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Okay, but can I wear my Pajamas?

Pajama pant trend // printed shirt and top set // printed pajama pants, shirt and camel colored pumps

You know that feeling when you’re totally down to do XYZ with your friends, but you just don’t feel like picking out an outfit or getting dressed at all? I know I do. And with such an outfit-focused past few days while here in NY for all the fashion festivities, I’ve felt that like 102 times. By Sunday – after being here since Wednesday – I needed a little break and was thankful that this whole wearing-pajamas-thing is socially acceptable.…


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Tips for rocking a Monochromatic Outfit

suede jacket, silk skirt, sweater tank, gucci bag, and suede pumps // monochromatic fall outfit // mixing textures for fall

              Hey y’all! Today feels like a fake Monday to me since I’ve been working the past week with Fashion Week. I’m actually currently finishing this post in the back of a cab on my way from the Lela Rose presentation to more meetings. The madness is real, y’all, but so much fun. But I really wanted to share this look and talk real quick about how I put this outfit together in my mind…


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10 Fall 2017 Trends I’ll Be Wearing

fall 2017 fashion trends

Oh em gee y’all! I’m feeling a RE-newed sense of excitement for fall fashion and in a whole different way than ever before! I’ve always been the BIGGEST fan of fall clothing, but this year I’m really excited to venture outside my personal comfort zone and probably YOURS too! In regards to fashion, my mindset on my blog has always been to color inside the lines. Wear what’s easy, what people really wear. But to be honest, I like to…



The Basics of Starting a Budget

the essentials to starting a budget with brighton keller

As someone who used to be in the finance & accounting field, I’m shocked it’s taken me this long to write this post. I think sometimes I forget to address the things in life that I’m decent at slash familiar with and instead focus on what I’m trying to improve. When it comes to budgets, money, etc., I’ve always been pretty comfortable with it. It’s the part of my brain that works almost automatically and I’m not doing a ton of…


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A Week in Fiji on Turtle Island

beach view of fiji

[NOTE: Sorry to disappear on y’all last week. After getting back late Sunday night from Fiji and catching up on all that was going on with hurricane Harvey, I took some time away from the internet and social media to help and check on friends. Plus, it just didn’t seem right to continue business as usual with everything going on. I’m still brainstorming and figuring out ways to help (I know from living in Louisiana that this will be a long road and…



How To Perfect Your Pout

how to perfect your pout // tips for healthy looking lips

Who doesn’t want super kissable lips? I don’t know about y’all, but in the winter months (and summer too!) my lips are just a disaster – they get dried out and crack so easily. I’ve never been one to take care of my lips (ha that sounds funny), but I’ve been doing little things to make an effort lately and it’s been making a difference for me! So I thought I’d share with y’all and dedicate a blog post to…