Ways to Be a Better Friend Right Now

Hey, friends! Today’s post is one I’ve been really looking forward to sharing because it’s a topic that has come up in my life a lot lately. I used to like to think that no matter how old I got, I’d never let anything get in the way of my friendships because they’ve always been so important to me. Well, fast-forward to moving to another state, getting married and just…


What I Learned from Saying No This Month

Hey, friends! Most of you probably know by now that I took most of the month of May off from creating my usual amount of content for BTD and scaled WAY back. I’m starting to ease back into my normal groove this month and wanted to take a minute to share with y’all a few things I learned simply by acknowledging my own feelings and saying no. I totally realize…

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Summertime Sandals to Grab Soon

Man oh man Denver is getting HOT and it feels like summer!! I have to say, it’s a different kind of hot than I was used to in Dallas – it’s not as humid, which I’m loving. I’m so excited to start getting out of the house a little more to explore and walk around our neighborhood and go on dates with Duncan. This of course means doing an evaluation…

How to Stay Fit Without a Gym

Gyms freak me out. Maybe it's the thought of paying to use equipment when I could just go run outside or the thought of paying money every month to do a workout I could do in my living room/driveway - not to mention being intimidated by super fit people who know all the things about working out. Also, who has time to drive TO and FROM the gym and waste all that time. I know, I'm exaggerating, but whatever the case or excuse of the day may be, the bottomline is that I'm not a fan of gym memberships.


Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a few gift ideas for Father’s Day if you’re still looking for something to celebrate your dad on June 21st. Whenever I’m buying a gift for my dad I always try to think of things he might already have and need more of – like golf balls or cologne – or something new that he would like but wouldn’t think to buy himself like this…


My Self Tanning Routine

Hi Friends! Can you believe it’s almost summer already!?! It already feels like summer here in Denver. Recently, I’ve received several requests for my self tanning routine, so  wanted to write an updated post for you guys! I’m also sharing on stories later today as well! I probably do this about once a week. It usually lasts about a week but obviously the first few days are the best! I’ll…


How to Get Better at Not Caring What Others Think

This is actually an article I’ve been wanting to write for a long time – probably years actually. It’s a topic I’ve thought about since middle school, and something I’ve wanted to conquer since forever. I kept pushing off writing it because I didn’t think I was *there* yet, or always felt like I still cared a little bit. and I mean, I do. I think we’d all be lying…


Dresses I Love for Spring

Spring is definitely in the air here in Denver and I’m obsessed with all the cute dresses! I found so many good ones while putting this post together for y’all – including this one, which I also included in my recent post about comfy looks for date night! Even though I don’t have a ton of events or travel to look forward to right now, Duncan and I are starting…

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