Fall - December 7, 2016

What to Wear When You Just can’t

sweatshirt hoodie outfit with leggings and puffer vest
hunter boots outfit with a baseball cap and vest
close up of leggings and hunter boots

There are mornings slash DAYS (slash weeks lol) where I have zero energy to put on something Instagram-worthy for the world to see. Either I had a late night, feeling meh, or I just get lazy, and I’ll get in a funk where I just can’t do it. I can’t put something amazing together, do my hair, or even wear real pants. I promise being a blogger doesn’t come with some 24/7 motivation to get fully ready and put together, even though it may seem like that.

So with that being said…I wanted to share a very REAL look at what an outfit looks like on those days. The ‘omg I just slept 4 hours and I can’t even stand to use my brain to think of an outfit‘. I retired going out of the house in sweatpants in college, so this is my adult-sporty-lazy-but kinda cute (?!) look. It happens more than I’d like to admit, so I have a few go-to items that I can easily put together to look semi-alive, especially if I need to get out for errands or something. I figure I can’t be the only one who has days like this (right? RIGHT?!), so I wanted to share what I use to put it together.

how to style a hoodie outfit
what to wear on a casual day outfit
brighton keller hiking in vermont wearing hunter boots and leggings

The specific look here was a rainy day – obviously – but it’s got all the key ingredients I typically grab on a blahhh slash I-don’t-feel-like-putting-real-clothes-on day.

  • Pockets – This vest is perfect because…pockets! Who needs a purse when you’re going for this sporty look? I like to grab some cash, my ID, phone, whatever, throw them in my pockets and get on with my day or errands. One less thing to pick out and bring with me when the struggle is real.
  • Hat – For days I can’t even be bothered with dry shampoo, hats are where it’s at. They are in style right now too – and I love the plain look like the black one I’m wearing in these photos – but having a go-to baseball cap is key for this look. Byyyee greasy, unbrushed hair!
  • Hoodie – A comfy look HAS to have a hoodie, right? OK, maybe not if it it’s summer, but for cooler days, I love that hoodies are in style and just great.
  • Layers – This is my way of adding cuteness or some sort of depth to the look so I don’t look a total bum. The vest on top of the sweatshirt makes this a lot cuter than just a sweatshirt, yea?
  • Leggings – DUH. I live for legging days – and I wrote a whole post on them here – and they complete any sport look like this. It’s basically the adult version of sweats.
  • Comfy shoes – Depending on the weather, I’ll throw on sneakers, uggs, or Hunter’s to complete the look. I like having some sort of shoe on because I feel like flip flops just makes it look a little too casual or like I’m heading to yoga…when I’m not.
  • Sunglasses – I mean, you gotta have them. No makeup, no problem. Especially if I didn’t sleep a lot, or had a lot of wine, I like to cover up my eyes. Plus, I think it makes the outfit look better! Classic aviators go with everything.

Do you have any go-to’s for sporty/lazy days?

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