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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

I get tons of questions about what to wear to a summer wedding, likely because it’s the most popular time for weddings. And honestly, it really depends on the type of wedding it is, but I do have some tips on summer wedding attire to share with y’all today. Then, we’ll get into what to wear to a summer wedding depending on the dress code, too.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

One of the main things to keep in mind is obviously the weather. I’m a Southern girl, so I’ve been to my fair share of really hot, really humid weddings – and no matter where you live, you’ll likely be dealing with some sort of heat. Definitely keep that in mind when choosing a color or even cut of a dress. Also, figure out if the wedding will be indoors or out. Most summer weddings are outdoors but sometimes the reception is inside, so you’ll only be dealing with the sun for so long. Here are a few of my favorite things to wear for summer wedding attire:

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding – Dresses

The obvious answer here is a dress, but it’s a winner for a reason! A few things to consider with dresses though…

The material

Unlike jumpsuits, dresses can breathe and give you air, if you know what I mean, ha! This isn’t the time for some heavy gown or anything really lacey, as those tend to be a bit thicker. You’ll want something that’s light and as breathable as possible, but appropriate for a wedding, like polyester or silk (as long as it’s printed).

The color

Even if you’re not a typically sweaty person, heat + dancing + sitting for a long time is guaranteed to end up in some sort of sweat. Anything pastel, bright colored or gray will show sweat, so if you do want to wear one of those colors, find a patterned dress. A floral piece will cover sweat a lot better than something solid. Obviously white is out of the question, but consider a printed dress or a darker color (but in a summery cut or material).

The cut

Speaking of cut, definitely something to think about when picking out summer wedding attire. I personally like to show off a little skin on either the top or bottom of my body. I’ll do a strapless or cold shoulder option on top that is midi length, or maybe it’s a shorter dress but has a bit more coverage on top. After all, it’s still a wedding and a more formal setting (for the most part), so it’s never a good idea to be too revealing. AKA wear something you’re comfortable with people’s grandparents seeing you in.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding – Jumpsuits or Rompers

If you’re over dresses, these are a really fun way to switch things up when thinking about what to wear to a summer wedding!

The material

Just like dresses, you probably want something somewhat breathable but fancy enough for a wedding.

The color

I think a classic black jumpsuit always looks chic no matter the time of year, but it’ll depend on the wedding’s location. Obviously black is a bit harsh for something on the beach. But either way, you can dress it up with summery accessories and shoes. Other than that, think about a print or a color that doesn’t show sweat too easily.

The cut

Really the only rule here it to not buy too short of a romper. Wearing a floor-length jumpsuit is also not very summery, so I suggest something either a couple inches above the knee or that hits above the ankle. Keep in mind that a strapless jumper might not stay up while dancing if you’re large chested, but there are tons of cute halter and sleeveless jumpsuits out there. I also love a long sleeve with romper shorts if the color is floral and you bring out the summer vibes that way!

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding – Accessories

Summer weddings are the freakin’ BEST for accessories because you have more options than black or neutral. I love buying a small colored clutch (or even something straw) that can go to all my summery weddings or to make the bag white. You can’t wear a white dress but white accessories are totally fine. Just get something that can hold some cash, whatever makeup you need, and your cell. Doesn’t need to be large, and smaller is dressier anyways.

For jewelry, have fun! This is the time of year to wear a bright bold earring or something with tassels that feels playful. Gold looks great on a tan, so if you’re bronzed, go gold.

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Summer Wedding Attire: Let’s Talk Different Dress Codes

Obviously how fancy you get will depend on the dress code. On top of what’s above, here are some specific notes depending on the type of summer wedding.

Black Tie

Black tie weddings happen year round, but I personally think summer is the hardest time to dress for them. No matter the month, though, there are certain #rules for black tie which I’ve laid out here. Bottom line, you still want to wear a floor length gown or a least something midi, but you can have fun with color or print (since this will likely be inside). A dressy jumpsuit would be fine as well. I’d skip anything too sparkly as that’s more for winter black tie events, and instead, I’d go with a pattern or bright color. Heels are a must y’all.

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Cocktail Attire

Probably the most popular type of wedding, especially in summer. You can go off of all the things I said above as that was all based on this type of dress code. Heels or wedges are a must!

Casual or Beach Attire

This is obviously the most casual, and you can definitely skip anything floor length unless it’s a relaxed maxi dress. Even though it’s casual, you don’t want to be in anything too laid back. I’d think of this as what you’d wear to church or brunch to meet your guys’ parents. Casual but still pulled together and cute ya know? Again, no white even if it’s on the beach. And shoe wise, you can do a nice pair of flat sandals if it’s on the beach, though make sure they aren’t your pool party flip-flops. Wedges would work well too!