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Our Favorite Activewear Brands To Motivate Moving Your Body

brighton keller dallas blogger wearing AHALA workout outfit matching set with black nike tennis shoes

I don’t know if y’all saw my #humblebrag on Insta Stories the other day, but I posted a photo of me from early 2017. And I gotta say, I was looking pretty freaking FIT! It was when I was on a 3-day-a-week workout schedule and working with a personal trainer, and I didn’t realize how in shape I was until I got out of shape. Aka comparing that photo to me now. But that’s OK! We all need motivational boosts,…

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4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss: Lessons & Takeaways

brighton keller wearing denim jacket and jeans holding four hour work week

I love when I’m reading a (usually non-fiction) book and I want to highlight basically every single word. You know that feeling? It’s SO good and you have SO many aha moments that you can’t stop thinking about it. Because you can relate to it SO MUCH. And you actually feel like the author GETS you, so you want to keep reading and learning as much as you can. I love to learn – MORE than ANYTHING in the world.…



Recipes That Taste Even Better As Leftovers (from the BTD Community!)

Recipes to cook and put in the fridge

Hey y’all, happy Friday! Y’all might have remembered me talking about this on stories and in the newsletter (p.s. are you subscribed?!), and I’m finally doing the post I promised! Lately, I’ve been starting to cook more…yay! But specifically, I’ve been cooking things that make a lot of food and are just as good reheated. Because you know how some recipes are amazing – even better – the next couple days, and some fall flat? Yeah, well I wanted more…

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What to Wear with Leather Leggings

ways to wear leather leggings

I’ve got a SERIOUS thing for leather leggings outfits these days, if you can’t tell. If you follow me on Instagram & Instagram stories then you know that I sport my leather leggings ALL the time and basically create outfits around them! I find that leggings – and specifically faux leather leggings – are flattering, comfortable, and stylish, so they naturally fit into my everyday rotation. And because I feature them so often, I’ve gotten several requests to create a…


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18+ Ways to Get More Organized in 2018

how to organize your pantry - pantry organization tips

How’s everyone’s 2018 going so far?! Have y’all survived the first couple days? I always find this week to be a tad overwhelming slash also pretty motivating. I’ve been spending a lot of time at home assessing the last year, my goals for the upcoming, and getting my house in order – and getting organized always makes me feel better like ASAP. Since I’m sure I’m not the only person trying to get organized at the moment, I thought I’d…

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best purchases 2017

OK my intention was to publish this last week, but 1. I got in research-Brighton-black-hole-mode and just never finished it and 2. I actually ended up spending way more time on this because things kept popping into my head. Instead of just sharing a few products that I liked this year, I rounded up things I use or wear over and over – because that’s gotta mean something right? I wouldn’t lie to y’all – the list below is seriously…