Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away, which means it’s prime time to shop online for a gift if you’re going that route this year. Shopping for my mom is honestly one of my favorite things to do because even though it can be a little tricky (doesn’t it seem like moms already have everything?!), I love being able to have a day to celebrate her, give her a…


Where I Find Most of My Recipes

Hey, friends! Y’all still seem to be enjoying my escapades in the kitchen, so I thought I’d share more info about where I go to get my recipes. I’m not quite to the point where I can completely wing it and come up with my own awesome recipes (although I feel like I’m making progress in that department!), which means I’ve become a frequent visitor of various food websites, Pinterest…

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Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap // April Week 4

Blog Posts Duncan wrote his first blog post for BTD this week and it is SO GOOD! He talks all about his time in quarantine – a few learning lessons, a few books on his reading list and a GREAT playlist (on repeat here at the Butler household). As we enter into our 5th week of quarantine, I have started to feel some internal pressure to be productive and put…


Weekly Best Sellers // April Week 4

Hi Friends! I hope this week treated you well. This week I worked on balancing work life and personal life. I can’t do it all – even though I sure do try! How many of you feel this way? This week I shared some great sales – the Tula QVC sale, the Sephora insider sale and some great clothing deals. It looks like ya’ll LOVE sales (and so do I).…


10 Basic Tops to Throw on at Home

How has everyone’s week been? I feel like I’m slowly but surely finding a new “normal”… maybe? LOL. But in the meantime, I’m still definitely staying home pretty much 24/7, which means I’m reaching for all my basics outfit-wise! Y’all have probably seen me wear most of these tops on Stories, so I thought it’d be easier to put my most frequently worn ones in a single, easy post. Especially…


How to Do a Spa Night With Your Guy

OK friends, I’ve been working on this post for the last week or so and I am so excited to finally share it with y’all! It’s all about how to have a spa night with your guy at home! I mentioned a little while ago on Stories that Duncan and I have been doing some masks together in the evening and y’all were so curious about it! Duncan has been…


How to Fill Your Cup Without Being Your Most Productive Self

One of the trickiest things about this pandemic that I’ve noticed is that we’re all going through this crazy, scary time, yet we’re pretty much expected to live/work like normal. And when I say “expected” I don’t necessarily mean expectations from your boss or partner, but it’s more like a pressure that’s coming from within. Anyone else feeling this way? Emotions are running high and at least for me, it’s been really hard to focus and feel like I can reach max productivity, yet it’s what I still expect from myself and when I can’t do it, I beat myself about it.


What Duncan’s Reading, Listening To, & Learning During Quarantine

Hi friends! I have a really exciting post for y’all today ALL from Duncan! It was all his idea, which made me really excited because he has never done anything like this before! He’s such a wealth of knowledge and if anything, you’ve *got* to check out his AMAZING playlist he put together for us during quarantine. This is the music that we’ve had playing in the background of so…

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