Style - August 23, 2018

Where to Shop for Office Outfits This Fall

business casual little black dress work wear outfit ann taylor leopard heels with black dress

Is it weird that I sometimes miss dressing for the office or business meetings? It’s been years since I had an office job and “had” to, but I still find myself window shopping cute business casual outfits from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, leggings every day don’t suck, but I kind of love the idea of putting together work outfits. And since I know a lot of y’all work in more traditional settings, I need to get better about sharing ways to style office wear (in a cute way!). So here’s to me trying to do that more – starting now!

Maybe it’s a “grass is always greener” thing, but I swear so many stores have stepped up their game when it comes to dressing for the office. I’m noticing a lot more brands incorporating better fit and even trends that you wouldn’t think of traditionally in the office – while still keeping things appropriate for lots of different job settings. I’m especially loving what Ann Taylor is doing when it comes to women’s workwear. I used to shop here when I was a CPA and dang, it’s gotten even cuter!

I was especially obsessed with some of their plaid and leopard options which are not only fun but so on trend for Fall 2018. I also loved how so many of their dresses cinched at the waist in a flattering fit – which isn’t always the case for workwear right?! The entire new line consisted of items I’d wear in a heartbeat – including more basic black and neutral dresses, and then more trendy or playful options. And as always, I scooped up some of their jewelry because it’s always SO GOOD. Such an easy one-stop shop for all things workwear and business casual.

So if any of y’all are hating your current work wardrobe or are looking for cuter options, do yourself a favor and check out the new line from Ann Taylor. The patterns, materials, and fit kind of blew me away and I know y’all will love!

little black dress business casual brighton keller reading newspaper
business casual ann taylor little black dress brighton keller dallas blogger
little black dress business casual brighton keller reading newspaper

Outfit Details: Split-neck Seasonless Sheath Dress (wearing size 0p) // Aiden leopard print tassel heels (wearing size 6.5, true to size)

I picked out a few more items while exploring their Fall collection, one of which is this leopard print dress below! HOW CUTE?!

business casual outfit leopard dress brighton keller work outfit blog

Outfit Details: Cheetah Dot Pocket T-Shirt Dress (wearing size 0p) // Bette Suede Block Heel Pumps (wearing size 6.5, true to size)

Let me know if y’all like me covering more business wear and I promise to do more. Hope it was helpful for all you girls heading to more traditional jobs.

Thanks so much to Ann Taylor for sponsoring this post. I was so honored to get to work with Ann Taylor as they are one of my absolute favorite brands when it comes to work and everyday wear! And I love their petite options!