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Hi friends! Blogging from my iPhone here…because I forgot my laptop in Dallas like a champ. Typical. I’m in Baton Rouge right now for a few days hanging out with my family :) hope you have a happy happy Tuesday!


#NSALE: Stocking Stuffers ON SALE

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click on the products above to shop the round up

Because are you really ever going to regret getting a head start on some Christmas shopping? I mean, who doesn’t wish they started in July every year? I know, it sounds a little ridiculous but I bet you’d seriously thank yourself later. Especially since you can get stuff she/he would actually (seriously tho) have on his/her list come November. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s not a bad idea…

#beingBRIGHTwithBRIGHTON Teaser Video


Videography by Carley White (website coming soon)

Remember when I said I was going to do videos about my faith on BTD?

ha. yeah. Well, 3 months later…here we are. I’m back! and I’m super excited to give you a little sneak-peek-teaser of what’s to come over here on BTD.

But y’all, this time I REALLY mean it. I know I’ve done a few intros – lots of talk and not so much walk – about what’s “to come” without really following through. Sorry about that.

But this time is different. I’m excited that today I actually get to promise you that there will be a REAL (like not another intro) video on the blog tomorrow. In fact, we’ve already filmed it.

UPDATE (11:41 PM 7/26) ….ha! of course I would run into issues. Plot twist! We did have it already filmed but for a few reasons…we have to film it again. See? Literally, jumping through hoops over here. But even still, it IS def coming. Just not Monday morning.

Let the anticipation begin…

ha, just kidding. (kind of)

So last week, I posted a novel on instagram about how much I hated editing videos and how for every little thing I get excited about (like something I want to share or tell you all), there’s about 47 other things that get in the way of me doing so. Namely my lack of video editing skills/software and patience and other technical things etc.

and then the coolest thing happened (but really it was freaking awesome and happened only a few hours after posting).

I was introduced to this bomb dot com chick named Carley who had mad video-editing skills. And BOOM. We started working together and making magic happen. The best part about it (in my opinion) is that she had been thirsty for (and praying for) a way to use her new-found passion of making videos to share the gospel. I think her exact words (well, via “text” message) were, “I’ve been praying for opportunities to use my minimal video skills to minister to people! It’s funny how the Lord works!”.

And so yeah, that was that – the beginning of something (I hope will be) awesome socks. So yay for trying new things and following through on making more videos! Hope you enjoy this little teaser video! 


Lace Cap Sleeve Dress

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I’ve been sitting on these photos for a few weeks now – oops! Sometimes I do that…and then before I know it, it’s been like 3 weeks and the dress is already sold out! eeekers!

Good news is that this dress is not quiet sold out, but the sizing is limited. sorry people. But on another note, there’s one that is SUPER SUPER similar that I posted decades ago (see post here or just shop the dress here) that is still available AND on sale! yahoo!! And by on sale, I mean it’s like $52. No joke.

jly part 3 round up

Instagram Round Up (July Part 3)

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Hi friends! And happy Fri-YAY!

Finallyyyyyy….I feel like this week has taken FOR-EV-ER. Or maybe it’s just me?!

Anyway, I’m super stoke for the weekend because I’m going to Austin :) and staying with one of my good friends from college (we cheered together! so it’s always a good time). I’ll be doing Austin things and floating the river on Saturday :)

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?!

I’ve got some super exciting things on the horizon for BTD by the way! And I’m SO pumped about it. I finally got around to filming another #beingBRIGHTwithBRIGHTON video and it is all set to launch on Monday. I’ll be posting a little teaser video to get you all excited on Sunday :) Can’t wait to hear/see what y’all think!


Top (obsessed and comes in lots of colors) // Skirt (size up one size)

Necklace // Shoes // Tote // iphone case


I sure do love this top…and I’m surprised I haven’t posted it more. I sure have worn it a ton – I just haven’t taken photos etc. It’s a fun one :)

Top (ON SALE) // Shorts ($44 – Size up 2-3 sizes ) // Hello Sunshine Tumbler

Hat (sold out – similar) // Watch // Cuff

Continue after the jump for more!


Oversized White Dress

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Oversized is the new black…

that’s all i got today. ha. I feel like I must have done something incredibly rude to my body because I tried to recover yesterday (and ended up sleeping like 14 hours last night) and I’m STILL feeling ridiculously exhausted and out of it. Excuse me while I try and get back on my feet over here.

So yeah, oversized is the new black :)

nsale picks

#NSALE: Favorite Finds

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Hi there! I know I’ve been talking about this #NSALE a whole lot lately, but that’s simply because it really is too good of a sale for you all NOT to take advantage of :)

I spent all yesterday morning trying on what I got from the sale, putting together looks with some of my favorite finds. I feel like shopping online is hard (especially when you’re shopping for a season you’re not even excited about yet), so I wanted to talk about how things fit and how I’d wear the pieces I got…

I hope you enjoy this little round up and let me know if you have any questions!


