Beauty - April 13, 2024

Current Hair Volume Routine

Brighton Butler current hair volume routine

Finding ways to get volume in my hair has always been one of my *things*. Ever since high school, I’ve loved playing around with different products and techniques to achieve bouncy, voluminous hair.

Recently, I’ve been keeping it simple with a classic blow-out using my round-brush and then I’ll use my velcro rollers to add volume to the crown of my head (versus doing my entire head). With two little kids, I don’t always have time to do a full-out hair situation. I’ve found that even just putting a few rollers in while I do my makeup can make a pretty big difference.

Brighton Butler current hair volume routine
Details: Wearing this Weezie Towels après dress to get ready in case any of you were wanting the link!

Current Favorite Hair Volume Products:


Velcro Rollers

How I get the perfect “swoop” on the front of my hair! Also adds volume to back.


Hair Clips

What I use to extra secure my hair rollers!


Best Round Brush

Have been using this brush for years. Comes in different sizes depending on what kind of hair you have! I used my 3.5 inch size the most but I have 3 different sizes of it.

Here’s another video of me using my round brush if you’d like to see before and after.

Color WoW

Dream Coat Spray

I spray when hair is wet. Helps with frizz and humidity! Keeps hair silky smooth throughout the day. If you haven’t tried this stuff, I highly recommend. I recommend getting the “Extra Strength”!


Heat Relief Spray

I am not loyal to this heat spray but it has gotten the job done! It also contains a conditioning mist and does not smell too strongly, which I appreciate. I generally love Aveda products and have been using for years and years.


Dyson Hair Dryer

Current go-to hair dryer!


Frizz/Static Spray

After my hair is dry, I use this to help with any left over frizz/static! Helps with the pesky fly-aways and baby hairs!

Speaking of this frizz spray, I shared a video using it here on my feed if you’d like to see a before and after of it in action!