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Welcome to my “work attire” category where we’ll be talking about all things style as it pertains to the office. If you’ve stumbled upon this page and are looking for OUTFIT ideas, then make your way to The Outfit Guide, as that is the BEST resource for outfit inspiration. If you want to read about office attire or career-related topics, then you’re in the right spot! Here, we’ll be talking about what it means to dress well for the office, how to put work looks together, and how to transition your workwear wardrobe from season to season. Oh, and career-related content on how to be an all-star at work while you’re dressing like one too, of course!


How to have your best year yet

As 2017 gears up, I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming about how to make this year one to remember – and one that feels damn good. I wrote about what I learned in 2016 earlier this week and I clearly grew and learned a lot, but I started thinking more about the components that can lead to 2017 being the best yet – because who doesn’t want to live…


Fall Work Outfit

Hey y’all, back with another business casual option today! This is one of my favorite “business” looks I’ve shot yet actually. It’s comfortable as heck and incorporates a few of my favorite things (sweaters, pencil skirts, and high heels). It’s totally appropriate for work – the skirt hits my knees and the sweater is fitted yet not skin tight, and I like that this outfit still looks and feels feminine.…


The Best-Fitting Bootcut Work Pant

A little over 4 years ago, I was interning as a CPA and just starting to venture out into the business world, slowly but surely building my work wear attire. I was new to the dry-cleaning game, as I'd never really had reason to go to the dry cleaner more than 3x a year (maybe!) before starting to work. After making 3 trips to the dry cleaners in my first 2 weeks of work, I decided I'd need to have more than 3 pairs of pants to get me through the summer. I already had a few pairs of skinny ones, so I was specifically thinking of something just as flattering but that gave my wardrobe a little versatility - like a boot cut, flare, or even somewhere in between a skinny and boot cut. Whatever the case, I wanted a pair that went OVER my shoes.


Bringing femininity to masculine work pieces

First of all, thank you for the feedback on the initial business casual post I did last week! Like I mentioned there, I'm beyond excited to start bringing business casual inspiration to y'all. I have lots of exciting things lined up (but promise this won't turn into a business blog), so stay tuned! Since I know everyone can't or doesn't want to wear a skirt + heels to work everyday (especially when the weather sucks and/or you have to walk a lot), I wanted to switch things up with a more masculine look. OK, and don't be scared of the word masculine! Even girly girls like myself can benefit from borrowing from the guys, and it's a chic way to add variety to your style.


How to Incorporate Trends at Work

Hey y'all! Thanks for the comments regarding business casual attire on this post. I'm so freaking excited about all the business casual content I have coming your way! I used to work as a CPA and can remember the struggle of finding inspiration online (let alone figuring out what to wear to an interview UGH), and I'm really hoping to be that source for you guys.

How To Wear

3 Reasons to Love It & 3 Ways To Wear It

Each year I try to figure out which items I can bring with me into the cooler months and use as "transitional" wear - it's always such a challenge figuring out just what to pack up and what to keep readily available. But one of the items that I without a doubt always keep hanging in my closet is the Lush Roll Tab Tunic (heart eyes emoji)! You've seen it, you know it, and I'd be willing to be you love it too ;)


Pencil Skirt Style From Day To Night

I’ve gotten a few emails from some of you asking for outfit tips/inspiration to take you from the office to happy hour or requesting similar day-to-night slash easy-to-transition outfit examples/ideas. And for the record, I LOVE getting these types of emails – it makes my job SO much more fun when I know that I’m (hopefully) answering a specific question or giving y’all what you want! So that’s just what I’m doing in…


Business Casual Basic: Skinny Black Pants

Believe it or not, sometimes I really miss dressing up for the corporate world each day. Although there are a lot of things about my old job* that I don’t really miss (cough, cough, the hours!), there are a few things that I actually do miss and wearing business casual to the office each day is one of them. I used to have so much fun mixing and matching different…


Blush Duster

Anytime I find something in this pretty blush pink color (and I like it, obviously) I try and snag it if I can - I just can’t get enough of it in my wardrobe. I love mixing and pairing blush with other neutrals for soft looks (especially monochromatic looks!) but I also love pairing it with darker hues like black and tan or even purple or red (I could go on…). It’s one of my favorite colors to wear BUT it has to be the right shade of pink or else it will wash me out. Anyway, I had this duster jacket in my shopping cart within seconds of seeing it and literally checked out right that second because I knew it was going to be super popular. In other words, it was most certainly LOVE at first sight with this piece - talk about a fun one to mix and match for different looks!


Tan blazer + White Jeans

How to Dress Up White Jeans I have a major crush on this pastel pink color – I’ve ALWAYS been such a big fan and am thrilled that Rose Quartz was named one of Pantone’s colors of the year this year…yahoo! And I love pairing blush with other neutral colors or even with over shades of pink for a monochromatic look, but I especially love pairing this light pink hue…


Black Leather Pencil Skirt Outfit

Originally when I bought this leather pencil skirt, I didn’t see how riské that side slit was and was taken by surprise when I tried it on.I actually bought it as an option to have when putting outfits together to wear to church. But after trying it on and see how fun it was, I’ve decided that my once-for-church skirt will now be serving as a sexy and fun alternative…


Lady Bow Tie

Lindsey Shea Photography I can always count on Kate Spade for something sassy and adorable, yet timeless and elegant. And this white dress with the little bow-tie detail is JUST that. I love how simple yet statement making it is. And I also think it would be super cute with black tights and boots or booties during the Winter time too :)  c/o Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony Crossbody // c/o Dress…


Hot Pink Shift

Kristen Dee Photography Things have been all-over-the-place crazy since getting back from Japan late Saturday night. I pretty much slept all day yesterday…with some intermittent Netflix watching as well. But it’s been a process getting myself back in gear and adjusted! But hey, I think it’s safe to say that 14-hour time different is the real deal and will for sure take it out of you. I hope you all…


Grey Shift Dress

Lindsey Shea Photography This little t-shirt dress has been SUCH a staple for me these last few weeks. Not only is it a super easy throw on, but it’s also comfortable AND easy to dress up OR down. I’ve also worn it with my VANS and Birkenstocks :) You may remember when I wore it on my trip to visit my friend Rebecca in DC?! (Photo below) And I wore…


Sleeveless Tie Neck Dress

First of all, this dress had me at sleeveless and swing style - a great sleeveless swing dress is literally right up my ally. And then the white tie bow at the neck? SOLD! And it's so cute on - I love that it would be dressed up for church but also wouldn't be too fancy or anything for dinner with friends or even with flats to run errands around town.


Coral Sleeveless Dress

I love the simple cut of this coral sleeveless dress and the fact that it's sleeveless, but I think I love the color of it the most. It's such a perfect shade of coral for summer and perfectly matches that new lipstick shade I've been talking about (No. 52)!


Hint of Mint

Today I’m sporting a sleeveless black tunic outfit with my (obviously!) favorite pair of jeans as of late. And I added a fun pop of color with matching green earrings and suede pointed toe pumps :) I mentioned last Friday that I was excited about pastels and that ‘Mint’ was another fun color to try for spring. Of course, I LOVE these Portia heels in this shade of green and–despite my…