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What To Wear style guides answer all your questions pertaining to what to wear to any and all events and occasions as well as speaking to different ways to style and “pull off” particular “looks: or items in your closet. Here you’ll find some of our most in-depth style articles discussing specific clothing items (like white jeans, leggings, and ankle booties) as well as specific styling tips for pulling of a specific look such as mixing prints or a monochromatic outfit. Stick around this category to learn the science and our thought-process behind what makes certain outfits work and why.


What to wear to a bridal shower

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower Given that it’s almost the end of March and wedding season is upon us, let’s talk about what to wear to a bridal shower. Because I don’t know about you, but my fridge is flooded with wedding and shower invites galore – so much so that I had to order another batch of magnets yesterday on amazon prime to hang them all up! …

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Valentines Day Outfits

Let’s Talk Valentines Day Outfit Ideas Whether you’re going on a hot date or doing something fun with the girls, I’ve got you covered when it comes to valentines day outfit ideas. I’ve rounded up a few of my recent (and some old) outfits that I think would be fitting (and even somewhat festive) for the holiday. And plus, who doesn’t love a reason to get dressed up?! I don’t…

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Recent Winter Outfits On Sale

Since so many things have recently been marked down, I figured it might be helpful to round up some of my most recent, cute winter outfits for y’all. That way, if you’re not signed up for (which you totally should be! sign up here) OR if you happened to miss some of my SALE alert grams, you can be sure to catch everything via this round up post! As I…

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New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

I can't believe we're already half way though December! And as such, it's about that time to start thinking about your New Years Eve plans and figuring out what your night's going to look like. For those of you who already know you're going to end up at some sort of part (versus a laid back event), I've got a few outfit ideas to help you get inspired for the New Year's celebrations around the corner.


Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas

Featuring two looks staring faux leather leggings that would both be the perfect winter date night outfit - super easy and laid back yet chic too!

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What to Wear to Your Holiday Office Party

At some point or another, I think it's safe to say that we'll all be invited to a company/office christmas party. And whether it be for your own company or that of your significant other, chances are you'll be faced with the decision of what to wear to this type of event. Every company is different and I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part (and in my experience), holiday office parties tend to be on the swankier side and definitely a little fancier than your average conference room lunch. For this post, I'm assuming a cocktail attire dress code and hope to shed some light on how to strike the perfect balance between festive and appropriate with your outfit.


More Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Last week I gave you all a few thanksgiving outfit ideas by putting together photoshop collages. And although it can be inspiring to see outfits without bodies in them, I wanted to give you all a quick round up featuring outfits that make it a little easier to actually VISUALIZE. Hopefully, either through this post or the last, you've got a few good ideas for what you're wanting to wear NEXT Thursday! Let me know if you have ANY questions - as always, I'm here to help and happy to chat. Be sure to click "Read More" to see all the looks and commentary for each :)

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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Whether you're hosting a laid-back 'Friendsgiving', lounging on the couch (and watching football #duh) or headed home to wine and dine with the 'rents, I've got your thanksgiving outfit situation covered. I've put together a few looks to give you a few ideas - that will hopefully inspire you to create a similar look or snatch up something while you still have enough time for shipping. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that looks different for every one and every family, but one thing's for sure: there will be lots of eating yummy food. And as such, a stylish outfit that's both comfortable and appropriate is necessary. Or maybe your family wears PJs for Thanksgiving (like mine does sometimes! ha), but even still...don't you want to look somewhat put together? So in the spirit of being comfy AND cute on Thanksgiving, I've put together a few outfit ideas to inspire you. Start brainstorming now, so you're not scrambling the morning of or packing last minute!

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What to Wear to An Engagement Party

Though the holidays are typically “engagement season,” I’ve found that engagements actually happen year-round. At least that’s been the situation with my group of friends! And I’m sure it’s my age (my twenties), but it seems like every month I have an engagement party to attend – which is fun! You usually get to see a lot of people you know while celebrating the couple, and I always find it…


Weekend Getaway Inspired

Although I'm thankful for the pretty, sunny weather in Dallas this past week I have been seriously itching for a little getaway. And I'm pumped to finally be taking a little (like super short) tropical vacay this weekend with one of my girlfriends! So naturally, I've been in the resort-wear-tropical-ish mindset as of late and have been dreaming of swim suits and bright colors ;)