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Neutral Territory

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Starting in late February and early March, I find myself rather partial to (purchasing) neutrals. For some reason, I find myself wanting to wear more creams, camel tonesย and whites and keep things simple and clean with a neutral color palette. And I don’t know about you, but I’m usually on the major lookout for neutral shoes more than anything. There’s something so satisfying about finding yourself a good pair (or a few pairs!) of neutral shoes to pair with all the fun Spring outfits you’ve got brewing… (as you sip hot chocolate and dream of warmer temps…am I right?)



Grey and Black Outfit in distressed Citizens Jeans and Topshop Sweater with Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote (11)

Apparently I like grey and black…

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This sweater has proved to be QUITE versatile. Something about the way it fits (over-sized, shorter-ish sleeves, a little boxy) ended up ‘working’ with several different outfits (see 2 different looks at end of post). And I also want to wear it with white pants, but I don’t have any here with me in Milan…so I can’t make another look with it until I get home (March!). But needless to say, it’s a great piece!


Transitional Look: The Skirt and Sweater Combo

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I totally forgot about this outfit – I’ve had it in my drafts folder for a few weeks and just remembered it as I was searching Nordstrom….and saw that this sweater is now on sale! I thought, oh yeah, I need to post that outfit!


Cream Oversized Sweater

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Is it obvious that I love this sweater? I feel like I’ve worn it at least once a week since I bought it. Oh, and I have it in TWO colors (I tend to do that when I really like something…) Remember this outfit post here?! Yeah, same sweater ;)

Cobalt blue top and leather skinny leggings

Cue the Cobalt!

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We’re (a little over) halfway through February and March is JUST around the corner….and hopefully warmer temps, right?! In the meantime, I’m doing all I can to liven up my winter outfits with bright colors and bits of Spring. I never really let the time of year limit the colors I wear, BUT if you’re one to be a bit hesitant to wear brights when it’s below 50 degrees outside, cobalt is the perfect compromise. It’s still fun and bright, yet doesn’t scream SPRING like bright orange or yellow. And I paired it with leather leggings and leopard pumps to ‘winterize’ the outfit. Obviously, you’d have to wear a big, warm coat (you NEED this one!) with this but the idea was that you’d wear this one to go out ;)


Grey and Slate

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Gosh I love these shoes. I can’t get enough of them – love the color and the shape is just perfect! And also, I’m a huge fan of suede in spring (which is probably not too normal? I feel like people associate suede with fall/winter? but I LOVE). And I’ve been wearing these SO much because this light blue color (did you see this post?) is super versatile and almost acts as a neutral in a lot of cases. I love how it looks with greys, and whites and denim (like in this outfit, obvi). What would you wear these shoes with? Anything pop in your mind first?!



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Hands down, pink is my favorite color – any shade, I love it all. And lately, I’ve been wanting all things in blush and pastel pale pink hues. I love how feminine it is and how easy it is to mix with other colors.