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…because this photos (below) was just too funny NOT to post. ha! Typical silly outtakes :)



Tunic: (c/o) Julie Brown Designs (in stores NEXT week – I’ll update you as soon I hear more information!) // Jeans: J. Brand Maria High rise - also available here (obsessed!) // Sunglasses: Prada Cat Eye // Shoes: Dee Keller The Catherine (old – similar here) // Bracelets: Lisa Freede – similar here // Watch: Cartier Bracelet Watch // Lips: Stila Stay all Day Lipstick in Fiery //

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Jeans: AG Jeans Skinny Leg (shop all AG new arrivals here) // Sweater: (c/o) 525 America Cara Cotton Shaker Crop // Shoes: Zara // Earrings: Anthropologie x Baublebar Firecracker Drops // Watch: Cartier stainless steel bracelet // Florals by Holly Viles // Photography by Dyan Kethley

oh  you know….just playing “house” with pretty flowers and stuff (ha!). Don’t make fun of me for awkwardly holding flowers. But speaking of the flowers – aren’t they gorg?! The truth is…I didn’t feel like taking photos outside – so I decided to switch things up a bit and take some (albeit slightly cheesy) inside. Thoughts?! (be nice!)


RiceVillageBloggerEvent - Kendra Scott

Lauren of Sunday Beach Blog and I are hosting a fun little event at the Rice Village store in 2 weeks AND a giveaway to get everyone excited and in the KS mindset! If you’re in Houston (or will be on the first of May!) you should definitely come stop by!

We’d love to meet you AND you’ll get 15% off whatever you want! Plus, it will be fun!

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BTD Shoot 3-23 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-22 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-17 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-14 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-12 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-19 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-21 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-25 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3-24 (Custom)

Dress: Bec & Bridge Elements Striped Asymmetrical Wrap-Effect Dress // Tennis Shoes: Nike Free // Sunglasses: Prada cat eye // Bag: Prada (old) // Photos via Meredith Marceau

I absolutely LOVE discovering new brands. It’s kind of like finding a hidden treasure – one that’s been existing in all its awesomeness despite my cluelessness, and I just get giddy to see what all it has to offer and has in store. Finally, something new, different, and unexpected (!) that will for sure help with my cool-kid-on-the-block status (I’m totally kidding).

Recently, I feel like I’ve come across a bazillion Australian-bred brands that are all SO dumbfounding-ly (nope, not a word. I know.) amazing. Like, each new discovery gets me thinking – how the check (!) have I been living and breathing (and pretending to be a so-called-quasi-fashion-blogger) and NOT know about this?! Anyway, Bec & Bridge just so happens to be one of these awesome Australian brands that have just entered the picture for me – how cool is this dress?! I love the asymmetry!









Dress: New Moon tribal Dress via Anthropologie // Watch: Cartier stainless steel bracele // Shoes: Dee Keller the Kristen (old) // Bag: Celine //  Bracelets: BaublebarVita Fede, Lisa Freede // Earrings: (c/o) Lemel Designs // Lips: Stila Stay all Day in Fiery // Photography by Dyan Kethley

Since I mentioned the tribal trend (aka global influence trend or whatever they’re calling it), have you noticed all the colorful and graphic-ish prints and such? I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing this trend pop up EVERYwhere. Literally. This dress was one of my first Spring additions and I LOVE the tribal-ish print and the color scheme! (especially the neon touch!)


There's No Such Thing as Out of the Blue

While I was home this past weekend, Dad and I stumbled upon The Wedding Date while hopelessly scrolling through channels after watching the terribly disappointing The Secret life of Walter Mitty (what the heck was that?). Anyway, the movie [the Wedding Date] was super cute and a great chic flick, but movie critiques aside, I’m bringing it up because of a quote that stuck out to me.

Let me give you a little background on the plot and then I’ll set up the scene. Kat (played by Debra Messing) hires an escort (Nick played by Dermot Mulroney) to be her date/pretend fiance for her sister’s wedding.

Okay so two things: 1) her ex fiance is the best man in the wedding so 2) she hires the escort to basically just be a “prop” (so-to-say) to make it seem as if she has moved on with her life and is completely unaffected by the fact that she was dumped.

So now to the scene I’m getting to – Kat and Nick are talking about a comment that Nick made in an interview. She disagrees and reads this section to him,

“You said (and I quote) , ‘I believe every woman has the exact love life she wants’…do you honestly believe that I want to be single and miserable? Do you think I want to be hung up on some guy who led me on for years and then—out of the blue—shattered my heart?” 

And then Nick replies, “First of all, there’s no such thing as “out of the blue”. And secondly…. yeah, I do.”

She yells “What?!!?”

and Nick responds, “When you’re ready to let go, to be un-single and un-miserable….you will. Till then….” and walks away.

Hearing this really made me think. It’s such a simple little comment – about there being no such thing as out of the blue. It’s such a simple comment, yet it’s so strikingly profound. And although the context is obviously strictly relating to relationships, I’d be willing to argue that this simple truth could apply across a number of domains.

I mean, think about it. Wouldn’t you say that more often than not, things somehow seem to sneak up on you? Maybe it starts as a tiny little seed/thought planted in your mind. But little by little, that once unnoticeable little bit of nothing becomes something more – something you can’t really ignore. Over time, it grows as you shine light on it, feeding it energy and attention and thus bringing it to life. And before you know it, the thought (that was once barely there) has become a full blown opinion and then (heaven forbid!a crystallized reality – albeit in your mind.

These things (often leading up to big decisions/realizations/etc) build up over time. So when you think about it, tragic accidents and the like aside, you really could argue that there’s no such thing as out of the blue. We’ve all got a gut…that deep (sometimes dark and suppressed) feeling/voice/sense somewhere inside that tells us something we don’t want to/aren’t ready to hear. And even though we may choose to shut it out at times, that “gut” always has something to say. And more often than not, it starts with a whisper and then slowly, over time, starts to build volume. And then before we know it, it’s screaming at us “out of the blue”. But then again, was it really out of the blue?

Obviously this little quote is just from a movie and can’t really be applied to every situation. But it got me thinking…so I wanted to pass that thinking along to you. Take it for what it’s worth – just something to chew on and think through – not some over-sweeping generalization about life as we know it. So do just that – chew on it. And let me know what you think/how you digest this little nugget of movie-quote-knowledge!


BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-25 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-24 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-20 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-15

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-13

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-8

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-9 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-1 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-23 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-17 (Custom)

Pants: Kate Spade Broome Street Capri  (ON SALE!) // Top: (c/o) French Connection Summer Mozart Ribbed Sweater // Shoes: Zara (old) // Clutch: GiGi New York Uber Clutch in White // Lips: Stila Stay all day lipstick // Bracelets: BaublebarVita Fede // Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner // Watch: Cartier stainless steel bracelet // Ring: Kendra Scott // Earrings: Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in Neon Pink  // Photos by Meredith Marceau

Never in a million years did I think I’d be caught dead in a pair of polka dotted pants. But hey, things change. There wasn’t even much thought required to pull the trigger on the jeans – I knew they were a MUST for me. And I’ll be honest – I’ve already worn this same exact outfit like 4 times (ha!). So I guess it’s safe to say I’ve gotten a few good wears out them and many more to come…who knew! What do you think? Would you ever wear polka dotted pants?