Fave Dallas Lunch Spot: Dive in Snyder Plaza

I've been wanting to put together a Dallas guide for months now, but just didn't ever set my mind to it or move it to the top of my ever-evolving to-do list. But after speaking to a friend coming to visit Dallas and asking for recommendations, I decided it was time to make my "Dallas to-do" happen.


My Balayage Hair Story

Believe it or not, I’m a hair-color newbie. I’ve only really been treating my hair and playing around with color for about a year and half. As a brunette, I never really felt the need to color my hair, as it seemed that only my blonde friends did that. And plus, I liked my dark hair! The idea of coloring my hair never even crossed my mind until I started braiding my hair more often. With all the same color hair (dark-ish brown), you couldn’t really see the details of my braid because it sort of all blended together or looked flat (for lack of a better term).


Sleeveless in Pink

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been LIVING in these Tory Burch slip on flats – because Y’ALL, they’re SO stinkin’ comfortable and SUCH an easy throw on. Also, they’re the BEST color and go with pretty much everything you’d ever want to wear during Spring and Summer. I fell so in love with the color of this shirt that I actually got another top made in the same fabric…


Pencil Skirt Style From Day To Night

I’ve gotten a few emails from some of you asking for outfit tips/inspiration to take you from the office to happy hour or requesting similar day-to-night slash easy-to-transition outfit examples/ideas. And for the record, I LOVE getting these types of emails – it makes my job SO much more fun when I know that I’m (hopefully) answering a specific question or giving y’all what you want! So that’s just what I’m doing in…


Pleated Midi Skirt

Lately I’ve had a major soft spot for pleated midi skirts. Like, it’s bad y’all. I literally JUST purchased another one and not to mention the coral one I wore last year – remember?! But regardless of whether or not I should consider branching out, I’ve got yet another pleated midi skirt outfit for y’all today! But the good news is (!) that I’m trying something different (and a little more…


The Perfect White Tank

I’m excited to finally be posting this tank and cardigan duo! I’ve actually been holding onto these photos for a little over a week but haven’t gotten around to putting this photo together. Anyway, this tank is a summer MUST and perfect in so many ways. I love the tie-back and the fact that there’s a bit of a hi-low hem to it. And I also love this short-sleeved long…

How To Wear

How To Wear A Bodycon Dress

How To Wear a Bodycon Dress Bodycon dresses usually scare me and are always a little tricky. Maybe I’m being self conscious, but I feel like my figure doesn’t really work with them – or I have to be in a really good mood or find just the right cut to make it work. So I thought it would be an interesting spin on today’s blog post to talk about…



Hello Nautical vibes! I’ll never tire of the classic ‘ole red, white and blue combo and maybe it’s just me but this top was begging (!) to be worn with a little pop of red! Anytime I’m styling navy and white stripes, my eyes always go to anything and everything red I have in my closet – especially a bold red lip. And speaking of red lipstick, I’m obsessed with…


Blush Maxi Skirt

If it isn’t obvious, I’ll admit that one of my favorite combos to wear is a high-waisted skirt (or shorts!) with a crop top (not necessarily a crop top that shows midriff though but something that’s just flirty enough! you know?!) But THIS maxi skirt thought…I HAD to have it. I don’t usually go for maxi skirts (not sure why, they just don’t usually “speak” to me lol), but THIS…


Spring Neutrals

Lately, I've loved wearing all outfit or pairing similar shades of the same hue to create a monochromatic spring look. Not only does wearing more neutrals (along and with each other) allow for more creativity in my daily wardrobe, but it's actually challenged me to get more wear out of key items by wearing them in ways that I normally wouldn't put together.


Laid Back glam

Dressing down a pair of bedazzled beauties (aka these fancy smancy sandals) in today's laid back glam look that I wore to a recent date night!


Business Casual Basic: Skinny Black Pants

Believe it or not, sometimes I really miss dressing up for the corporate world each day. Although there are a lot of things about my old job* that I don’t really miss (cough, cough, the hours!), there are a few things that I actually do miss and wearing business casual to the office each day is one of them. I used to have so much fun mixing and matching different…


Tucked in White Tee with Flared Jeans

Outfit Details: Jeans // White Pocket Tee //Brown Leather Belt // Chloe Medium ‘Marcie’ Bag // Michael Kors ‘Large Runway’ Watch  // Michael Kors ‘Josephine’ Wedges


Hot Pink Dress

I've got a major love affair with this dress and I'm going to tell you all about it today. Not only does it comes in multiple (!) different colors but it's also under $50 - talk about a WIN. With 3/4 length sleeves and a not-too-low v-neck, this dress can easily be dressed up or down with the right accessories. It's perfect for throwing on to run around town - I love how flowy and easy it is and it looks super cute with sandals. But then you could also throw on some statement earrings or necklaces and heels to dress it up for an event or date night. All in all, it's a GREAT dress and I've been loving it!


Long Cardigan and Flared Jeans

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been living in cardigans lately and have been mixing and matching them in so many different ways. Today I’m sharing a long cardigan and flared jeans outfit with you all to show you just how versatile a long cardigan really is. Seriously though, I feel like you can wear them with anything – as long as you have a little bit of a heel to…


Kimono Cardigan

Today I want to talk about how to wear a kimono and my love for kimonos in general. They might be one of my favorite spring accents to date because they do SO MUCH for an outfit and can easily be dressed up or down. With cool spring nights still in tact and music festival season on the horizon, kimonos as cardigans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. How To Wear A…


What To Wear To A Spring Semi-Formal Wedding

If I do say so myself, Spring weddings are the absolute best! In this article, we’ll discuss what to wear to a Spring wedding. We’ll be thinking through all the different aspects so that you can confidently select your look for your next Spring wedding! I think most of you would agree that Springtime is TOP wedding season. With Spring weddings having already started and wedding season in full swing,…


Flowy Midi Skirt Outfit

I wore this flowy midi skirt outfit to an early Spring date night last week when the weather was a perfect 75 and the breeze was minimal. I’ll admit, it was a little premature to wear the look (given that it was literally the FIRST day of Spring), but regardless of when I wore it, it’s such a FUN outfit for the upcoming April and May Spring months (and summer…