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What To Wear To A Spring Semi-Formal Wedding

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If I do say so myself, Spring weddings are the absolute best! In this article, we’ll discuss what to wear to a Spring wedding. We’ll be thinking through all the different aspects so that you can confidently select your look for your next Spring wedding!

I think most of you would agree that Springtime is TOP wedding season. With Spring weddings having already started and wedding season in full swing, I thought I’d take this opportunity to discuss what to wear to a spring wedding. We’ve talked about what to wear to bridal showers, but (obviously) if you were invited to her shower, then odds are you’re invited to her wedding.

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

So you probably have a Spring wedding on the horizon. But regardless of whether or not you’ve got 2 or 7 coming up, Spring weddings are a fact of life. So let’s talk about what to wear to your next Spring wedding. First, we’ll discuss some general thoughts and tips concerning spring wedding attire. Then, we’ll delve into what exactly sem-form means. Lastly, we’ll discuss some tips for figuring out what to wear to a Spring wedding.

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Good News! Spring Wedding Attire is Typically More Flexible

Unlike late fall and winter weddings, warmer temps in  Spring offer flexibility – as far as what you can get away with wearing. As such, Spring wedding attire can range anywhere from beachy casual to formal black-tie. But in my experience, most Spring weddings have been semi-formal. As such, I’m going to be discussing specifically what to wear to a semi-formal Spring wedding.

As I mentioned, most spring weddings will be semi-formal attire. Brides typically opt for a less-formal wedding (at least attire wise) during this time of year for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s simply more fitting for the season. After months of chilling temperatures and bulky clothes, most brides opt for a less formal occasion that allows for brighter colors, lighter fabrics, and fun prints worn in shorter and less-structured silhouettes. Think about it. When you think of a spring wedding, don’t you imagine colorful, flowy dresses?

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What does Semi-Formal Attire Mean, Anyway?

I mean, I’m sure everyone and their mother already knows the answer to this question but for the sake of being thorough, I’ll just quickly say that typically, semi-formal means cocktail dress for us girls and a dark suit for the boys.

But I think it’s safe to say that semi-formal attire could mean something different depending on which time of year it is. Don’t you think? And so this is where I’m going to camp out today: the semi-formal attire that is specific to those warm, Spring months.

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What makes a semi-formal wedding in Spring different than one in Fall?

Obviously, the colors are going to be different as well as the weight and type of material of the dress. Traditionally speaking, Spring colors are lighter and brighter of course and Fall colors are darker. I think dresses in spring are more flexible when it comes to which types of fabric are appropriate.

Additionally, I’d argue that think Spring permits bolder prints that wouldn’t necessarily work during Fall. Further, it’s easier to sport a shorter, printed dress than it is to rock a full-on formal gown in a bright print. Right? Personally, wearing a colorful printed formal gown is a challenge I’ll never sign up for. It just seems like way too much stuff going on for all 5 foot 3 of me. Maybe that’s just me though?

In my opinion, this dress is perfect for a spring wedding because it’s short and playful but it’s made of a thicker jacquard fabric that holds its shape; the structured look of the dress coupled with the subtle metallic detail in the fabric creates the perfect semi-formal look. And plus, I just adore the empire waist silhouette of it too.

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What To Wear To A Spring Wedding: Don’t Forget To Consider The Weather

A few other things to consider when it comes to spring weddings…#AllTheRain.

Don’t forget to check the weather and see if you’ll need to plan for spring showers. If it’s an outside wedding you might want to think twice about wearing pointy heels and consider wearing wedges instead (so you don’t sink into the grass and ruin your shoes).

Also, if there’s a chance of rain, you might want to avoid wearing a long or maxi dress in case it’s muddy. And lastly, consider the humidity level and maybe be extra proactive and bring a carry-on size of hairspray and a few bobby pins just in case :)

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