Amazon - February 11, 2024

Sunday Fridge Prep Essentials

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I’m certainly no expert in the food-prepping department, but when I shared a few things I was doing to set up my family for the week, several of you guys were interested for links and to hear more about it. So hi! Let’s get into the links. I’ve linked everything I’ve been using each week below + see this list in my Amazon shop too.


Veggie Chopper

I know it may seem like just another thing to have to wash, but I absolutely love using this when I’m doing a lot of extra chopping. It helps the process go by much quicker!


Glass Storage Containers Set

I use these for all sorts of food prep. I love that they’re all the same size, so they stack well in the fridge.

Salad Spinner

This thing is an absolute must for getting all the moisture out of your lettuce when cleaning from the grocery store. I absolutely love it.


10 Pack Fridge Organizer

I use different assortments of this 10-pack depending on what we have in the fridge. I love the drawers for cucumbers and tomatoes.

Crate & Barrel

Berry Containers

I love storing my berries in these. We go through berries so quickly, I don’t have to worry about keeping them fresh for super long. So there are perfect for us!

Fridge Storage Containers

I use these for lettuce, grapes, and other bigger-sized items that I want to keep fresh in the fridge. I like that the mesh container is removable so I can also use as normal Tupperware.


Egg Dispenser

I love having this little thing in my fridge so I can better see how many eggs we have left and it’s easier to grab vs opening the box and taking it out.


4QT Colander Set

I love using this to clean my fruit and then the outer bowl doubles as a mixing bowl that I’ll use as well while I’m prepping groceries before storing in the fridge.

I use Branch Basics to clean all my produce. In the starter kit, they give you a bottle for the “all purpose” cleaner and I just spray that on my fruits and veggies – it’s perfect!

Branch Basics

Premium Starter Kit

If you’re considering trying Branch Basic, you need a Starter Kit. This will get you set up with everything you need, including the Concentrate, Oxygen Boost, and spray/foaming bottles. You can get 15% off the Starter Kit when you use code BRIGHTONBUTLER.