What To Wear - November 30, 2017

What to Wear to A Fall Wedding

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Fall Wedding Season

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately regarding the ins-and-outs of what to wear to a Fall wedding. And rather than answering them all individually, I figured it might be helpful to whip up a blog post channeling all that I have to say about fall wedding attire.

Fall is quickly becoming (if not already) one of the most popular times to get married. And personally, it’s one of my favorite times of year to attend weddings. The weather down here in Texas can get so stinkin’ hot in the Summer – October & November temperatures are pretty perfect and are way more favorable.

Speaking of Texas weather, this year has been especially strange since the weather has been so ALL over the place. It’ll be like 80 degrees outside and feel like Spring, but wearing my strappy nude heels and pastel-colored dress “feels” like a good idea until I remember that it’s October/November. The struggle to be seasonally appropriate is oh-so-real this year! For all of you fortunate Northerners, you luckily don’t have to worry about this dilemma. It must be nice to have 4 solid seasons a year (if only…)!

But whatever the case and wherever you live, let’s talk about what’s appropriate to wear to a fall wedding and a few things to consider.

What to Wear To A Fall Wedding

In order to really reflect on the season, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering what to wear as a guest. For instance color, fabric, cut, length, and patterns can take your wedding attire into the fall season.  As well, you want to consider wearing closed-toe shoes and more festive jewelry.

What Are The Best Colors to Wear to a Fall Wedding?

Fall and Winter weddings are a great opportunity to incorporate jewel tones to your attire. Festive colors like burgundy, sage, forest green, and navy are great colors to wear instead of going for your trusty LBD. You will really reflect the colors seen in the Fall and look very chic. Add a hint of gold accessories and you’ll be ready to go.

What Kinds of Fabrics Should I wear?

Unlike Spring and Summer weddings, this time of year calls for thicker fabrics to keep you warm. Look for fabrics such as jacquard, satin, velvet. I love wearing a jacquard dress for any occasion because it holds its shape making it fuss and cling-free. Satin is a great fabric to wear for a semi or formal wedding. The sheen of the fabric instantly makes it look dressier and it can be quite flattering when worn appropriately. I like to keep in mind that a satin dress can sometimes come off a little too sexy so when shopping for a wedding, I look for midi length or something with sleeves to keep it appropriate. My favorite trend of the season that I think should be in style all year round is velvet! There is something so chic about wearing a velvet dress. Not only is it warm but also outstanding without outshining the bride.

What Types of Textures & Prints Work Best?

I love playing with prints for weddings. In the spring you have the chance to wear bright colors and delicate florals, but in the Fall you can bring out those fun patterns like leopard, tweed, and lace. All of these patterns will add depth and dimension to your wedding outfit making it eye-catching and seasonally appropriate. I love the idea of wearing ruby red lace at a wedding because it’s the perfect mix of delicate, feminine, sexy, and chic.

What to wear to a Fall Wedding: And what about shoes?

Just like dresses, shoes worn to a wedding also vary a bit depending on seasons. But just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite style of shoes; the variety is less restricting than dresses. You don’t have to hide all your open-toed shoes for colder weather weddings—unless it’s outside and freezing of course. Peep-toe shoes are great for fall and winter—and a classic pump is most ideal, but you can get away with strappy stilettos or heels as long as they aren’t a bright color or white.

If you ask me, wearing black or a darker color is more appropriate, but nude is always OK. Switching up the texture is an easy way to make shoes more fall or winter appropriate. Velvet shoes are SO fun right now, and they can be dressy yet sexy. Avoid booties, flip flops or anything too casual unless the attire and vibe call for it (like a wedding on the sand). If you’re unsure of what shoe to wear, go with a pump!