Touch of Tangerine

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As basic as it gets: jeans and a white tee. You should already have both these in your closet (or at least I’d hope so!).

Try adding a pop of color with your accessories and tying it together with either your lipstick, jewelry, or shoes!

Matching my accessories is one of my favorite ways to switch up my usual neutrals and add a little spice/sass!


Shop The Look:

Popover Blouse (similar)// Jeans

Shoes // Cross Body // Tear Drop Earrings (similar)

Watch // Gold ‘Elea’ Cuff

Other ProductsLipstick Color (No. 52) // Blow Dryer // Curling Wand // Hair Spray // Self Tanner

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Currently on SALE

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Brace yourselves y’all…there’s A LOT OF STUFF that has just been marked down.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit overwhelmed! Like, wowzaaaa.

Okay so here we go! I’ve listed the item before the photos (and numbered them) and then tried to show you all the ways and places I wore the item after listing it! Let me know if you have any questions :)


Hot Pink Shift

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Things have been all-over-the-place crazy since getting back from Japan late Saturday night. I pretty much slept all day yesterday…with some intermittent Netflix watching as well. But it’s been a process getting myself back in gear and adjusted! But hey, I think it’s safe to say that 14-hour time different is the real deal and will for sure take it out of you.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to share this Kate Spade New York outfit post featuring their new Cedar Street Harmony Crossbody bag – I LOVE the size!

Hair Products: Volume and Texture

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I’m always changing up my hair products and trying new things. I don’t really think there are any MAJOR game-changers when it comes to finding the perfect balance of volume and texture. Rather, I think it’s just a more of a combination of products – mixing in a bunch of things until you find the look you like and the products that work best with YOUR hair.

And honestly, I’m constantly switching it up and trying new things, but I guess the main constant is that I ALWAYS have some kind of product in my hair. ALWAYS. Because without it, my hair is silky and smooth and just straight up boring and ewww – can’t do anything with silky smooth hair (it just lies flat and blah).

Before we start talking about these products, I think you should embrace the power in using a round brush and a legit blow dryer (with one of those skinny things on the head of it – like at the salon). because at least for me personally, it wasn’t until I started doing this (round brushing my hair with a blow dryer NOT from walgreens), that I started to understand the science of adding volume and texture to my hair.

So first things first, get yourself a legit blow dryer and a decent round brush. Just trust me on this one – you need it. Currently, I’m using this T3 travel-sized dryer as my go-to (love how small it is!) as well as this round brush I got at Ulta.

So let’s get to it! I’ve made a fun little video for you guys to help explain how I use all the products I included in the instagram photo above. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any more questions! I’m happy to answer and help in any way that I can – after all, that’s why I filmed this video in the first place ;)

Other Products Pictured: Acrylic Organizer Storage Bin // faded short-sleeved tee // gold wall urchin // YSL Lip Stain


Grey Shift Dress

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This little t-shirt dress has been SUCH a staple for me these last few weeks. Not only is it a super easy throw on, but it’s also comfortable AND easy to dress up OR down. I’ve also worn it with my VANS and Birkenstocks :)

You may remember when I wore it on my trip to visit my friend Rebecca in DC?! (Photo below)

And I wore it on the plane ride when I went home to Baton Rouge to see my family – except in another color way. (Photo below)

All in all, it’s an excellent find! But if hours short, be sure to get the petite so it fits shorter like this :)


Check Cotton Button up

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Coral Stripe Linen Blend Top

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Normally, I wouldn’t be a big fan of a short sleeved shirt because I would worry about sweating (ha, don’t judge but it’s true). However this one is different because, although it may look like the shirt has sleeves, they’re more like “cal sleeves” and leave plenty of room for air during the heat of the summer.

AND I love how the shirt is a cotton-linen (mostly linen) blend – so it’s super light and airy! All in all, I’m a huge fan :)

Okay and also, can we talk about these jeans? I feel like I’ve literally been wearing them ON REPEAT this summer. And the best part is that they’re only $54. I don’t usually have luck with cheaper white (or rather any denim) jeans but I just got luck with these and they work! LOVE them. I needed another pair of white jeans because mine kept getting so dirty and was like…hmm I’ll give these a shot. My only complaint with these is that there is no pocket (fake front pockets!) but other than that, they’re GREAT.


Stripe Poncho

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Rounding Up Latest Instagrams (August Part 2)

// Instagram Round Ups

Hi there! Let me know if I missed anything in this round up and I’ll be happy to update the post! I’m working on linking all the books I bought and posted in Sunday evening’s instagram (will be done in just a bit!)


Baby Blue Stripes

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Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been just a little bit all over the place. And as a result, I’ve had quite a few outfit posts that have gotten backed up. Basically, I’ve been sitting on a bunch of outfits because I haven’t been sitting at my desk as much….and so I haven’t done the whole photos-to-blog-post process.

