Beauty - April 10, 2024

My Review of Tan Luxe Face Drops

brighton butler Loving Tan Face Drops

After getting about a million questions throughout the years about what face tanning drops I use, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post to the Tan Luxe Face Drops.

These tanning drops come in two different shades: light/medium and medium/dark. I prefer the darker shade so I get a bit more color. You can see the before and after in the photo above.


THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

I’ve been using these drops forever. They’re the perfect solution for a hint of color in my opinion. They give you that sun-kissed look without the sun damage! Plus, this bottle lasts for a very long time.

How I use the Tax Luxe Face Drops

Honestly, no matter which shade you choose, you can get your tan as dark as you want based on how many drops you use. I personally only do 2-3 drops because I’m really just after a sun-kissed look.

After I add the drops to the palm of my hand, I rub my hands together and rub them on my face. Pro tip: Don’t forget to go around your lips and all the way up to your forehead!

Oh, and always wash your hands after. I’ve made this mistake before. ;)

When I wake up the next morning, I’ve got just a little bit of color. There’s nothing splotchy and no crazy lines.

I know a lot of people mix the drops with their moisturizer, which is another good option.

Pros of the Tax Luxe Face Drops

I’ve tried several different face tanning products before, and one thing I really like about this one is that it doesn’t make me break out like some others.

It also applies evenly and minimizes any imperfections or uneven skin tones I have beforehand.

These drops include raspberry seed oil (lots of antioxidants), vitamin E, and aloe vera, so they’re super hydrating. My skin feels extremely soft after I use these drops.

Lastly, I really love that these drops don’t have a smell. If you’ve ever used self-tanner, you know how bad the smell can be. But these have zero scent!

Cons of the Tax Luxe Face Drops

Honestly, the price is the biggest con of these drop. I know there are others on the market at a lower cost, but IMO these are worth it. The bottle also lasts forever so cost per use is really low lol.

Tan-Luxe has a ton of different tanning products you can try too. The face drops are my personal favorite. They’re also the original product Tan-Luxe made — and their most popular by far.

I’ve also tried and loved The Crème Gradual Self-Tanning Face Moisturizer and The Water Hydrating Self-Tan Water (I wouldn’t use these with the face drops, but they can work as a standalone option!). These products are obviously self-tanners too so you wouldn’t want to double up.

You can see the self-tanning routine I use for my full body in this post.

brighton butler Loving Tan Face Drops