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How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

how to make your makeup last all day, brighton keller bathroom
how to make your makeup last longer, brighton keller bathroom

Hi y’all! Today, I want to talk about makeup. More specifically, getting it to actually last. Because there’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of time on a serious face of makeup only to find it completely missing a couple hours later. Right?? Ughh, the struggle is real. Also, the post on getting curls to stay had great feedback from y’all, so I thought doing a similar post – but this time on long-lasting makeup tips – would be fun.

There are obviously makeup products created to last for a long time, and I’ll get into some of those below, but the main point of this post is to cover non-makeup products that will get any makeup to stay on. Does that make sense? If y’all are interested in me doing a follow-up post on the actual makeup that lasts the longest, let me know and I’ll start testing things out!

OK, so for each area of the face, there are steps that will lead to your makeup staying on. I broke each section of the face up (face, eyes, and lips) to make it easy to consume – and if you only have one “problem area,” you can jump to that section.

how to make your makeup last longer, brighton keller bathroom

How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer: Face

Step 1: Cleanse.

First up, wash your face if you haven’t recently. Oil piles up fast, even if you can’t really see it, so make sure you’re starting with a fresh face!

Step 2: Moisturize correctly.

After you pat your face dry, use an oil-free moisturizer. This is not the time to use a super heavy face cream or anything like that, keep it light. This is a super gentle moisturizer (+ it works to absorb natural oil) for oily skin and this is another light one for all other skin types.

Step 3: Prime.

Primers are pretty much one of my favorite beauty inventions this decade and they are a lifesaver for keeping makeup in place. It actually kinda freaks me out to think I used to just put foundation straight to my skin but that’s another story. Do y’all feel the same? Anyways, there are tons of primer variations on the market. Some help with discoloration, add moisture, etc., but since we’re focusing on getting makeup to stay, we want one that handles that sitch.

I’ve gone through my fair share of primers, and personally like Becca best for keeping makeup in place. I’ve also heard good thing about this Nars one, haven’t used it myself.

Once you pick a brand, place a pea size of primer on your face, focusing on the T-zone (that’s where skin tends to be the most oily slash where makeup starts to lift from first #ugh). And be sure not to use too much! Adding too much primer will make your face feel cakey, as any extra layer of product will; a pea size is just perfect.

Step 4: Makeup time

This is when you can use foundation, bronzer, etc. – do your thing. I will say that depending on your skin type, finding a foundation that matches your skin type or specific needs can be really helpful. For super oily skin, you likely have a hard time getting makeup to stay, so on top of your primer you want to use an oil-free foundation (love this one). If your skin is dry, the primer and other steps should help to keep makeup in place, so use whatever foundation/tinted moisturizer you want.

how to make your makeup last longer, brighton keller bathroom

Step 5: Set Your Makeup

After your makeup is complete, you’ll want to set the look – and you have a couple options. I find that setting sprays work really well, so that’s my choice. It might seem weird to spray a liquid on your face, especially when we’re trying to eliminate oils, but a setting spray actually gets rid of lingering oils and really helps. Spray in an X and then T motion, about a foot from your face. If you hate the idea of spraying your face, there are also setting/finishing powders on the market (like this one). Both types work well.

Step 6: Bring backup

After step 4, you should be in great shape in terms of your face makeup staying in place. If your skin is super oily though, I suggest keeping a matte powder in your purse. Even though this won’t necessarily KEEP makeup in place, it’ll get rid of any oil that has pilled up. And I don’t know about you, but if I’m oily – even if my makeup is actually still looking good – it throws off my whole face. I find that patting a tiny bit of powder every few hours just makes my look put more together. Also, blotting papers are great…or a toilet seat cover (we’ve all been there OK) – especially if you don’t have much makeup on. But I like a pressed powder if I have a full face on.

How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer: Eyes

Step 1: Prime. Yup, there are primers for your eyelids and just like the face ones, they’re amazing y’all. Simply pat a little on your eyelids (again, you don’t need much). I’ve tried them all, and this one by Nars is the best – it’s a fact. But I will say, I’ve heard Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer is pretty amazing too!

Step 2: Let it dry. Letting it dry is super important because if you don’t, you’ll get streaky eyeshadow. Wait a couple minutes before layering anything on top of the primer.

P.S. I use eyelid primer even when I’m not wearing eye makeup – it just prevents oil and makes me feel better. Get yourself some!

how to make your makeup last longer, brighton keller bathroom

How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer: Lips

Step 1: Exfoliate. If your lips are super dry or cracked, lip color will bleed a lot easier, and that’s just never a good look. Use a gentle exfoliater – this one is pretty, non-toxic, AND amazing – before putting on your lip color. I like to do this before I put on ANY makeup or when I’m in the shower.

Step 2: Line. I know lip liner seems very 1992, but it can actually help prevent your lip color getting all over the place. Either use a liner closer to the color you’re wearing, or choose one similar to your natural lip color if you’re not wearing a bold color. Lightly outline your lips – don’t need to get crazy here – and boom, a lip-color barrier!

Step 3: Apply lip color. Easy! Do your thing.

Step 4: Set. Yep, we’re setting again. Remember that matte powder from Step 6 in the face section? Use your finger or a tiny brush and dab some loose powder over your color (any loose powder will work). This will definitely help to keep things in place! If your lips feel super heavy after doing so, just blot.

how to make your makeup last longer

And there you have it! The steps that (I promise) will lead to your makeup lasting wayyy longer. Oh, and don’t forget not to touch your face too much. Oil is the enemy of things staying in place (curls, makeup, whatever), so stay hands off as much as possible. Use a clean brush or applicator instead.


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