Anyway, I’m making up for missing a few days LAST week by double posting on a few days this week :) Hope that’s alright with you.

PS: If you’re new here, I just wanted to let you know that you can follow via email by signing up here! I’ve set it up so that an automatic email sends out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10AM with an update of all the recent blog posts so you don’t miss any

PSS: you could always follow via bloglovin too! and while we’re on the topic, you should sign up for so you can shop my instagrams easily. If you don’t want the emails, just select the “Don’t Send me Any Emails” option via your account settings. This way, you’ll have an account and can shop on your own time. You can shop via visiting my personal feed here – save it to your home screen on your phone or bookmark it for easy access!



Sleeveless Tie Neck Dress

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First of all, this dress had me at sleeveless and swing style – a great sleeveless swing dress is literally right up my ally. And then the white tie bow at the neck? SOLD!

And it’s so cute on – I love that it would be dressed up for church but also wouldn’t be too fancy or anything for dinner with friends or even with flats to run errands around town.

PS: check back later today for a second outfit post that will go live at 12 central!


Blue Off The Shoulder Top

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This past week I’ve been so OFF my game when it comes to my blog (sorry friends). I feel like everything I’ve posted (via blog and instagram) has been a last minute thing and something I just ended up throwing together and not putting much thought into. In other words, I think it’s safe to say that my heart has been elsewhere lately.

So where has my heart (slash head) been this past week? Well honestly, it’s been all over the place (of course there are other ‘LIFE’ things going on that are occupying my mind and such)…but I think my mind and heart have mostly been focused on my upcoming mission trip.  I leave Thursday for Japan. Woah, that’s like SO SOON.

I’m going to spend today (hopefully) getting my life and BTD (and my car + laundry + etc.) back on track – or at least take steps in the right direction. Wish me luck and I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Oh, and I need to let y’all know about those 12 books I ordered since so many of you asked after this instagram. I’ll get to that to….adding it to my to-do list now :)

PS: I have a few of my fave faith-based books and resources on the #beSTILLbeBRIGHT page here….(and I try to update it regularly.)


Sleeveless Stripe Tank

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oh hey, it’s that same top I ALWAYS wear! Recognize it?!

Yeah so like I mentioned in Monday’s post (blue and white striped tank) and then last week’s post (black & white striped tank) too, I’ve got a serious thing for sleeveless tanks. This one right here has done me realllll good this summer :)


Instagram Round Up (August Part 1)

// Instagram Round Ups

It’s that time again….to do another instagram round up. Mostly because it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve done one and the number of photos I’d need to include is getting a little bit out of hand :) So here’s a round up of everything I’ve posted so far in August! Let me know if you have any questions!

oh, and this post also includes all the details from this instagram as well….


starting top left:

minnie + emma personalized phone case – how fun is this palm print
L’Occitane hand cream – bc I’m addicted
illesteva mirrored sunglasses – 😎 bc they’re so stinkin cool tho
Votivo ‘red currant’ candle  – ❤️ OMG BEST smell you’ll ever. But yes, just yes. It’s amazing and I can’t get enough
Moroccan Oil strong hold hairspray – love the texture it gives my hair, especially with all this humidity and heat “I did my best” journal – how adorable is this though?! I seriously LOVE everything those ladies create 17 Month Planner – doing a rundown of this little beauty on the blog today! Head over to see a sneak peek inside all the cuteness + Cute ball point pens also by
Bombshell curling wand – no lie, this is the best thing that has happened to my hair since dry shampoo. I can’t sing praises enough here people
Chalk Full of Love “Coffee & Top Knots’ coffee mug – but I’m so obsessed with her handwriting. I wish it were something I could steal. Ok not really by you know what I mean
Scarlet & Gold scripture memory cards – these are the best 🙌🏼 and so helpful
Jelly Belly Sours – I ONLY like the sour flavor variety tho. And yall, these things are the bees knees. I have a monthly subscription from Amazon for 12 pounds 🙊 which I recently had to cancel due to my recent trip to dentist 😳 yikes
Vera Bradley Large Ruffle Cosmetic bag – I’ve been a huge fan of all their stuff since I was like….idk 11? Their stuff is just so great and really haven’t found anything else to meet my organizing needs
Bose portable Bluetooth speakers – got these last Christmas (they were ALL over my gift guides if you remember…and yes, I use my own gift guides ha!) and they’ve been so awesome for playing music around the house and for spontaneous jam sessions elsewhere too
Birkenstocks – because #SEXY


Striped Dress and Vest

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I’m always game for another stripe dress.

Sorry closet, but they ALL serve different purposes and we need to make room for all of them. K?! Great! Thanks!

Like this one has sleeves and the material is a little thicker and I like the high neck and the thickness of the stripes. You see? There really are SO many variables that go into a striped dress. Who’s with me?!

And this vest, I love it. I have the topshop one from a few seasons back, but this one feels nicer and better and I think looks better all around. So bottom line is it’s a winner :)