Beauty - June 29, 2017

How To Style Clean Vs. Dirty Hair

We all know by now that washing your hair daily isn’t ideal. Aside from drying it out and stripping your expensive color treatments, washing and drying your hair is also just flat out time consuming – this is why I typically only wash my hair a couple of times per week…if that. Not having to wash my hair every day saves me a ton of time in my morning routine. Even if my hair feels pretty dirty a few days after washing it, I usually manage to pull through and look somewhat presentable (I hope I do at least!).

Everyone’s hair is different, so depending on how fine or thick yours is, you might need to wash it more (or less) often. But for me, 4 days is usually the sweet spot – and sometimes on day 4, I have to do a serious evaluation to decide if I want to wash or not. Because y’all, sometimes at that point, it’s just beyond saving.

Here are some ideas on how to style your clean vs. dirty hair by day:

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Day 1: Clean

So fresh and so clean, clean! I love day 1 because my hair is squeaky clean and it feels good, but it’s definitely harder to style since it’s so sleek. I usually wash and give myself a good blow out this day because it gives an easy slate to work with for the rest of the week. I usually then use a curling wand to add some soft waves. One thing I try to be mindful of is not applying too many products – you can skip all those finishing oils on day 1 because your hair will be producing plenty of its own oils over the next few days, trust me!

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Day 2: Semi-clean

Day 2 gives me more styling options than day 1. By day 2, any frizz has usually calmed down, and my hair always feels a little easier to work with, more textured. I usually apply a little dry shampoo, just to keep my roots clean. I like to do big soft waves the day after washing – I feel like the curls always hold better the day after (vs. the day of). After I’m done curling my hair with my curling wand, I let it cool completely before applying some hair spray. Again, I never go too crazy on finishing products, because all that extra product just makes your hair get dirty faster! A little tip for the P.M. – try applying some dry shampoo to your roots before bed on day 2 to soak up any oils your scalp produces overnight. I usually keep my hair down these days since it’s in prime condition.

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Day 3: Dirty

By day 3, my hair starts to feel oily, so I typically apply more dry shampoo before I style (can y’all tell I love dry shampoo!?). I usually wear my hair half up, half down on day 3 or in a top knot of sorts. I honestly don’t do much besides giving it a light comb through and throwing it halfway up with a clip or some bobby pins. If your hair is starting to feel too dirty to wear it like this, opt for a low ponytail or a braid instead.

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Day 4: To wash or not to wash

To be honest, day 4 is a little tricky for me because depending on how much I’ve worked out (or how hot it’s been outside), sometimes I’ll need to wash my hair. But for the most part, I can get stretch it for one more day. When your hair is really dirty, you’ll definitely want to wear it up and use lots of dry shampoo. My favorite ways to wear my hair when it’s dirty is in a top knot or a low bun with a sleek side part. A braid up into a top knot can be fun too.

Do you have any tips on how to style your hair when it’s clean vs. dirty? Can’t wait to hear y’all’s ideas.