How To Wear - March 18, 2020

Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

I’m so excited to be sharing this year’s BTD Spring Capsule Wardrobe! Last year’s Spring Capsule seemed to be such a big hit with y’all that I think I’ll keep doing these each season. I’m loving how we’re doing it this year where I’m first releasing the items and then I’m working with y’all to select the *best* outfits so I can shoot them.

For each item, I usually pick out around 8-10 outfits and then like to select the TOP 4-6 looks to shoot for a more official photo. I’ll be sharing the breakdown of looks in a later blog post, but I wanted to go ahead and share the capsule since it’s done!

Brighton Keller 2020 Spring Capsule Blog Post

For my capsules, I like to  mix things up a little with  color, prints, and a few statement pieces. I realize that some of these items wouldn’t technically be considered an “essential” or a typical capsule piece, but I like to incorporate some pieces that are a little different than the capsules you can find anywhere else on the internet.

Last year, I did accents of blue and pink and incorporated prints in both my accent colors as well. This year, I wanted to do something just as versatile but different as well. I went for orange, blue and blush pink as my accent colors and love how it turned out!! I was initially inspired by the color palette of these snakeskin mules!

For all the images below, you can click on the item to shop! And then below the image, I’ll share sizing details for each item for reference if you’re shopping.

Spring Capsule Tops

I’ll admit, it was hard to limit myself in this category! I love love tops and have a hard time keeping it simple when it comes to them – aka I had to hold back with the color. But it was important to me tha the tops be extremely versatile so you could pair them with all the other items. I’ll include a few extra bonus tops that I think work well with some items but don’t necessarily have a place in the capsule.

When I’m picking out the tops for the capsule, I like to do solid color neutral tees, a few different stripes and then I like to make sure I have both casual and dressy-type materials.

Sizing Details: White V-Neck Tee  (got size XS – $17) //  Black V-Neck Tee  (got size XS – $17) ||  Crew Neck Striped Top  (got size XXS, fitted) ||  Striped Button-Up  (wearing size XXS)||  White Camisole  (wearing size XS) ||  Pink Blouse (wearing size XS)

Spring Capsule Layers

I selected the spring items that I personally find myself grabbing the most. I absolutely love all of these pieces and think they’re extremely versatile for your spring wardrobe!

Sizing Details: Oversized Denim Jacket (size XS) // White Blazer (size 00) // Utility Jacket (size Xs – but wish I had XXS) // Pink Cardigan (size Xs) // Blush Pink Moto Jacket (size Petite XS – different than product image) // Trench Coat (Petite XS)

Spring Capsule Bottoms & Dress

When putting this together, I wanted to include a wide variety of bottoms to create outfits that could take you from the office to happy hour. But since I personally tend to wear more casual attire, you’ll find more jeans than dress pants. I included the wide leg white pants because I think they’re such a great style to wear to both the office and play.

I also included some white skinny jeans because I think they create completely different looks than a wide leg pant. For the dress, I wanted something that had subtle print so I could easily pair with black, white and other neutrals in it – and same for the skirt!

Sizing Details: Wide Leg White Jeans (size Short 00)  // Wide Leg Black Jeans (size short 25) // Light Wash Mom Jeans (size short 25) // Skinny White Jeans (size short 25) // Skinny Blue Jeans (size short 25) // Printed Midi Skirt (size petite XS) // Neutral Print Midi Dress (size petite small)

Spring Capsule Shoes

Spring Capsule Shoes & Bags

When it comes to picking out shoes for the capsule wardrobe, this is one of the hardest areas to narrow down. I find myself wanting to keep adding more to create additional looks, but I had to draw the line somewhere! I absolutely love all of these shoes and think they’re all really great spring options. Just as a heads up, the pale pink pumps I’m wearing are actually over 4 years old by my mom, Dee Keller. I’ve linked a similar pair for y’all below plus I’ve found a few other pairs here, here, and here .

One Piece Multiple Ways

I put together a few graphics to share a few ways to wear some of the pieces! I hope this is helpful!

how to style white wide leg pants spring capsule wardrobe

White Wide Leg Pants

If you need any help styling some wide leg white jeans, here are a few looks above the I think you’ll find helpful. I think these pants are SO versatile and great for work and play!

how to style neutral printed dress spring capsule wardrobe

Neutral Printed Dress

I loved the colors in this dress because it’s so versatile! I love it with sneakers and worn more casual, but also it’s fun to dress up especially with that slit!

how to style black midi skirt spring capsule wardrobe

Midi Skirt

I love styling a midi skirt year round but especially during Spring! I think the main thing to keep in mind when styling a midi skirt is that you want the top to be a bit fitted to contrast with the looser-fitting bottom. I’ve found that it looks much more flattering with a camisole or tee tucked in or tied up. I tired the midi skirt with the looser-fitting pink blouse and it didn’t look right! Since this exact midi skirt is pretend, I pulled out the colors (mostly the pink) for a few of the looks above.


how to style striped tee spring capsule wardrobe

Striped Tee

You could honestly do all four of these looks with a basic black and white tee, but I wanted to add a little color to this years Spring capsule. I tired to pull out the different colors in this tee but also put together a few looks with neutral go-to items like a denim jack and light wash denim jeans.

6 Ways to Style a Pink Top

Pink Blouse

Above you’ll find six ways to style a simple pink blouse. I love this top because it’s great for both work and play – you can dress it up and down so many different ways. I chose six of my favorites but I actually put together so many more looks with it! It’s a great closet staple!