Lifestyle - March 8, 2023

The $20 Sippy Cup I Swear By

brighton butler sippy cup

I never thought I’d be writing an entire blog post about one sippy cup, but here we are. Long gone are the days when this blog felt more fashion-focused than anything. We’re getting REAL with our content these days.

When Four first started using a sippy cup, I was honestly kind of overwhelmed with all of the options. Like literally had NO idea what to look for. We tried several options that did not work for him. He would either have a ton of trouble sucking through the straw, or he would end up spilling it everywhere.

I honestly don’t even know how I found this cup, but it was a clutch Amazon find for sure. I’ve recommended it to a ton of parents, and any time I’ve posted about it on Instagram, I get DMs saying how much you love it. So, I figured… why not? Let’s let it live on the blog!


Magic Sippy Cup

This has become the ONLY sippy cup I use for Four because it’s so easy for him to use and *doesn’t* spill at all. We tried several different cups before finding this one. It’s great for babies at young as 6 months all the way through toddlerhood.

This sippy cup is great for babies as young as 6 months old who aren’t used to using straws because it has a spout you can use. Once your baby is ready for a straw, it’s super easy to replace the spout with the straw that’s included. I personally appreciate that it also has a little valve that prevents backflow — parents of toddlers, IYKYK. Oh, also, the handle rotates, which is oddly a nice feature I never knew I’d really care about.

Alright, that’s really all I’ve got on sippy cups for now. It’s been a game changer in our house and a hit for so many of you who’ve bought it too! Mamas, you might want to check out the pair of leggings that Four wears every day too.