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How to Spring Clean Your Entire Life

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Can y’all believe March is over and it’s April? I know I always say this, but I really do feel like time is flying by like crazy. Spring is officially here and it’s that time of year when I want to clean out my entire house and revamp my entire closet. Does anyone else get seriously motivated by spring and springtime cleaning? I looooove it.

Since I’ve been feeling pretty naturally motivated lately, I’m taking advantage of that energy while looking at multiple aspects of my life when it comes to tidying things up. Sure, my pantry needs love, as does my closet, but what about the other parts of my life? Like relationships, work, family, etc. There’s definitely more I’ve been itching to clean up or dive into other than physically cleaning.

So whether you’re in the same boat or maybe you already keep a super organized space and are interested in different areas of your life, I hope this post resonates with y’all!

Also, if you’re more of a list person, I put together this really pretty free downloadable that you can use! It’s 50 WAYS TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR LIFE and I actually have this printed out so I can cross out as I go.

How to Spring Clean Your Home

OK, so since spring cleaning is traditionally focused on our spaces, let’s start here. This could honestly be a LONG post on its own, but I’m not sure a post about cleaning is super exciting, so I’ll kinda go big picture here. Plus, I already have a TON of organization posts on the site.

First up, it’s imperative to touch base on your bedroom. I’m so bad at keeping this space serene and focused on just sleep, but that’s my goal with this month’s spring cleaning. Cleaning out everything from under my bed (and not putting anything back!), going through my closet…again, going through my nightstand drawers and really just decluttering. The only thing in the bedroom should be items leading to peacefulness – take all the junk out. You might also think about replacing bedding, bath towels, and even your pillowcases if it’s been a while…

Next, tackle the kitchen area. That includes your fridge and pantry, which I’ve already shown you how to clean in each of those links. Yay Brighton!

Don’t forget the bathroom. If you’re a product hoarder like me, it’s a good time to go through your vanity and bathroom drawers. Do you have nail polishes from 2010? Bye! Do you even like that foundation? If not, see ya! Do you have 10 half-empty bottles of dry shampoo? Pick your faves and get rid of the ones that suck (ps here are my faves). Grab bins for small items like hair bands and bobby pins. More on that here.

If it’s in your budget, think about hiring a house cleaner to do a deep clean of your home. This is the time of year to pull out the couch and clean underneath, scrub the baseboards, pull out everything on your shelves and wipe down. I won’t pretend that I do this weekly, but this is totally the time of year to really leave every inch clean.

How to Spring Clean Your Technology

Tech is something we all pretty much use daily, and if you aren’t the best at cleaning your tech out, start today. Go through ALL files on your computer (this includes things like Dropbox) and get rid of what’s old. Create folders on your comp to organize the files you need to keep (I have a tax folder, a budget folder, personal, etc). Then, empty the trash can on your comp once everything is clean.

Do the same with your phone! I find it SO satisfying deleting old pictures, notes, and even going through and deleting all texts – it’s so freaking refreshing! Right?!

Clean out your Netflix queue or what you have recorded on your TV. Unsubscribe to emails and RSS feeds.

Then, physically wipe down ALL tech devices with a gentle, antibacterial wipe. Don’t forget cleaning things like headphones, keyboards, and iPads, too. OMG nothing feels better.

How to Spring Clean Your Budget

If you still don’t have a budget, might as well get your entire life together and do it now. You’ll feel SO good after! I’ve already written an extensive (and helpful might I add!) article on budgeting, but here are some main points…

Go through all of your expenses and eliminate! Think of it as Spring cleaning your finances. Do you really need cable TV? If not, cancel it. Do you still use your yoga studio? Spotify? Every credit card you have opened? Assess all expenses and areas of your finances and go minimal.

Create a system for budgeting and put it in your calendar…right now. Also, make sure to go through your accounts weekly from here on out to make sure you aren’t getting charged anything weird. This will also help you budget since you’re seeing how much is going out vs. in weekly  (and in my case, how much freaking queso I order lulz).

Spring Clean Your Relationships and Commitments

This is a heavier subject and one that might take more time and emotions, but it’s SO important.

In our 20s and probably early 30s, we go through a lot of transitions. Maybe you are still in a book club with some girls from college that don’t make you feel your best… consider leaving it. Maybe you’ve committed to a soccer club that you actually dread going because of one rude person. Is it worth going? Or could you find something else to fill your time with happiness? Are you in ANY type of relationship that doesn’t serve you anymore (or never has)?

As I get older, I’m all about a smaller, more intimate circle of people in my life. People that make me feel good, have similar values, and who are good ppl! And I’m TRYING to be as intentional about my time spent too (which is harder, IMO).

If there’s any time to go through your life and assess whether the people you’re spending your time with and what you’re spending time on are worthwhile to you, it’s now. This book really helped me with this topic if you know it’s a tough one for you, so I’d definitely read that if this area of the post is making you uncomfortable but excited.

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