on my Instagram or Snapchat, I just got back from an amazing girl’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I actually went with my new roomies, so it was even more fun as a kick-off to our new chapter together! Have y’all been to Cabo? I love Mexico in general, but Cabo specifically might be my favorite of what I’ve experienced thus far – it’s just so easy (direct flight), fun (!), and not to mention…

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BTD Meal Plan Week 2

brighton the day week 2 meal plan

Outfit Details: Leith Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Woohoo! We made it to Week 2 of the BTD Meal Plan! I am so excited to share these meals with ya’ll because they are SO SO yummy. Last week we focused on eggs as a protein choice and found different ways to incorporate them into meals. This week we are featuring winter fruits into every meals as a way of combining sweet and savory. It was so fun trying to find different ways…

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The Best & Worst Things To Buy on Amazon Prime

brighton the day sharing what to buy on amazon

I think anyone that’s ever lived with me could tell you that I’m a MAJOR Amazon Prime Junkie – based on the ridiculous amount of Prime boxes I get on a weekly basis dropped off at my doorstep. Like, I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve been using it (read: addicted to it) since before it was even cool – aka before everyone discovered how amazing and useful it was to order anything and everything…


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4 Steps To Longer lasting curls

brighton the day showing how to curl your hair

We talk about hair volume a lot on Snapchat and I did an entire blog post on it a few months back (slash I want to do a video soon too!), but another topic I’ve been wanting to cover is curls – just in general and specifically about how to get them to actually STAY all night/day. I hope to cover “curls” in a variety of ways but today we’re just going to talk about tips for maintaining those curls you…