Instagram Round Up (July Part 2)

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WARNING: This is a massive one. Like. woah. How did I let it get this bag? oops.


Grey Swing Tank

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#Nsale: Round 2 Picks (and SALE IS OPEN TO ALL!)

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…want those distressed jeans and those sweaters (this!) down low and that cashmere wrap-around-scarf-thing. Please and Thanks.

I tried on those Vince booties (but really they’re “shooties”) today and they didn’t look that cute on me. But omg they’re so stinkin’ cute though! If you have long, skinny legs (maybe without huge calves), I would totally go buy them right them second. Just a thought.


Pink Bow Back Dress

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I mean…do I even need to comment on the cute-ness of this dress? And it’s $52. Yeah. I know, right? Isn’t it insanely adorable?! #ObsessionAtFirstSight

and I love that it’s a fit-and-flare because I feel like that’s one of the most flattering cuts. It also comes in a pretty yellow color (which I may or may not have in my backseat trying to figure out if I want to keep it or not…)


#Nsale: Buy Now, Use Year-Round

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ONE & TEN [hunter boots & north face rain jacket] – good to stock up for a rainy day now while it’s on sale, right?! I actually got both of these :)

TWO [Set of 4 Hanky Panky Panties] – because when could you not use a fresh pair of these things? Maybe I’m alone here (quite possibly), but these are all I wear. Personally, I find them extremely comfortable. And yes I know they’re super expensive, but y’all…you wear underwear every single day so it only makes sense to invest in them…right? Needless to say, I always jump on the opportunity when they’re on sale! Also, these make a great gift for someone you know is also a big fan.

THREE [‘Purity’ Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser Duo] – I started using this in February after I bought a mini bottle for my trip to Milan. I knew I’d be gone for several weeks and wanted something that could cleanse, tone, and remove makeup (basically a great all-in-one) and I totally fell in love! This stuff not only works well, but it smells nice and fresh!

FIVE  [La Mer Cream ] – I’ve never tried the famous ‘La Mer‘ but I figured I’d include it for those of you who do because I’ve heard it’s wonderful?

SEVEN and TWENTY [Gorjana hoop earrings and gold cuff] – I have their gold cuff from last year and wear it all the time! I love the design of this newer version and know I would wear it just as often. Also, I like these hoop earrings and how they face the front and are super thin! They’re be great basics!

Continue after the jump for more details on these products (and also for the shoppable collage with clickable products)!


Blue Striped Dress

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Pale pink and sky blue – what a color combo! I’m loving it and actually just any pastels paired together in general.

This dress though. I love the way it fits – it’s perfect. It kind of looks like a romper, but it’s not (which I like because I think dresses are more flattering!) It’s by Topshop, so it’s UK sizing (I’m wearing size US2) – I do feel like it would be too short on someone taller than like…five seven? Or maybe I’m wrong. Thoughts?

And I’m not sure how I feel about this lip color (YSL No. 22) – I feel like it maybe makes my teeth look yellow? ha! Or idk, maybe you have to have different skin tone to wear it? What do you think? Have you tried this color before? The lady at the makeup counter told me it was a big color for this summer…but I’m still iffy about it! Please weigh in…

Oh and I don’t really want to tell you this, but I feel like I should (because maybe it will help you! hehe). The reason why I look somewhat/quasi tan here is because I used my all time favorite self-tanner: St. Tropez. There’s actually a value set on sale right now as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Have you tried it? I LOVE it! The only issue (I guess, when compared to other self-tanning solutions) is that it doesn’t really last that long. But I think it lasts long enough; and plus it doesn’t really smell as bad as the others, so I don’t mind applying it once or twice a week if I have something going on. Also, they make stuff specially for the face, but I just use the mousse all over my body and face and it works fine for me.


#NSale 2015: Comfy Casual Tops

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As promised via my instagram from earlier today, here’s the exact round up I included with click-able product links! I went to Nordstrom in Dallas this morning to see if I could try on a few of these items and get a better idea of size and fit.

I wasn’t able to find everything, but I did come across almost all of these items! The one thing I would suggest (sizing-wise) is that if you’re considering the striped tee on the bottom left, size up. It’s mostly made of cotton, so there isn’t much stretch to it and the arms can be a little tight. But for a $12 tee, it’s pretty legit!


Off The Shoulder and Cut Offs

Hi friends! I absolutely love love love this top. And yeah, I know…I say that a lot. But this one really is a good one (and I think the price makes it even better).

But these shorts – they’re probably the only shorts that I actually feel quasi-confident; something about the way they’re cut makes them wearable and somehow shave off about 5 pounds (cha ching!).

No but really, I have them in denim too and love them. They’re sold out most of the time and are only in stock for a few weeks before selling out again (hot commodity). But the good news is, I just checked #AllTheWebsites one last time and found they were just restocked at shopbop (they run true to size)! yahoo!