Cobbler’s Cove Hotel Review

Brighton the day cobblers cove vacation shot of pool

As most of you might have noticed via my instagram and snapchat, I spent last week at Cobbler’s Cove Hotel in Barbados. And as I’m sure the photos speak for themselves, it was absolutely beautiful and such a nice breath of fresh air. As I start to travel more, I’m committing to reviewing at least one hotel for each city or location I visit so that eventually there will be a sort of  mini travel resource on BTD for you…


Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale


I had every intention of finishing this post last night but I got carried away reading a new book* and didn’t get a chance to finish it! But apparently this sale is making it’s rounds because like 7 of the things I had in my cart are ALREADY sold out! Like WOWZA! So if there’s something you’ve got your eye on, I would snag it FAST because things are selling out like woah. Anyway, I still wanted to round up…



Sleeveless in Pink

Pink Tank Skinny Jeans and Statement Necklace-78

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been LIVING in these Tory Burch slip on flats – because Y’ALL, they’re SO stinkin’ comfortable and SUCH an easy throw on. Also, they’re the BEST color and go with pretty much everything you’d ever want to wear during Spring and Summer. I fell so in love with the color of this shirt that I actually got another top made in the same fabric (shoot I just checked and the other one is already…