Style - May 26, 2017

Dallas Farmer’s Market


I’m not your typical farmer’s market kinda gal – I’ve of course heard and seen them before, but for some reason the thought of actually going never crossed my mind until recently. A friend of mine told me about a market right here in Dallas, and since I’m doing my best to be healthy Brighton, I thought it’d be a fun way to explore a new adventure and to pick up some seasonal, nutritious food. Plus, I heard the flower selection was strong!

Then there I was, standing in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. What does one wear to a farmer’s market? Now I know maybe all people don’t have this issue when picking out outfits, but I freaking love fashion and dressing for certain occasions – plus it’s my job. I wanted something that felt like me, that I could head to lunch in right after, and that screamed summer, since it was beautiful out.

After trying on denim shorts and just feeling scrubby, I pulled out this dress from Banana Republic that I’m freaking obsessed with y’all. At first I thought a dress might be too fancy for the market, so I stood there for a minute, dress in hand at this point, and went back and forth. Again, maybe not something that most people do, but I was having an internal struggle about wanting to look cute but functional. I decided I definitely wanted to wear the dress, and didn’t really care if a dress was too dressed up. I felt like feeling pretty, ok?!

Banana Republic has pretty much blown me away with their updated options and easy sophisticated, but still on-trend designs as of late. This dress for example is the most perfect summer dress. It’s effortless yet chic – dressy but not too dressy. It’s sophisticated without trying too hard and I just find it…easy…like all of their stuff. I can even see myself wearing it to a summer party maybe with a denim jacket or chambray shirt tied around my waist?

I threw on these cute sandals and grabbed a straw tote (a farmer’s market essential – thankfully my friend told me to bring my own big bag) and think it all came out really cute together. Do y’all like it? It was nice and breezy for the warm weather, too!

All in all, I loved this day and market experience. I’m actually shocked that I waited so long to go. My vases are now full of pretty flowers and I even found veggies I hadn’t tried before (and like them!). Farmer’s market, I’ll be back! And probably in this same outfit.

What do you wear to the farmer’s market? Have you been before?


Outfit Details:  Banana Republic Stripe Maxi Dress // Low Heel Sandal // Straw Fringe Tote

Thanks so much to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post.